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  1. Happy birthday Kelly...I hope it was a very special day! :D

  2. I finally got around to updating the rest of this story on my site.
  3. My parents paid for the plane ride to Atlanta for me for a birthday gift; it's my first time going, but I had to pay for the tickets myself. I'm bringing a friend, and I paid for her ticket and an official Dukesfest t-shirt for her and myself, plus I got a blue Cooter's cap. I'm so looking forward to this! I need the vacation!
  4. Cooter and the Dukes deal with a turning point in their lives and the idea for the infamous Blue Angel is born. Takes place on November 8, 1986, at the Naval Air Station in Oceana, Virginia. http://www.misslindalee.com/dukes/stories/blueangel.html Let me know what you guys think.
  5. Balladeer: Okay, I’m gonna take this time ta fill y’all in on a few things before this gets too confusin’. Ya see, twenty-four years ago, Cooter met a pretty red-head named Jenny, who was passin’ on her way through Hazzard back ta Capitol City. Well, ta make a long story short, Cooter and Jenny ended up gettin’ real friendly one evenin’ before Jenny left the next mornin’. Nine months later Kelly was born, but Cooter didn’t learn he was a daddy until much later. Kelly was ten months old when her momma was killed by a loan shark, and Kelly ended up livin’ with Cooter, which--needless ta say--kinda turned Cooter’s world upside down, but with the help of the Dukes, he raised the young gal and became one of the best daddies in the world. Now, about why Kelly’s expression changed , I can tell ya only what I know. Ya see, Kelly turned out ta be really smart, like genius-smart, meanin’ she managed ta do a lot of learnin’ and readin’ until she was completely done with her schoolin’ by the time she was thirteen, and because of her interest in huntin’ and death (thanks ta Cooter’s cousin, Earl--the mortician, remember?) Kelly decided that she wanted ta be one of them people who hunts serial killers, so she left Hazzard ta study that stuff. Well, long and short of it, she managed ta excel in her classes, and ended up workin’ at the FBI, solvin’ some really nasty cases. Well, from what I’ve been able ta gather from the townsfolk, Kelly had been workin’ a case out in Los Angeles, when the serial killer had started targetin’ her. By the time everyone figured out what was goin’ on, Kelly had been attacked by the killer--and she’d been injured pretty badly as a result. It was that incident that caused Kelly ta wanna step out of the world of profilin’ and go back ta a less complicated world. Can’t say I blame her. “Kelly had actually been wantin’ ta surprise all of us,†Cooter explained, “but then I went and saw her in the hospital…well, she asked me not ta tell y’all.†“Kinda wanted ta do it in person,†Kelly added, shrugging. “Y’all ain’t mad, are ya?†“Naw, of course not,†Bo replied, smiling. Balladeer: Even though ya might not notice it, Bo was a little upset by the fact Kelly hadn’t been honest with him about her hair--when she was growin’ up, those two had shared a special bond--and I guess with her growin’ up, Kelly just seemed ta be confidin’ in Bo less as less as the years went by. “So, how ya holdin’ up?’ Luke asked, deciding to change the subject. Kelly shrugged. “Not bad, considerin’,†she replied. “Just glad ta be back home, really.†“Well, we’re glad ta have ya back,†Cooter replied before kissing her cheek. “So, did my stuff get here okay?†Kelly asked. “Yeah, came yesterday,†Bo answered. “Got everything all set up and ready fer ya.†“Thanks, guys,†Kelly replied. “I can’t wait ta get changed inta some decent clothes.†“Better hope those stains come out,†Luke said, noting the grease and oil stains on the young woman’s clothes. “Clothes look expensive.†Kelly shrugged. “I’ll just soak ‘em,†she replied. “They’ll be fine.†She took a deep breath and let it out. “So, I couldn’t help but overhear that county elections are comin’ up again.†“Yeah, and yer uncles are tryin’ ta get me ta run against Rosco,†Cooter replied, going back to work on the car. “Daddy, ya’d be a shoe-in ta win,†Kelly replied. “Think of the changes ya could make.†“That’s just what we was sayin’,†Luke said. “And who would run the garage while I was runnin’ the county?†Cooter asked, looking up. Kelly grinned as Bo and Luke pointed at her; Cooter shook his head. “No.†“Aw, Daddy, I could run this place,†Kelly protested. “I learned everything I know from you.