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Are you going to dukesfest????

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Y'all who are getting to go, are sooooooooo very lucky! LOL. I've gone to the last four Dukefests - two at Bristol and two at Nashville - and I had the time of my life at all four of them. It is amazing to go and see all the people that are there - all the fans that showed up and all the DOH vehicles that are brought and worked on.

Unfortunately for me, I don't get to go this year due to gas prices and it being farther away this year, being in Atlanta and all. :( I was really wishing to go, but this year is a no.

So fo anyone that is going to Dukefest - I hope you all have a great and fun time as I know you will! Enjoy it and take lots of pictures. ;)

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My parents paid for the plane ride to Atlanta for me for a birthday gift; it's my first time going, but I had to pay for the tickets myself. I'm bringing a friend, and I paid for her ticket and an official Dukesfest t-shirt for her and myself, plus I got a blue Cooter's cap. I'm so looking forward to this! I need the vacation!

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I live in Suburban Atlanta so i will be going on saturday... Also FYI, if no one has heard, Covington Georgia is hosting big events in the square that played downtown hazzard in the show on the Feb. 25th, 26th and the 29th. A host of Dukes of Hazzard celebs. and general lees will be there...The times are 6 to 10 each evening...Living in Atlanta and all i go out to Hazzard County every chance i get, mainly for business reasons though...Suburban Atlanta has really creeped into hazzard in the 21 century...Its so great that the dukes are finally coming home.

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