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Instrumental music on forst 6 Episodes!

Greetings all and great website! I hope others enjoy this post. Let's track down this instrumental music!

I think everyone wants to have that infamous instrumental music played on the first 6 episodes of "The Dukes of Hazzard" that was filmed in Covington, GA before moving to California. Especially the FIRST episode during the chase scenes. Well, still no luck. BUT, I came across a Waylon Jennings tune called - "Big Ball In Cowtown". It's on his 1976 'live' album. This song sounds VERY & EXTREMELY similar to the instrumental music. Once you hear this song, you'll agree. I bet this song was the influence for the instrumental music. -Dar.

PS-- here's a LINK to a snipet of the song. Click onto Big Ball In Cowtown. Enjoy!

LINK - http://www.buy.com/prod/Waylon_Live/q/loc/109/60330244.html



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I've been looking for this for years, and thanks to the other members/posts, but I'd be intreseted in ANY and ALL chase/background music not only in the first 6 episodes, but ALL the episodes.

I've listened to the few Waylon tracks mentioned, but they sound "sort-of" like the music we're looking, but not quite...

I know Waylons band "The Waylors" is credited with some of the music in the end credits, as is "Fred Werner" but thats all I have.

itunes USA might be of some assistance, but I dont think this music has ever been released commercially.

Is there ANYBODY who can help with this seemingly fruitless quest?



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On 10/21/2017 at 2:29 AM, Bigpix said:

Have any heard this music...

It's from a Playstation game and though not perfect, it's probably as close as we'll ever get. You can listen to all the different tracks from the same user. What do think?

Heard this before, quite good actually, really all this, along with the theme song needs to be all on one album, then just listen to it on loop in the car !

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I don't do much technology so I don't know what loop means but I do know that once in awhile I put my Dukes soundtrack CD in when I'm driving down dirt roads, like on the way to the dirt track. I just love Rosco singing "My old dog his name is Flash. I don't know why 'cause he ain't too fast. He runs two steps then he runs out of gas. In a one dog race he'd come in last."

"That old Flash, he ain't too good at chasin' them possums through the woods. He never does a thing he should. He just sleeps and eats his food." 

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