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You know you watch too much Dukes of Hazzard when...


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We've seen these for other shows and thought ya'll might like to start one. Note: These are just general ideas and not necessariy things that we have done :roll:

You know you watch too much Dukes of Hazzard when...

1. You call the local sherriff Rosco.

2. You call your Bassett Hound "velvet ears" or "Flash"

3. You paint your car orange.

4. When somebody points out that something is your fault, you retaliate with "DON'T TRY TO BLAME ME!"

5. You call your best friend your "little fat buddy" even though he isn't fat.

6. You tell kids to call you Uncle Jesse just to you can yell back "I ain't your Uncle Jesse!"

7. You cut all your jeans into Daisy Duke shorts.

8. You sit through the entire DOH marathon on CMT.

9. You attempt to jump a creek in your car and wake up a week later in the hospital.

10. You say that you owe your brother-in-law nothing because "I married your fat sister" (but only if your wife isn't around)

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I've got a few to add...

1. When you are doing something and get excited and yell "YEEEEHAAAAAAAA" in your best Bo Duke rebel yell....

2. When you paint the #01 on your orange forklift at work. Yes I do have orange forklifts at my terminal.

3. When my 2 year old son hears the song "Good Ol' Boys" by Waylon Jennings or sees the General Lee and he does his best Bo Duke " YEEEEEEHAAAAA".....And then the wife gets mad at for teaching him that...But it's the Dukes Of Hazzard I tell her.

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i have a jeff foxworth joke to add

"you might be a redneck if............you can name the entire cast of the dukes of hazzard"

thats me because:

john schnieder

tom wopat

catherine bach

denver pyle

sorrell booke

james "jimmy" best

sonny shroyer

rick hurst

ben jones

nedra volz

byron cherry

christopher mayer

don pedro colley

peggy rea

jeff altman

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Lol... I really did call my dog "velvet ears"... she wasn't a basset hound though. And she's gone now... <sniff> And yes, I would sit through the marathon *if* I got CMT here at school (my sister did back home though), and I do know the whole cast. <chuckle> Only three out of many, but... maybe enough to count me, eh?

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OR name your children afer DOH characters!!!

Yes, I have a 15 year old son named Jesse Allen (Allen is from my exhusbands best friend.) I had to compromise! I got my Jesse though!!! I just hope he has Jesse Duke's morals and family values!!

He was tickled to death when he got Daisy's autograph at Duke Fest this year!!


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...when you call your mechanic Cooter, no matter what his name might be.

When I was little, I had to stop watching Dukes for awhile, because I rolled my shorts up to look like Daisy, and my mom got mad.

My daddy, who is a mechanic, used to let me and my little sister climb in and out of the windows of his little Mazda pickup, and he'd pretend to be Cooter for our benefit. Good ol' daddy!

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You know you watch too much Dukes of Hazzard when....

Your chuckle sounds a lot like Rosco's, even when you're not trying to imitate him. ( KHEE! )

You develop the appetite of Boss Hogg.

You have a criminal record with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Some of your best friends are mechanics.

Your car has a name and a personality to go with it.

You answer your phone with, "Breaker one, breaker one, might be crazy but I ain't dumb...."

You end your phone calls with any of these:

"That's a big ten-four, little fat buddy!"

"I'm gone!"

"Keep between the ditches!"

You plan your vacation around DukesFest.

Your best friends are Dukes fans too!



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When you only by Daisy brand sour cream, even though other brands are cheaper.

When you go to an auto show in Kansas City, even though you have to pay to park and you have little interest in cars, but Ben Jones is going to be there! (Jam and I have yet to decide if we are going to do this or not!)

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I got all fired up once and tried a hood slide across my '67 Chevy. I had it waxed, figured it was no big deal.

I slid halfway across, rolled the rest of the way, and then fell off the side of the car in a heap. Good thing I was parked in the grass at the time.

I tried crawling through the window once and bein' smooth about it. My foot got hung up in the steering wheel and I hit the horn. I dove in sideways and laid down flat in the seat in the hopes that nobody looked to see what the hell was going on.

They sure make it look easy on tv, don't they? @#$%&*.


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Back in '84 or '85, I was allowed to climb through the windows of my parents car ('76 Buick....Skylark I think) once. The seats were that fry-your-posterior-on-a-hot-day vinyl (black) and they had started to rip by this point. My folks didn't want me ripping 'em anymore than they already were. ROFL.

Last I knew that car was left at the side of a highway in northern Vermont. For all we know, it's still there. ROFL!

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Here's some more for u all

You know u've watched the Dukes of Hazzard too much when:

1. You start to eat raw liver or Pig's whatever just like Boss Hogg.

2. Start to act like any of the characters from off the Dukes of Hazzard.

3. When u start to use ur imagination of being there or having the Dukes with you just for an adventure.

4. When ur at home u make ur bed into the General Lee and try to act like ur climbing in and out of the car windows just like the Dukes.

:-? Talking about acting like ur getting in the cars. When I was younger about 16 (4 yrs ago at least) We have this Geo Metro and I thought I would get smart and without anyone around I had the windows down to the car and I thought I would act like the Duke Boys and get into the car...It was fun until I thought I would act like Daisy and get in the car and was doing it all fancy like...lol....It was soo much fun. I made a path that I would do that again this summer because I miss doing that. :p



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You know you watch to much Dukes of Hazzard when...

You can't watch episodes on CMT that you have on DVD because you can tell exactly which parts they cut out for commercials.

Your parents bug you about using the computer too much to check out Hazzardnet and read long fanfiction (Mom: Next time just print it out!)

You have one of your students be Ben Jones's autograph at the autoshow in Kansas City because you have to compete in a Judo tournament that day (hopefully he pulls through).

You get the song from Daisy sour cream commercials stuck in your head (start with a smile and a dollap...a dollap...a dollap...of Daisy!)

You can just picture Enos singing that song with that big ridiculous grin. :D

You write over 20 stories of how Enos and Daisy could've gotten married.

And you're still ticked off that they never did on the show!

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