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Hazzard Square

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Whilst working on my recent Fan Art project, Buildings of Hazzard, I realised how many changes take place to the stores and other buildings around Hazzard Square. I thought we could have some fun recording the changes.

Most of us know that after the Georgia episodes Hazzard Square relocated to the back lot at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank. Below are 2 different views of the square as it is now. I have numbered the buildings for reference purposes. As you can see, the square hasn't changed that much, notable exceptions are: building 10 has been re-clad; buildings 16, 22, 23, 24 and 25 are totally different and have been rebuilt since Dukes.



The following buildings stay the same in virtually every episode:

3. Bank of Hazzard (Boss's Bank)

4. Barber Shop

7. Drug Store, Ice Cream Parlor & Bus Stop

11. Hazzard County US Post Office

13. Hotel

18. Hazzard County Gospel Church

20. Boss Hogg's House

22. Cooter's Garage (now rebuilt as a house)

23. Rhuebottom's General Store (now rebuilt as a house)

24. O'Connor Paint Supply (no longer there)

32. Hazzard County Court House

33. Hazzard Police Station

Others only change a few times, but are usually one of the following:

8. Theater/Hazzard Theater/Hazzard Picture Palace

9. Hazzard County Telephone Company/Hazzard County Telephone and Telegraph Co.

10. Seth M. Berley & Co./Furniture Mart/Hazzard Emporium/J.D. Hogg Furniture Mart

12. Joe's Hardware/Hazzard Hardware & Sporting Goods

I have many more to add, and screengrabs to illustrate the changes, but my list in nowhere near complete so please feel free to jump in and add any other businesses you spot. If a business only appears briefly (one or two episodes) please try to give the episode(s) you see it in (and a screengrab if you have that ability). If you are not sure where the business is, give as much information as you can and I'm sure, between us, we can identify it.

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Wow, this is awesome!

When I get a little more time I've got to check this out in more detail.

Thanks so much for posting this Hoss. You're great!

Considering how sad I've been lately about seeing the original farm in Georgia come down, it's nice to see how good the California Hazzard looks.

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Here's our first look at Cooter's (#22 on the aerial views) from 'Swamp Molly'. Thanks to Ben Jones's efforts it stayed fairly much the same throughout all 7 seasons. Sadly, as mentioned above, this building has been replaced.


From the same episode, and next to Cooter's, is a very clean looking Rhuebottom's (#23) with a very clean looking Uncle Jesse truck outside. I think Rhuebottom's remained a constant fixture throughout all 7 seasons, although its appearance changed (as I will document in the future). Again this building has been replaced.


Beside Rhuebottom's is Carol's Jewelry. This business seems to have no entrance, and I think 'Luke's Love Story' was the only episode it appears in (I may correct myself later). O'Connor Paint Supply (#24) is just past Carol's. As I pointed out in this thread, this is merely a facade with nothing behind it.


By 'The Big Heist' (2 episodes later) Carol's Jewelry has gone and Rhuebottom's is looking much dirtier. The impound yard where Neil Bishop's car gets towed to is just off the right side of this picture.


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Wow, this is fantastic Hoss!

It would definitely be a shame if WB ever tore down that lot. I would think they wouldn't since it's pretty historic for the studio and was used going back at least to the 1950s. I can distinctly recall an episode of "Maverick" and James Garner in a scene on the street infront of the bank.

There's also a scene in the Burt Reynolds movie "Hooper" that I'm pretty sure was filmed on this lot at the gazebo.

Isn't building 21 the boarding house, where Enos lived?

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There's also a scene in the Burt Reynolds movie "Hooper" that I'm pretty sure was filmed on this lot at the gazebo.

I'll have to check that out, I've got it around here somewhere. I do know that I caught myself watching a bit of 'Gilmore Girls' a couple of weeks back, just because I knew it was filmed here. Luckily the square showed up about 5 minutes in and my curiosity was satisfied :).

Isn't building 21 the boarding house, where Enos lived?

I believe it is, but I haven't got a screengrab of it yet. Feel free to post one yourself. I'm hoping this thread will include a lot of pictures, so apologies to anyone on dial-up.

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Here's the next set from season 1. This time buildings 7 to 12.

