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I'm hurting


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HazzardNet has always had its booms and busts. The "booms" usually depend on if the show is on the air somewhere or if the cast is in the news for some reason.


Sorry I haven't been on as often. I've been dealing with "real life", some of it very good, some of it not so great. It's nice to have HazzardNet to "come home to" though and I thank all of you who have kept it going. HazzardNet wouldn't be celebrating its 17th year without y'all. :)

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MM, I've been looking around at all the remodeling you've done here and the place looks fantastic. I'm slower than everybody else but I'll figure out how everything works eventually.  I posted this somewhere else but I mean it so much I want to repeat it. Only God and Uncle Jesse are ahead of you on my hero list.

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