†“I know ya could, Pumpkin,†Cooter replied, “but I ain’t ready ta give up this place…and I certainly ain’t gonna get back inta politics; I gave ‘em up last year fer good.†“Which means we get another term with Rosco in charge,†Bo said annoyed. Balladeer: Now, folks, while Rosco as Boss seems like a bad thing--and it has known ta cause quite a few problems with the Dukes and other citizens of Hazzard Coutny--it hasn’t been as bad as it was when J.D. was in charge. “Speakin’ of which,†Kelly said, “I think I’m gonna go pop in and say hi before I head out ta the farm. Only wish I had a camera right now.†“Why?†Cooter asked. “Rosco’s gonna flip when he sees my new hair color,†Kelly replied, smirking. The four shared a laugh before the young woman leaned over and kissed her father’s cheek; she hugged the Dukes and heading out of the garage. “So, how’s she really doin’?†Bo asked as they watched Kelly cross the street to the courthouse. “Still havin’ nightmares,†Cooter answered, “but after all she went through ya can’t blame her.†He sighed. “She seems ta be doin’ better, though,†he shrugged, “but it’s just gonna take time.†“Well, bein’ here should really help,†Luke said. “Nothin’ like family ta help get ya through the rough patches in life…and it ain’t like we haven’t been through rough patches before.†Cooter nodded before going back to work on the car. (End of Chapter 1)
  6. This is a story that MiniHogg and I are co-writing together, and I do have his permission to post this story here. We're continuing the storyline after 'Three Men and a Li'l Lady', picking up about twenty-three years later (it started in July, 1982, and it's currently about May, 2005) just to see how things have changed in Hazzard since then. This timeline is excluding the inclusion of Nancy Lou, and the reunion movies, so things won't be exactly the same. I'm posting the first chapter just to see what people think, so please feel free to post your thoughts and opinions. Thanks! (this chapter will be in two posts, since it's a little on the long si - - - - Hazzardous Material The sun shone overhead in the cloudless sky as a Greyhound bus pulled away from the Hazzard County Bus Depot, leaving its one-time passengers by the side of the road. Many of them greeted friends and family, while a few looked like they didn’t have a clue as to where they were. Balladeer: Not a day goes by that the ol’ depot don’t bring somethin’ new ta Hazzard County. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, well, ya usually can’t tell until after the trouble happens, but there is the rare occasion where ya can spot trouble comin’ as soon as ya see it. In the middle of the crowd stood a young woman with blonde hair pulled loosely back. She wore a green blouse, a pair of black slacks, and shiny black flats that clearly indicated a more urban lifestyle; even the sunglasses that covered her eyes and the black leather backpack slung over one shoulder screamed designer. She looked around until she spotted Cooter’s Garage on the other side of the town square, and a familiar orange Charger parked outside; she grinned. Balladeer: Remember what I said about spottin’ trouble just by lookin’ at it? Well, from my experience, when a pretty gal smiles like that, a whole mess of trouble usually follows. The young woman quickly crossed the street, cutting through the square, maneuvering around people and then vehicles as she stepped off the curb, making a beeline for the open garage doors. She paused briefly to run her fingers along the shiny hood, then she looked over when she heard laughter coming from inside. - - - - “I’m just sayin’,†Bo replied as he leaned against the side of a burgundy late model Chevy, “I just think it’s high time that someone else takes over as county commissioner.†“And who would you have in mind?†Luke asked, smirking his cousin. “You?†“Heck no,†Bo replied, almost insulted. “Uncle Jesse’d be spinnin’ in his grave if a Duke got inta politics.†Balladeer: Yeah, ya heard that right, folks. Uncle Jesse, God rest his soul, passed away a few years ago. It had been hard on the Dukes fer awhile--it’d been hard on everyone in Hazzard, ta be honest. Jesse had been a good man, and while he wasn’t here anymore, his spirit was still around, guidin’ the Dukes--and Davenports--in their lives. “He didn’t seem ta mind it when Cooter went ta DC,†Luke replied, nodding at the elder mechanic, who worked under the hood of the car. “Well, Cooter ain’t a Duke,†Bo countered. “Gee, thanks, Bo,†Cooter replied, smiling as he looked up from the engine, his face and clothes with oil and grease. “Ya know what I mean, Coot,†Bo said. Luke smirked at his cousin before looking at the mechanic. “Ya know, Cooter, all things considered, ya really -†“Now, Luke, I ain’t gonna tell ya again,†Cooter replied as he looked up from the engine, “I ain’t doin’ politics no more. I got out of that when I left Washington.