Building #7 originally had a sign saying 'Pharmacy'. This screengrab is from 'The Big Heist'. It would later change to 'Drug Store'. Next door is building #8 (although buildings 7 & 8 are clearly one building) . During season 1 this was painted white and simply signed 'Theatre ***'. The British English spelling of theatre surprised me, but apparently the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) spell it that way (I assume these aren't the guys currently enforcing the no-fly zone in Libya). The usual US spelling was later used when it became 'Hazzard Theater'.


Building #9 was initially 'Julius Berg'. I think the window text says 'Attorney At Law'. The sign is visible in 'The Big Heist', but I couldn't get a clear grab until 'Double Sting'. This building would become the 'Hazzard County Telephone Company'.


Building #10 virtually always sold furniture, here in its first incarnation as 'Furniture Mart'. There is a name on the left of the sign, but I've never managed to read it. It looks like it starts 'Mc C...'. This sign alternates with 'Seth M. Berley & Co.' in the early seasons. Building #11 is already the post office, although the curtains change color regularly and opening times and posters in the window come and go. Between these 2 buildings is an entrance marked 'USO'.


Finally on this block is building #12. The signs in the window say 'Fanny's Fabrics'. This store later gets better signage before becoming a hardware store. The post office is also clearer in this grab. The window signage was much larger here than in later seasons.


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Buildings 4, 5 and 6 are shown here in a grab from 'The Big Heist'. Building #4 seems to be called 'Fletchers', as can be seen from the inset image taken from another angle. Building #5 starts out as 'Rick's Pool Room and Lounge'. This signage is seen in several episodes. Only a small part of building #6 is shown here, the full sign (visible later in the episode) says 'Dan's Auto Supplies'.


A closer shot of the same scene reveals that building #4 is in fact the 'Poodle Parlor'. Who'd have guessed that Hazzard had one of them, I don't remember it being involved in any stories.


By 'Double Sting' (5 episodes later) building #4 still carries the 'Fletchers' sign but has become 'Pauline's Poodle Parlor'. Hazzard Bank (#3) is also visible on the left.


Building #1 has its first business in 'Money To Burn'. The signage says 'Rutherford's Mens Wear'. Like the Poodle Parlor I think this was purely background and never used in a show. The chase involving the Tri-Counties car shown here and the Duke boys in the hearse goes past buildings 26-30. The Tri-Counties car demolishes the front of one of these (#29 I think) which seems to be the 'Surplus Store', although I could only get very blurry grabs of this. It's the only building in this row that has a name on it.


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In 'Deputy Dukes' Hazzard Square got its first acting role, playing the part of Springville. Several of the stores were redressed and the roads were covered in mud (I wouldn't have fancied cleaning up afterwards). First is building #3, usually the bank in Hazzard, but in Springville it's the Springville Hotel (the pickup truck is the same one used by Swamp Molly).


Building #4 has been changed to a hardware store. When the car chase approaches from the other direction it looks like the name is 'L & S Hardware' (see inset at top), but the name only appears briefly. Building #5 is still 'Rick's Pool Room' and building #6 is not seen.


Working along the row, buildings 7, 8 and 9 (Pharmacy, Theatre and Julius Berg) are the same as previous pictures, although the theatre now has the familiar ticket booth at the front. Building #10 is another hardware store.


In Springville, building #11 (usually the post office) is 'Jim's Florist'. I didn't see a name on building #12, but there is a 'For Lease' sign in the window (not shown here).


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Everything's back to normal for 'Route 7-11'. Sorry about the blurry nature of the first shot, it's the best I could get. Jesse and Daisy (Yancy Peckinpaugh and Betty-Lou) are walking past building #12. It's hard to read the signage, but I think it says 'Dry Goods'.


We also get our first look at some other buildings around the square. Building #15 makes it's debut as 'Hotel Metropole'.


This end of the square has been re-developed since Dukes, and the original building #16 has now been replaced by a taller, longer structure that virtually closes off this corner of the square. Here's Rosco spying from the old building (it appears in the background in many other episodes, but I'm not sure if it's used again).


