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You know you watch too much Dukes of Hazzard when...


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You know you watch to much Dukes when:

You spend your last money on DOH DVD's when you still have to buy food for about half a month.

Your roommates hide your DVD collection because they're getting tired of those police sirens and Dixie Horn whole of the day.

You date your roommate just because his name is Luke and ya can call him Lucas while teasing. (And he was verry cute of course LOL)

You spend half the night reading fan-fic's, getting just 2 houres of sleep when ya have to teach a class of teenagers the whole next morning.

All true stories here people (LOL)

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You know you watch too much DoH when..

...your 5 yr old son wants you to get a new car, as long as it's orange, 01 on the side and a rebel flag on the roof.

...your 3 yr old daughter says "Yee haw" any time you crest a hill (no matter how small of a hill).

...your wife, even though she likes them too, will watch anything you want, except the Dukes ( and Bond too).

...your daughter now goes "rosco says 'khee khee khee.'"

...any show / movie that doesn't have a car chase is a chick flick.

...want a rear drive vehicle so you can hang the rear out around every corner.

Many more, just don't want to hogg them all.

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You know you watch to much DOH when:

1. Your 4yr. old sings "just good 'ol boys, never meanig no harm..." to the tune of air guitar.

2. You get frusrated with your kids and holler at them to settle down or you will "cuff and stuff" them.

3. You spend over $100 in order to get authentic looking clothes for your 4yr. old boy, who happens to have blond, curly hair, just so you can dress him like Bo Duke for Halloween, and get upset when someone doesn't realize who he is supposed to be.

4. You speed down back roads in your car while yelling yeeehaaa!

5. You create a number of free Email addresses for yourself just for the purpose of recieving DOH related info. and use names like hazzard girl, Daisy Duke, ect. for all of them.

6. You can't go to sleep at night untill you have watched an episode of the Dukes.

7. Your friends do something wrong and you reply with "I'm going to tell your Uncle Jessie on ya all" even if they don't have an Uncle Jessie.

8. You feel strongly that there should be a sequel to the DOH starring all surviving original cast members in which John Schneider, Tom Wopat and Cathy Bach sill play Bo, Luke and Daisy, only now they are grown, married and have teenage children who are following in their footsteps. They should still live in Hazzard and Daisy should finally be married to Enos.

9. Your passwords for most everything are names of characters from DOH.

10. Your ultimate dream car is a General Lee.

11. You believe all auto repairs can be bone with a screwdriver.

12. The only thing on your 'Must do before I die' list is make it to Dukefest at least once by any means neccessary! :wink:

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You know you watch too much DOH when your computer has a DOH theme complete with sounds,cursors,and icons (of the characters). And you spend hours upon hours trying to get the icky boring blue welcome screen to be something DOH. Oh and while doing this and you finally find something to change that awful blue screen, you somehow manage to delete the desktop theme and don't know whether to cry or use Luke's fav profanity of double dam from the first season. (I wanted to do both recently)


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