†“Cooter, ya know people would support ya all the way,†Luke replied. “Yeah, and ya’ve had more real experience in politics than anyone here,†Bo added. “Ya’d be perfect.†“And ya could make so many changes ta this place,†Luke replied, “fix what Boss and Rosco have caused.†“I’d rather do that the way I always fix things around here,†Cooter replied, “from the sidelines.†He pointed his wrench at the two cousins. “And that’s final, ya hear?†“Yeah, y’all should know when he makes up his mind,†the blonde woman said as she walked into the garage, grinning, “it’s nearly impossible ta get him ta change it.†She almost laughed at Bo and Luke’s blank expressions as she removed her sunglasses, showing off her blue and brown eyes. “Believe me, I’ve tried.†“Kelly?†Bo asked, his eyebrows rising as he recognized the familiar fire in the young woman’s eyes. “Hi, Uncle Bo Bo,†Kelly replied, grinning. "Well, as I live and breath," Bo grinned as he crossed the garage in two strides. “Jellybean!†He picked up the young woman and hugged her tightly as he swung her around; she hugged him tightly around his neck. After a few moments he put her down and pulled back. Immediately, Luke pounced on her, and she giggled and hugged him as he squeezed her tightly. Balladeer: For those of y’all who don’t know, Kelly is – As soon as Luke let go of the young woman, she immediately pounced on Cooter, ignoring the oil and grease covering him, hugging him tightly. “Hi, Daddy,†she replied, nuzzling him. “Hey, Pumpkin,†Cooter answered, smiling as he hugged her back. Balladeer: *chuckles* Cooter’s daughter. Cooter pulled back enough to give his daughter a peck on the cheek. “I thought ya weren’t supposed ta be back until tomorrow,†he said. “I know,†Kelly replied, “but I got my stuff done earlier, and I was able ta get my flight changed.†“And ya just thought ya’d surprise us?†Cooter asked, smiling. “Like surprisin’ us with that new hair color of hers,†Luke remarked, taking a lock of Kelly’s hair and holding it up a little. Balladeer: The reason fer Luke’s comment is that when Kelly left Hazzard almost ten years ago at the ripe age of thirteen--she graduated early and left ta attend college--her hair had been a nice brown. Don’t ask me when she changed it, though, ‘cause I don’t know. Kelly grinned at her father. “Ya really didn’t tell ‘em?†she asked. “Ya asked me not to,†Cooter replied. “Ya knew?†Bo asked, a little upset. Cooter nodded. “When did this happen?†“Shortly before my … hospitalization,†Kelly replied, shifting a little on her feet.
  7. I know some pople might have already seen this story, but I was redoing my site--majorly redoing my site--and I went ahead and re-edited this story as well. This story was the first in another series, but if you look at the 'about section on my site, you'll see what changes I've made, and I think Dukes fans will be very pleased by them. Anyway, here're the links to the four parts of my story, Three Men and a Li'l Lady: http://www.misslindalee.com/dukes/stories/threemen1.html - Act I http://www.misslindalee.com/dukes/stories/threemen2.html - Act II http://www.misslindalee.com/dukes/stories/threemen3.html - Act III http://www.misslindalee.com/dukes/stories/threemen4.html - Act IV
  8. This is going to be my first year at DukesFest, and I have a question. Are there charges for getting autographs, and if so, what is the normal price range? I'm going to be traveling from Texas, and I don't want to forget extra money if I need it. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, Garrett! I'm glad to be back.
  10. Thanks for the welcome, Laura, but I like troublemakers. I am one myself!
  11. Thanks, Roger! I'll be sure to do that ... and keep my pedal to the floor at the same time.
  12. Hey, it's me, Kelly Davenport. I've been lurking around for a bit ... and I've finally gotten more time to start posting. Some of you prolly know who I am, but I wanted to say hey again; it's definitely been a while, and I'm glad to be back and posting.
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