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Gilligan's Island(1964-1967)

Skipper Duke

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 (Season 2 episode Erica Tiffany Smith to the Rescue) Skipper:"And that's how we ended up marooned on the island." Erica Tiffany Smith:"What a terrible story." Skipper:"Well, but you see, it ends happily. Because the 7 of us have managed to survive." Erica Tiffany Smith:"All man?" Skipper:"Well, no. There are 3 women." Erica Tiffany Smith:"I thought you said it ended happily."

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(Marooned/Lost Pilot Episode)
Skipper:"Here we are on a deserted island. Uninhabited, unexplored, uncharted!" Ginger:"I get the picture. Just color us lost!" Skipper:"Well, our only chance of rescue is if the Professor here can get the transmitter fixed. Then we can radio for help!" Professor:"I've been trying! But it's very difficult without the proper tools."

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A Facebook friend bought me a Lancaster Cap Uniform Cap Co hat in 2017 as a Christmas present. A cap from Lancaster Brand police line. My friend got it at $15.00! I converted it to the Skipper's Captain Hat Yachting Cap. I had a anchor life ring ropes patch readily available and slapped it on there. :)

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(Season 1 Music Hath Charm)
(Gilligan is down at the Lagoon with Skipper, Gilligan is playing the drums for the departing headhunters.)
Skipper:"What are you doing Gilligan?" Gilligan:"I'm giving them a send off." Skipper:"Oh never mind that now Gilligan." Gilligan:"Yeah, but they were friendly, and I wanna be friendly."
(Somewhere on another island .! Boom  boom ba boom .) Headhunter:"Enemy war drums . Let's attack them before they attack us!"

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It's happened again! Went to lunch a day late today for my birthday yesterday with our friends from Mother's Day, Kim and her husband Flip. I was wearing the Navy Blue Broner Hat Co. Skipper hat. The same steak chef was working again and I had the same experience with him in his line again! But this time, he sang to me the theme song. He sang "Gilligan, Skipper and the rest!"

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(Season 3 The Secret of Gilligan's Island) The Castaways are trying to put together a hieroglyphics tablet Gilligan found in one of the caves.
Skipper:"No that's wrong too, Mr. Howell." Mr. Howell:"A Howell is NEVER wrong! Break off a piece, and make it fit!"

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(Season 3 Court Martial)Skipper is gonna jump off the cliff. Ginger shows up and finds him. Ginger:"Skipper!?" Skipper:"Ginger, don't ever scare a guy like that! I could've killed myself." Ginger:"Sorry." Skipper:"Well, Ginger, it's alright, because really that's what I had in mind anyway."

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(Season 3 Court Martial)Ginger has talked the Skipper out of jumping.

Ginger:"Oh but you mustn't! We need you." Skipper:"Ginger, nobody needs me!" Ginger:"I do!" Skipper:"Come on, you've got Gilligan, you've got Mr. Howell, you've got the Professor!" Ginger:"Gilligan is just a boy! Mr. Howell's married, and the Professor is only interested in my mind!"

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(Season 1 Two on a Raft)Mr. Howell is playing golf with a clamshell and bamboo stick putter and an Avocado pit ball.

Professor:"I have important news."

Mr. Howell:"Not while I'm putting!" Professor:"Mr. Howell, I believe the Marubi may be here." Mr. Howell:"I don't care who's here. They are not playing through!"

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(Season 1 New Neighbor, Sam)

Skipper:"Gilligan! As soon as you get back in your hammock, that bird is gonna want another cracker. Why don't you give him the whole box, so we can both get some sleep?"(Gilligan gets out of hammock pushes on Skipper's belly.)Skipper:"Ooop!" Gilligan:"Sorry Skipper!" Skipper:"Yes Gilligan." (Gilligan gets back in hammock steps on Skipper's belly.)Skipper:"Ooop!"

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(Season 1 New Neighbor, Sam)

Skipper:"Gilligan, your parrot wants another cracker!" Gilligan:" But I already gave him 15 crackers!" Sam:"Sam wants a cracker Sam wants a cracker!" Skipper (Groans):"Well, you better make it 16, or we'll never get any sleep!"

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(Season 1 1964-1965)

1. Two on a Raft

2. Home Sweet Hut

3. Voodoo Something to Me

4. Goodnight Sweet Skipper

5. Wrongway Feldman

6. President Gilligan

7. The Sound of Quacking

8. Goodbye, Island

9. The Big Gold Strike

10. Waiting for Watubi

11. Angel on the Island

12. Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk

13. Three Million Dollars More or Less

14. Water, Water, Everywhere

15. So Sorry, My Island Now

16. Plant You Now, Dig You Later

17. Little Island, Big Gun

18. X Marks the Spot

19. Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy

20. St. Gilligan and the Dragon

21. Big Man on a Little Stick

22. Diamonds Are an Ape's Best Friend

23. How to Be a Hero

24. The Return of Wrongway Feldman

25. The Match Maker

26. Music Hath Charm

27. New Neighbor, Sam

28. They're Off and Running

29. Three to Get Ready

30. Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home

31. Forget Me, Not

32. Physical Fatness

33. It's Magic

34. Goodbye, Old Paint

35. My Fair Gilligan

36. A Nose By Any Other Name

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(Season 3 Pass the Vegetables, Please) 

Mrs. Howell eats the beets and runs around like crazy! Mr. Howell:"Lovey slow down! What's happened to you? I'm exhausted just watching you! At least take a coffee break." Mrs. Howell:"Good idea!" She has more beets to eat. Gets up, runs out the hut door, and around the camp, jumps up on the table. Gets down and runs away. Mr. Howell:(Watching from the hut doorway.)"I may enter that woman in the Olympics!"

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1 hour ago, RogerDuke said:

Hey Skipper, what was the last name of the castaways? All I remember is the Howells.

Cousin Roger... Names are

1. Willy Gilligan

2. Jonas Grumby

3. Eunice Wentworth Lovey Howell

4. Thurson Howell III

5. Professor Roy Hinkley

6. Ginger Grant

7. Mary Ann Summers

Skipper's, Professor's and Mary Ann's were only used once. Gilligan's was brought up years later by creator Sherwood Schwartz. Gilligan's was never used in any episode.

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(Season 3 Topsy Turvy) Gilligan hits head and sees double vision. Professor tries to cure him.
Gilligan:"What if it doesn't work?" Professor:"Then I shall have to find another cure. You can't go through life like that." Gilligan:"Yeah. Imagine going through life not knowing which end is up." Professor:"Gilligan, I will withhold comment."

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2 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

Now that I think about it I do remember Grant was used a lot. Was "Jonas Grumbley" and "Summers" and "Roy Hinkley" used on the first episode only?

Skipper's and Professor 's yeah. Mary Ann's was in Season 2 Erica Tiffany Smith to the Rescue. When Mr. Howell introduced her and Professor to Erica. Mr. Howell:"Erica, this is Professor Roy Hinkley, and Mary Ann Summers!"

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