Most of the scenes with the semi truck at the square were filmed behind building 16. The area is still a car park, but has changed somewhat over the years. This picture is looking back at the square and shows the loading bay at the back of the church that I labelled #17 on the map. I'll return to this in the future. On the right of this picture is another look at building #15 from a different angle. The building to the left of the church is #19, but I don't think the one between that and the truck ever gets used (hence I didn't number it, although it's still there today).


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Onto season 2 now, and these first grabs are from 'Gold Fever'. Dan's Auto Supplies has gone, and Victor's Bail Bonds has taken its place in building #6 (it's not too clear here, but I have a better image of this to come later). Also in this picture is a side view of building #7, showing that as well as being a drug store it is also an ice cream parlor and the bus stop. On the front the sign now says 'Drug Store' instead of 'Pharmacy' - there were no clear shots in this episode, so I'll add them later.


'Fanny's Fabrics' in building #12 now has better signage on the windows (looks like the dry goods store didn't last long). I have a close-up to come later. On the other side of the alley, building #13 has now become an unnamed hotel.


Just a long shot here showing buildings #13 - #18. The one at the back, behind the white truck, is the one Rosco was spying from in 'Route 7-11'. As previously mentioned, this has now been replaced by a larger building.


This is Bo and Luke climbing across the roof of building #3 (the bank). In the upstairs windows is signage for 'Gordon & Lowell' - more attouneys at law. When you know the square's layout it makes you wonder how the boys climb across roofs at one side of the square and somehow jump down onto Cooter's at the other. This happens again in 'The Meeting'.


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One last picture from 'Gold Fever'. I got a better shot of the furniture store, and I think the name is 'McDermott's' (NB. I have tweaked the contrast and color balance to try to get it clearer). To the left, 'Julius Berg' has now become the more familiar 'Hazzard County Telephone Company' (I'll post a clearer picture later).


Here's the closer shot of 'Fanny's Fabrics' (building #12) I promised in the last post. This is from 'The Meeting'.


Also from 'The Meeting' is the General by a 'Road Closed' sign. This is taken between buildings #18 (the church) and #19.


This shot shows the familar front of the 'Drug Store', although the 'Bus Stop' signs have disappeared. The 'Theatre' (UK spelling) has become the 'Hazzard Theater' (US spelling). In the background on the left is building #4 which has changed from the 'Poodle Parlor' in season 1 to the 'Barber Shop'. All of these are visible in the earlier episode 'Gold Fever', but only in the background. They all stay relatively the same throughout season 2, although a pay phone or phone booth is usually outside the theater (can be either side) and a blue sign is sometimes present on the wall between the drug store and the theater.


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In 'Road Pirates' Bo and Luke visit Colonial City, however the loading bay is actually at the back of the church on Hazzard Square (marked #17 on the map). There is a wider view above in the post relating to 'Route 7-11'. The building in the background of the first picture is the same building that is in the background of the 'Road Closed' shot above. This loading bay gets used in a couple of other episodes that I'll show in the future.



Now, from 'The Ghost of General Lee', another example of strange continuity when you know the layout of the square. I've set it like a storyboard to demonstrate:

A. General Lee leaves the impound garage, now located in building #31 (that's buildings #1 and #2 opposite).

B. As it exits it crashes into Rosco's car as if they've just left Cooter's (#22).

C. Rosco hits a fire hydrant outside building #31

D. (A little later in the chase) A car reverses out from the impound garage.


E. Rosco has to swerve to avoid the reversing car (note that the fire hydrant has gone, but the road is still wet from the previous stunt).

F. Rosco crashes through the doors of the impound garage.

G. Rosco exits the impound garage by crashing through the same doors (shot from a different angle and framed differently).

H. Rosco crashes into the furniture store (#10) as if he was coming from the direction of the church.


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In 'Arrest Jesse Duke' the car strippers run 'Dixie Auto Supply Inc.' from building #1.


This shot shows Bo, Luke and Daisy pulling up at the side of the store.


This is the back entrance to the auto parts store. I'm pretty sure it's not at the back of building #1. The impound yard from season 1 (near building #24) had a corrugated steel fascia similar to this, so it may have been filmed there.


The chase away from the auto parts store goes down the road past Boss's house. We don't ususally get to see this far down the road due to the sound stage at the end of it!.


