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Favorite Dukes of Hazzard Quotes

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(Season 1 Daisy's Song)

Waylon Jennings:"Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg was born on the dirt floor of a sharecroppers shack, an' from there, things kinda went downhill. But everybody has a talent. An' Boss has the gift of graft. In a dazzlin' career in Hazzard County ranging from moonshine to political corruption, Boss has been chased by everything from revenuers to bloodhounds to irate husbands. Even if the city cops do spot his license number, it don't matter none. 'Cause Boss changes license plates like he does his underwear. Which is every time he goes to town. When it comes to basic cunning, ol' Boss was plumb eat up with it."

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(Season 5 Coy Meets Girl)

Coy:"If one of those shells hits that truck, it's goodbye antiques." Vance:"If one of them shells hits any of us, it's just plain goodbye." Potter:"Well, get outta here! I ain't stayin' in that thing. It's to big a target." Vance:"You hear what I hear?" Coy:"Yeah. Nothin'. Ain't it beautiful?" Vance:"It sure is. It'll be even better when we nail their hides!"

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(Season 5 A Little Game of Pool)

Don Purcell:"They're comin' after us in the General Lee, now that car is to fast to outrun!" Joe Landis(Handing Don Purcell the gun.):"Yeah, well it ain't faster than this!" Don Purcell shoots at Coy and Vance. Vance zig zags, and avoids it. Don Purcell continues his shooting assault on the Dukes. He hits the windshield on the passenger side where Coy is. Coy and Vance duck. Vance:"Yer messin' around with some nasty people!" Coy:"Me?! I thought they was your friends!"

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(Season 5 Lawman of the Year)

Vance:"Things are beginning to smell like an acre full of onions to me cuz. It just ain't like Boss not to be worried after seein' that wanted poster." Coy:"That's just what I was thinkin'. Seein' Morris is a bank robber, an' Boss has the only bank in town. It's like he don't wanna stop 'em!" Vance:"Hey! Maybe that's the reason he ain't so worried, 'cause he's tied up with 'em!" Coy:"I know Boss is slipperier than 7 acres of goose grease, but rob his own bank?!" Vance:"I wouldn't put anything past him. An' it doesn't hurt any to be on the safe side."

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(Season 1 Money to Burn)

Boss Hogg:"You ijit! You dad blamed dad nabbed ijit! Lettin' the Duke Boys of all people put out that fire!" Cletus Hogg:"It wasn't my fault, Cousin Boss! They were just bein' neighborly!" Boss Hogg:"Neighborly?! You call beatin' a man outta one million dollars neighborly!?" Rosco:"Well, nobody beat you out of anything Boss, you still got a million dollars in old bills, there ain't nothin' in this sack, but some old phone books."(Pours them out.)"See?" Boss Hogg:"If they saw what I see, I ain't gonna collect a penny from the insurance company fer all that burned money, get it!?" Cletus Hogg:"But if they'd have seen it, they'd have said so, an' I'd have saw 'em say it. See?" Rosco:"That makes sense to me." Boss Hogg:"Only because you're a bigger dad blamed dad nabbed ijit than he is! Let me think."(To Cletus)"You say Bo went into the truck?" Cletus Hogg:"That's right!" Boss Hogg:"An' what'd he find?" Cletus Hogg:"Nothin'! Except what's left of that there sack!" Boss Hogg gets the look on his face of a man forming a plan. Rosco:"Huh? What?" Boss Hogg snatches sack, goes over to wood burning  stove, opens the door, tosses the sack it in,  lights a match throws it in with the sack. Closes the door back. Boss Hogg:"What sack? It ain't no sack. It got took by the hijackers!" Rosco:"What hijackers?" Boss Hogg:"Why, the Duke Boys of course. Least ways, they will be hijackers, when you-"(Pointing at Rosco)"Catch 'em with the evidence!" Boss, Rosco and Cletus all laugh.

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