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Had a feeling something like this was happening when after a few days of absence, I couldn't log in to check anything. Actually, I couldn't even bring the site up on the 8th.

Doesn't look too shabby Mufn. I'm not seeing any errors, aside from the previously mentioned one with the dashboard or user control panel or whatever you want to call it now a days that I haven't checked on recently.

Actually Roger, if memory serves right, Mufn has literally been at this for 20 years, give or take a few months... nothing nearly about it. I think. I think the original fandom website, started by Mufn, had its ribbon cut in 1997 in Yahoo Boards or whatever they were called. When Yahoo started screwing up and screwing the members over by getting rid of Yahoo Boards, Mufn started this joint in 1999... this is all if my memory serves right. It was around 1999 that Yahoo created Groups and kicked the Boards, and the groups were... ahem... horrible. Now, I am pulling this from information I garnered a long time ago from second hand sources so some of my memory might be corrupted, especially since I was born in '86 and thus would have been 10 or 11 years old when Hnet started in its original incarnation on the Yahoo Boards.

Mufn has been a staple and cornerstone to the Dukes Community pretty much since the internet opened its doors to the public. Without her, we probably wouldn't have any real fan community, especially not one of the caliber we've enjoyed for the past twenty years. There would have been no James Best being involved with the fans on a set of forums and taking questions. There would be no real fanfiction community for the Dukes. There would be no forums in existence today for our enjoyment because let's face it, just about every fandom aside from this one has moved to those horrible websites like wattpad, live journal, tumblr, etc. which all experience very high theft rates of work, be it fanfiction or art.

Speaking of that, thanks to Mufn being such a staple in the early days, with excellent enforcement and such, we are one of the few fandoms that does not experience a high rate of fanfiction theft, character theft, etc. In fact, our theft rate has been almost nil because it was always nipped in the bud early on and rarely did anything slip through the cracks.

We are also one of the few fandoms that I am aware of today that still has a majority privately run fan community which gives us a lot more freedom from stress, because our stuff is pretty unlikely to be stolen. Mufn has done a lot to protect us, along with MaryAnne and Brian when they were mods. If it were not those three, our fandom would look like ... I can't even begin to imagine how horrid it would look with no central structuring especially with today's political climate.

Aside from that, anyone sides Mufn and maybe 2 or so others would probably have given up on one of the major forum reboots that occurred due to a massive hacking that destroyed everything that was on the entire website (to my understanding the slander and hate speech and such was absolutely horrible and if it was caught by the webhost, we could have lost the entire community - thank God the forum admins caught it when they did even though the site was offline I think for a few hours to a day or two while things were rebuilt). The forums were especially hit hard by that and I think there was a minor exodus of fans when that happened due to the lost work. I myself lost a ton of work when that happened as it coincided with a floppy disk failure so my backups weren't there. It wasn't Mufn's fault, and she handled it in stride, putting things back together and such with the help of a few others. A lesser person would  have folded and said screw it. It takes dedication to keep going for 20 years with everything that has happened to the Dukes community.

I guess what I am saying is, it has literally been a 20 year rollercoaster, and Mufn deserves every little bit of that thanks if not more because we do not have a quarter of the problems of other fandoms thanks to the people who built this community from the ground up, and those admins, Mufn especially, did not give up on us.

We love you Mufn. :wub:

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Mufn, I found a page that has no content on it that should have media for downloads... well, there's stuff saying that there should be something on there by crediting someone, but there's no links and no media. The page is otherwise pretty much blank outside the headers and sponsors and stuff.


Just letting ya know. :-)

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On 4/16/2019 at 11:19 AM, Roth Potter said:

Hey @Meadowmufn great job on keeping the forums so up to date!

I think I've found an issue. I don't know if anyone else can see it on my post about the RHoughton Auction General Lee, but it shows me this issue after making a small edit to the post.

Uh oh. Looks like I've gotta update/redo the theme. I hope not. Thanks for the heads up.

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Ok, update is done! That was fast. I *think* the Template core error is fixed. If you see it on any posts, please let me know. I had to revert two old templates. If you find any issues, please post about them here or send me a private message.

Also, I'm working on an update to the look/organization of the main site. It's been 5+ years since I refreshed it. Then, later this summer, hopefully, HossC and I will have a new section of the site to unveil! *tease tease*

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If you ever need help with the techno stuff just ask me. I'm getting pretty good at it. I still don't have a cell phone (seriousely) but my wife showed me how to hang hers up (it's the red thing) if I'm using it. She still needs to dial for me but at least I'm making progress. Seriousely though, thanks for all you have down though the years....make that decades!

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I decided to pop my head in to see what was up after an absence of almost a year and a half (oops!), and with my hotspot out of data and no other Wi-Fi, I had to log in using my Android Phone. I noticed a little issue, and am not sure if it was the site or my phone, but I had a very difficult time finding the login page. I had to bounce between a few non-board/non-thread pages to get to it as the drop down wasn't working on many of them. Strange, I know. 



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