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Rare and Behind the Scenes Pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard

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Now you mention it, I can't remember Catherine wearing these clothes either. Those type of clothes sometimes but not these ones.


Catherine on the cover of a Dutch magazine in 2001. and I am a 1000‰ sure that this picture is not from 2001. She is wearing the clothes from the episode 'Jude Emery'.

The text reads "forever Hip, Sexy Daisy on reruns with The dukes of Hazzard ...and more about the 70's!"

I believe this is the magazine my mom had back then. Also Veronica is a tv channel in the Netherlands where I first meet the Dukes. It is very possible that this volume is the origin of my Dukes knowledge.


Daisy posing in front of the NASCAR car from 'Undercover Dukes'.


the only man to be happy in jail. :p


Walking into the sheriff's station with Flash.

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Thank you Roger. :)


Original from Spokeo.com

Coy, Daisy and Vance.


Henry Holman with a Plymouth Fury. He did body and paint on some cars on the show.


I'm pretty sure that Catherine never wore this top on the show.


This must be from 'Luke's Love Story' as I don't remember seeing such a large sign in the Boars Nest in any other episode.

The sign read Hazzard county Obstacle Derby. If i'm right he is announcing the names of the drivers participating and the trophy girl Daisy Duke.

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Thank you Roger. :)


I'm pretty sure that Catherine never wore this top on the show.

You're right. Catherine never wore that top during the show. If you look carefully at the picture, you can notice a ringer on her left hand (it seems a wedding ring). John has a watch on his left wrist and a bracelet on his right one; his shirt too is different from his usual shirts along the show. Just Tom is the same than on the show.

I think it's a pictures taken at the time of the show, first or second series (because of their age and look) but not behind the scene because of their outfit.

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I believe I posted a picture of Cathy wearing this sweater before. That one was took at Saugus Speedway so I guess this one is taken there too.


Rosco with Flash in the police station.


The same clothes as Cathy wore on the season 5 cover so I guess this one is from the same photoshoot.


I do not know why but Denver looks much fatter in this picture then he really was.

Looking at the background I see white with a touch of green wood and a corrugated sheets on the roof. I'm going to say that this is the Duke farm on Disney's Golden Oaks Movie Ranch as it was the only Dukes farm which was a bit greenish and filmed from the front sometimes (beside Georgia)

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Like with most promotional picture's of Daisy these clothes were not wore on screen.


This seems to me like he is sitting on a fake horse with a movie as background so I guess this is for filming of a horse scene.


The only relevant picture to the dukes is the one in the lower middle but I didn't want to cut the rest of of it.


I've got no clue whatsoever for which scene this would be if it even is for a scene.

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I was thinking the same thing but I couldn't remember if Rosco put his arm on Enos' shoulder.

Just re-watched the scene.

In effect, Rosco hugs Enos, but the scene is from a different perspective then the picture. So, I suppose it's a picture of the scene but... not of the scene as we watch it in the show :innocent:

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Original from generalleefanclub.com

You can clearly see the General Lee's highest point of the flight is much further then the train. Is this the jump with the Ford engine?

Here's a moving .gif file of this jump:


No landing in this one as a different one was used in the scene itself.


Coy in the General Lee at Valencia Oaks.


Linda Mae Barnes together with JD Hogg.

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Here's a moving .gif file of this jump:


No landing in this one as a different one was used in the scene itself.

This certainly looks like the jump that CDoherty discusses in the thread about the Tom Sarmento interview. Your moving GIF appears to show the camera being knocked off. If that's the case, then the General jumped further than expected, and no cameras caught the landing. If anyone missed it, CDoherty's post is here.

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Hoss, have you tried getting a reference point from the scene itself? I believe that at one point the camera moves so far to the right you get a look past the facade on the right.

Getting back to that train jump, there is a big picture I posted of it sometime ago with some tears of of it. You fixed the picture a little later. Also there you can see it flies much further then intended.


Luke on Hazzard Square. But I can't figure out in front of which house. Also what is that thing on the car on the right side of the picture?


Tom Sarmento's kids in a General Lee during the show.


Coy and Vance leaning on their rarely seen mailbox on Valencia Oaks.


Khee khee! This time I really got you!

I believe this is from one of the early seasons. It could be 'Granny Annie' as Rosco found counterfeit bills in the General Lee.

Also, what is that thing on the left of the picture? It looks a bit weird, as if it is a toy car hood.

Edited by Meadowmufn
Kid in the General Lee captioned as Tom Wopat's kid, but it was brought to our attention it is Tom Sarmento's.
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If you knew what this car can do you'd understand why it wasn't on the show while it was made for it.

I can't figure out where this would be. It looks like Saugus speedway but I can't find a reference point. If it is at Saugus it was probably for test runs.


I know, I know... this is not behind the scenes or rare. It just looked nice. :)

Now I wish there was just some way to cut the three General lee's on the right out of the picture.


You might recognize this picture from the first dvd cover of your season 7 box.


If i'd have a smartphone I would've used this as my background. for some reason the cb make this picture really awesome.

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Thanks. :)


One of the early promotional pictures with Daisy.


I believe this is between Cooter's Garage and Rhuebottoms. I don't know from which episode this scene is.


Looking at the lighting I'd say this is the Duke farm inside a soundstage. This could be from 'And in this corner... Luke Duke' though I didn't thought the Duke farm scenes in that episode were from a soundstage.


Bo sitting on the door of the General Lee.

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Best thing about Flickr (uploading-website) is that it says Yee Haa after the pictures are uploaded. :-P


Enos getting Boss out of a trough with the camera crew behind them. I believe boss fell into the trough 2 times but I'm not sure. What I am sure about is that one time it was at Valencia Oaks.


One of the more known pictures. I believe this picture is from the same shoot as the one with her wearing a bikini.

I don't know what happened to this picture but it seems someone went over it with a brush in paint.


John in Georgia during filming of the first 5 episodes.


I'm not sure but I believe this is Darcy's plane, the crop duster.

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I wonder what John needed a coat for?? He's a Yankee from New York....winter time in Georgia, would be a walk in the park for somebody like that!!! LOL!!


LOL Not necessarily. I'm a Yankee from Lake Erie and I spent October, November and December in that part of the country when Dukes were being filmed in Georgia. I was in USMC boot camp and sometimes it was so cold even us northern Marines were shaking.

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