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I'm hurting


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Thanks for making me smile Mark. I really get depressed that the HazzardNet isn't the bustling place it used to be and all my friends from years ago have moved on.


I'd like to see more activity here too- I wasn't around when it was super busy, but it does seem that it is slower than it used to be even from a couple years ago.  I wish we could all get together in one room for a weekend and talk Dukes stuff.  I kind live in Hazzard in my mind most days!


So for the sake of discussion, what would you like to talk about?



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I guess just got spoiled from coming into HazzardNet when it was at its peak of popularity. If I would have known about it or known how to use a computer I would have started it sooner. I still remember the conversation I had with my daughter when she said you can find anything on the internet. My first reaction was"Dukes stuff?" Before that point I could have cared less about computers. Then the folks I met here became like a second family because of the bonding power of the Dukes. The quality of folks still on here is as high as it can get. It's the quantity that saddens me.

Justin, I don't think the controversy is a factor.

Mark, I love your quote "I kinda live in Hazzard in my mind most days!"

Thanks for the kind words.

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I really haven't gotten a chance to be on here in a while. I tell my wife sometimes that I'm going to " The Land" and she knows what I mean. I'm going to lay down and watch TV/doze and go to Hazzard in my mind.  This is the land where everybody knows me and I know them and we all agree on everything! The place I could easily spend eternity! It's like Jimmy Best said once, it's a place that reminds you of where you grew up or where you wish you had grown up!

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LOL I like to call it Hazzard Heaven, Hobie Harkins. It ain't quite as nice as the real Heaven but it's the best we can do down here.


You got that right Roger!! Just think....nobody argues, they have the same opinion you do, you can leave your car, house etc. open and nobody messes with anything, etc.! Everything's a lot slower/simpler!

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