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  1. Yeah Luke opened the door, just watch Bo's reaction.
  2. For what it is over all it's a good game but i wish you could have bo and luke get out of the car, have towns folk walking arount town square, see cooter in or around the Hazzard Garage be able to jump creeks and crash through public safety billboards like on the show. Also have a two player mode so you can be chashed by a Patrol car for more than five minutes and some dialogue and music from the show would make it much better.
  3. Hey Cuz ya got ya ears on ? Come back

  4. Shoot. Been a Dukes fan since 1985, favorite characters are Bo, Daisy,Rosco, Enos,Boss Hogg,Cooter. I've been very lucky to have met Bo,Luke, Enos, Cletus, Cooter and Rosco. I attended Dukesfest 07 and Smokey Mountain fanfest in 09. Got to jump into and ride in a General Lee and " get arrested and put into the back of a Hazzard Patrol car. I have many Dukes collectables. I was also lucky to have met Sheriff Big Ed Little and get his autograph. Also met Waylons waymore blues band and Waylons half brother Tommy Jennings. I have a yellow shirt just like Bo's and the play station 2 Return of The General Lee game. Dukes made me a country music fan also.
  5. Just wondering if anybody has met a bf or gf here in Hazzard ? Every country boy needsa country sweetheart.
  6. Hey y'all I'm James Lee Duke, just moved here to Hazzard county. Bo and Luke are my uncles and Daisy is my aunt.
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