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songwriting anyone?


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Is it just me (probably ain't) but does Daisy wear a lot more dresses and long jeans in the last season. lol cause I mean i just saw openin night at the Boar's nest and she was wearin a turtle neck i was like woah. i mean really didn't think it got that cold in Ga . . .course could be wrong.

Daisy i think wore a turtle neck sweater once in another epi, it was blue, but i cant remember the episode

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Hey guys :) lol I've been soooo incredibly busy between finishing up the summer workshop and writing the screen play and doing shows and coming to a new school and all of our performances we do here that I never got a chance to tell ya'll how the script writing went. lol It ended up being set in present day New York. It centered around a rich family who loaned money to a guy, Troy, to open up his burlesque club. Troy didn't pay the family back so they hired a hot dog vendor, Jamey, who frequently set up shop outside the club to keep an eye on Troy. Jamey, an aspiring musical theatre actor, who also believes himself to be gay, thinks he is falling in love with Troy. That is, until he meets Charlie. Charlie is a dancer at the burlesque club, The Crystal Glass, and is also the daughter of the rich family who loaned money to Troy to open the club. Charlie is living a double life because she doesn't want to depend on her rich family. She tells them that she is dancing with a dance company when she is really dancing at the burlesque club. Charlie begins to fall in love with Jamey but is devestated to learn that he is in fact gay. Charlie then decides to confide in Claire who is a dancer at the club, Charlie's best friend, and Jamey's roomate. Claire tells Charlie to go for it because she knows how Jamey is and she thinks he is confused about his sexuality. Meanwhile the rich family is getting mad because Troy still hasn't payed them back. So, they send Charlie's brother Andre to hire Jamey to kill Troy. Jamey is devestated at the fact that he is going to have to kill the man he loves if he wants to continue living. He also confides on Claire. Claire tells him that he should do whatever he thinks is right. Jamey ends up killing Troy. He comes home the night after and tells Claire that he doesn't think he ever loved Troy because he didn't feel terribly bad after he killed him. After having a "practice kiss" with Claire, Jamey decides that he is in fact straight and only thought he was gay because people always told him that he was. The next morning Andre shows up at Claire and Jamey's apartment with an invite to his sister Charlotte's 21st birthday party. Andre tells Jamey that he is going to be the guest of honor at the party. Upon arrival at the party, Jamey is confronted by the head of the rich family who congradulates him on his killing Troy and informs him that he is going to be giving Charlotte's toast at dinner. Jamey is worried because he doesn't think he can give the toast because he does not know Charlotte. As he is giving the toast, Charlotte walks in and Jamey realizes that it is in fact, Charlie. He gives a wonderful heart felt toast and Charlotte/Clarlie thanks him. After dinner, the two meet up in the coat room and talk about how they were so surprised to see each other. They kiss but Charlotte's father steps in and tells them that if Jamey wants to continue being on the payroll that he is never to see her again. They end up meeting one year later and walk off into the night while saxophone music plays in the background.

I know thats kind of long. We planned on filming it, but never got the time. We did read it to an audience of about 50 or 60 and they seemed to like it. I played Claire which was fun. lol I still have a copy of the original script if you are so intrigued that you want to read it. It's about 60 pages long and I can email it to you if you want. If you don't want thats ok too. haha But, I just wanted you guys to know how it turned out :)

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