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I'll start this post with the better picture of 'Victor's Bail Bonds' that I promised a while back. This is building #6. I think someone came through this door in one episode even though there is nothing behind the façade (some buildings like the bank and post office have interiors that can be used for filming - this one doesn't).


This shot shows what is beyond the alley between buildings 12 and 13 (Bo is being chased by Hughie in 'Arrest Jesse Duke'). Car chases often appear/disappear here, but we don't get a clear look like this very often.


Another unusual angle in the same alley here, this time looking out towards the church. I have inset the sign for the 'Hotchkiss Funeral Home' which is on the door just off the left of this shot. The wall on the left is the side of the hotel. Even though season 2 started out with a 'Hotel' sign on the front of this building, it was missing a couple of episodes later, only to reappear again in the next episode.


When Bo, Luke and Daisy go to investigate who's behind 'Dixie Auto Supply Inc.' they enter the County Building through this side door. This is actually the spot marked #31 on the map, the same building that served as the door to the Impound Garage in 'The Ghost of General Lee' (see above) - they just did a good job re-dressing it.


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Building #31 sees a lot of changes in season 2. The doorway seen in the last post has disappeared by 'Duke of Duke' and the impound yard is back, although with wire gates instead of wooden doors. This is the scene where Bo, Luke and Gaylord are painting the road signs.


These next 2 pictures show Daisy on her way to meet the boys with her food hamper. The first shows a sign for 'Jean Paré Cosmetics'.


The second gives the store name as 'City Drugs'. The phone booth and 'Hazzard County Gazette' newspaper stand frequently appear outside Hazzard Theater.


Initially I wasn't sure where this store was located, but then 'Officer Daisy Duke' came to my rescue. Daisy gives Boss a parking ticket outside this store and there are enough clues to identify it as building #26 (just across the road from Rhuebottom's). The store also sells 'Darleen Perfume' and has a sign saying 'Snack Shop'.


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I'm starting this post with a mystery building. At the end of 'Duke of Duke' we see the 'State Courthouse'. It's a large building that I can't find in the current WB backlots. If anyone knows where the building is, please let us know.


Here's a longer shot. The building on the right appears to be just a façade, indicating that it's a movie set rather than on location.


Moving on to 'The Runaway', we finally get a clear look at the 'Hazzard County Telephone Company'. This changes very little between episodes, although it's sometimes the 'Hazzard Telephone & Telegraph Co.' and occasionally has a Western Union sign on the window.


Just for a change I thought I'd include an interior shot. Here we see telephone operator Mabel/Myrtle Tillingham talking to C.J. Holmes' men. The one closest to the camera is Lance 'Col. Decker' LeGault.


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Hmmm! I'm stumped on that State Courthouse building. My first thought is it's county courthouse redressed, because those doors look dang familiar. LOL. I would then assume the facade on the side was placed there temporarily to make it look really different.

Might have to dig out the DVDs and take a closer look!

By the way, Hoss, I'm totally diggin' this thread. ;)

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Where is it on the episode...Capitol City?

In the episode it is 'the county seat at Coreyville'.

If I'm not mistaken it is also redressed as a hospital in season 5 episode Welcome Back,Bo and Luke.

You're right, it is used as 'Central City General' in the 'Welcome Back, Bo and Luke'. I have a picture, but I'll save it until I reach that episode.

I'm trying to keep these posts roughly in chronological order, so I'd thought I'd mention the street scene in 'Officer Daisy Duke'. It was filmed on location in Piru, California. You can check out how the town looks today on Google Maps. The junction of Main Street and Center Street is still recognizable. At the eastern end of Center Street is the bridge used in 'Luke's Love Story' in season 1. It has now been bypassed by new bridge, but is still standing. Old Telegraph Road was also used in the race in 'Luke's Love Story'.

In 'Jude Emery' we see a rare scene shot at night (many other scenes where shot at night, but lit to look like daylight). I've included this picture because I think it's the only time we see the police sign (over Bo's shoulder) illuminated.


Back to daylight and on to 'Return of the Ridge Raiders'. Bo and Luke go to visit 'Coop the Snoop' in 'the state capital'. Tri-State Press, where he works, is actually building #15 in Hazzard Square (previously used as the Hotel Metropole).


