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Shine and Roses


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This may have been posted before, and if this is information brought up before I apologize. But, I remember watching this episode when it originally aired when I was really little, and I have seen it several times in reruns and on my DVD set a few times.  And all the times I have seen this episode in the past, I have never noticed a possible goof with Luke getting back into the General Lee.

But, I am watching this episode again right now and I happened to notice that when Bo and Luke are trying to help Uncle Jesse get back on the right road during the race with Boss, involving the detour sign—I swear it looks like Luke gets back in the General...and closes a door (instead of crawling through the window like usual)! :o  It’s only for a split second, but I swear it looks like he closes the door beside him!  I can’t believe that I’ve never picked up on that before, but has anyone else ever noticed that before too?  Was this a goof, or am I the goof? :-P 

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The main bloopers thread is here. There's a post on the first page by TheGeneral01 that mentions a similar situation in an unknown episode in season 2, but it says Bo jumps in first, which isn't the case in 'Days of Shine and Roses'. I've watched the scene, and while it's not possible to screengrab it, Luke definitely appears to get in as if the door was open, and you can hear the door close.

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2 hours ago, Hobie Harkins said:

I've seen this and yes he pulls the door closed behind him. It was a certified Goof!

Thanks for clarifying. :) Crazy, though...I can’t believe in all the times I’ve seen this episode, as it’s one of my favorites, I’ve never noticed this before! :cornfused: But, sometimes these little “quirks” make the episode more enjoyable for me...love this episode and the show is one of the best in TV history!! :cheers:

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Something I noticed. You may not catch it unless you turn your caption on and read  the dialougue. Look where it says, " Rosco, you foull up my interferance....and so help me, this time next  Thursday you will be the all night rent-a-cop at Shorty's All Nite Rib Shack and Tool Hole.....it SHOULD be pool hall! :)   

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