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  1. Thanks so much for the welcome guys... I think its great to have found others that love and have as much passion about the dukes as i do. I don't know if you all feel like i do but its sorta feel like family to me and every time i see the show it takes me back to a happier time in the south and here in Georgia. What most people dont know unless you really get into the show is how strong the family values and ties are. I still think to this day a lot of people dont like or understand the dukes of hazzard or they like it for all the wrong reasons not really getting the true meaning of the show i
  2. Wow... You guys have to check out the web site: Atlantatimemachine.com . Make sure you click on DUKES OF HAZZARD THEN AND NOW... It shows the some clips from the Dukes of Hazzards shows then and what it looks like now.. There are some clips of Boss Hogg and the boys in Downtown ATL and in Hazzard County aka Conyers and Covington Georgia...You got to see it, its mind blowing how much things have changed....
  3. I live in Suburban Atlanta so i will be going on saturday... Also FYI, if no one has heard, Covington Georgia is hosting big events in the square that played downtown hazzard in the show on the Feb. 25th, 26th and the 29th. A host of Dukes of Hazzard celebs. and general lees will be there...The times are 6 to 10 each evening...Living in Atlanta and all i go out to Hazzard County every chance i get, mainly for business reasons though...Suburban Atlanta has really creeped into hazzard in the 21 century...Its so great that the dukes are finally coming home.
  4. I think every one who is in town for Dukefest should all go out to Conyers and Covington Georgia to see the real Hazzard County... Its really neat to see the real Hazzard County Sq. and all the sites where the show was filmed... Not to meantion a few other shows and movies were filmed there like In the HEAT OF THE NIGHT and FRIDAY THE 13TH JASON LIVES. Once you get to these town areas its feels like a movie set...It also feels real familar...Kinda weird.... A neat feature on the DUKEFEST site is a map outlining all the sites where the show was filmed in Conyers and Covington including the Haz
  5. Sorry guys, forgot to address the Atlanta Motor Speedway... It's actually in Hampton, GA. Thats a suburb about 15 to 20 miles south of the city in Henry County...So its still in the Atlanta Metro Area...
  6. I just want to start by saying this is the greatest thing since the the start of the Dukes of Hazzard that its coming home to Atlanta and Georgia... This is like history for me that i grew up on... I dont know if many people know it or not but ATLANTA and Georgia is where Dukes of Hazzard is based and was orginally filmed. I know growning up i remember my grandmother telling about her remembering them going down back dirt roads in Monroe County Georgia in the boilingbrook georgia area in 1978, north of Macon and south of Atlanta filming small segments of the show...Also some of the first shows
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