Although it's been visible in earlier episodes, I finally got a clear shot of the Barber Shop (building #4) next to the bank. Sometimes part of the window signage is missing, and the pole on the front moves around, but it stays virtually the same for quite a while.


When 'Coop the Snoop' arrives in Hazzard, rather than using the bus stop at the Drug Store, he gets off at the bus station. This is located at the rear of the church (previously used as a Colonial City loading bay) which is marked #17 on the map.


Finally, at the end of the episode Boss breaks ground for the new 'Senior Citizens Center' (I know there should be an apostrophe after Citizens, but there wasn't one on the banner). This was filmed between the church and building #19 (the same place as the 'Road Closed' sign above, but from the opposite angle). I'm not posting a picture because I'm limited to 4 pictures per post, and there wasn't much to see anyway.

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These pictures are from 'R.I.P. Henry Flatt'. They were not filmed in Hazzard Square (Midwest Street on Warner's backlot), but on New York Street, the next set over. I'll start with a map to show where this is relative to Hazzard Square. At the bottom left is the Hazzard County Building and Courthouse, with the bank roughly in the center at the bottom.


As Bo and Luke arrive in Capitol City they pass a bakery (where the guy in blue is walking). I can't read the name, but I think the arced text says 'Italian Bakery'. This picture also shows how the street lights are mounted on square bases to allow them to moved around easily.


This is the entrance to the Youth Center. It is right next to the bakery (the two girls in the previous picture were walking past the right end of the building). I marked its location 'A' on the map above.


Finally from this episode is the exterior of the City Morgue. This was harder to track down due to the buildings opposite changing over the years. It's marked 'B' on the map. I've inset the sign from the wall which is just off the right of the picture.


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This picture is slightly out of sequence because I wanted to keep all the 'R.I.P. Henry Flatt' pictures together. It's the freight depot (building #17) where Bo and Luke mistakenly pick up the crate containing marijuana in 'Mason Dixon's Girls'. I think the shelter from the bus station is still there just above the car roof, but I can't see the clock anymore. Also worth noting in this picture is that 'McDermott's Furniture Mart' has become 'Seth M. Berley & Co.' (you can see part of the sign to the left of the hay bales). It's visible in the background a few times, but I couldn't get a clear shot in season 2.


Moving on to 'Southern Comfurts', during the search for the missing gray car containing the money, Uncle Jesse and Holly say they are going to look in Pine Springs. This was actually filmed in a car park next to Hazzard Square. The tower in the center is part of building #15 (most recently 'Tri-State Press'). The back of building #16 is shown on the left, and it's clear that it has no depth as you can see right through it. The area between Uncle Jesse and the tower is where the semi was parked in 'Route 7-11'.


A second picture of the car park indicates it was probably used to store vehicles being used for filming as there is a line of what look like 1920s or 1930s cars in the background. Just to the left of the cab of Jesse's pickup what looks like the shell of a General Lee. A new building has been constructed on this site since filming.


Bo and Luke head to Center City to look for the gray car. Here is the elusive gray car at 'Billy Jo Bob's Used Cars' which is actually building #25. We don't really get to see the building in this episode, except for the sign which I've inset. This part of Warner's backlot is known as 'French Street'. The dark blue car on the left is a 1960s Sunbeam Alpine.


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Here's the last couple of pictures from 'Southern Comfurts', and the last from season 2. The first is building #20, which becomes Boss's house later on, but is just a background house here.


Opposite Boss's house is this house. I don't remember it being used for anything, but if you know differently, let me know. I've also been trying to identify the car with the white roof on the far left. It looks like something from the late 50s.


There's also a scene in the Burt Reynolds movie "Hooper" that I'm pretty sure was filmed on this lot at the gazebo.

(Unsurprisingly) MaryAnne is right. It's only a short scene with dialog and no stunts. The first picture shows buildings 9 to 12 as the camera moves down to the gazebo. They were changed quite a bit before Dukes started filming here a year or two later.


The second shot shows that the 'Moss Hotel' sign was on top of building #2 back in 1978. It's visible in quite a few episodes of Dukes, even though no one ever stays there. The building behind Max (John Marley) would become Boss's bank.


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