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One Armed Bandits Chat-Along


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It looks like Hobie's out.

He's not logged in any longer and possibly couldn't find his DVD.

In the meantime I tried to get into the chatroom and couldn't.

One thing said that the Java plugin with web browser in not enabled.

Then I remembered MM saying we were supposed to use flash chat but it said that I need to install adobe flash player 11.9.

I don't know what that means and my wife is sleeping so I'll just have to wait until some other time.

In the meantime I'm watching "Follow That still" right now. The Dukes just blew up Hard Luck's still at the beginning so there would be no evidence that could get him arrested.

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So, who can join me on October 30th for a Halloween party while we chat and watch "The Hazzardville Horror" at the same time?

What do we think of 6:00 Eastern Standard Time?

If nobody from the eastern end of Hazzard Pond can join us we could change it to 9:00 Eastern Time or we could have one at 5 and one at 9.

I'm on my way to visit my Mom who just got out of the hospital but I'll log in at 9:00 Eastern Standard Time for "The Hazzardville Horror".

The 'One Armed Bandits" time is good for me.

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In the UK and Ireland we're a hour closer to you until the weekend because our clocks went back a week before yours.

I was wondering about that. I think we change this weekend. I had a chat along with some friends back in the spring and the UK contingent showed up an hour late because of the time change. LOL. They were not happy they missed it.

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