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A Whiskey Runner's Romance


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Her name was Lori Davenport, and as she climbed out of her solid black 69' dodge charger into the hot, humid air of Hazzard County, she looked around and noticed how much Hazzard has changed since she last seen it.She grew up in Hazzard, with the Dukes, they were her best and only friends. Her mother died when she was younger, leaving her drunken father and her brother and sister to take care of her. Her father didnt care about her he had his precious son and his Jack Daniels and his precious first baby girl to him Lori was just an extra mouth to feed. So she lived with her cousin Cooter Davenport, Before her mother died when Lori was about 2 or 3 years old, Uncle Jesse had helped raise Lori as one of his own and look at how she turned out. She loved the Dukes, especially Luke, she'd always loved him. When she was 20 years old she moved from Hazzard County to Johnson County in Tennessee because her father was ill and she was the only one who was there to help him he was her father and she couldnt deny it. She found the only "ILLEGAL" job available, a whiskey runner. She'd make a whiskey delievery every day, in her black 69' dodge charger that she called midnight rider, from Johnson County to Knoxville.She was caught on her way to Atlanta, GA because someone had notified the police that she was a whiskey runner, probably her sister, her sister was jealous of her because Lori was the first one that their father had asked to help him the other two said they had more important things to do.Now she was on the run and she knew if she was caught it would mean 2 things, 1.) she'd be put on probation for god knows how long, or 2.) she could be sent to the GA state Penitentiary. So thats why shes back in Hazzard, to run from the law, to stay with her cousin Cooter, and to see the dukes again, mainly to see Luke.

Lori walked down the sidewalk near the jailhouse she shivered as she looked at it feeling that she may get acquainted with it here soon. Enos stepped out into the hot Hazzard County sun.Enos looked the other direction away from her, but she felt a little tingly feeling rising up through her then suddenly, ACHOOO!!! Enos jumped two feet in the air, he looked at her and said,"Bless you...LORI??!!, Lori Davenport is that you?" Lori looked up her eyes red from her runny nose, "Yea Enos it would seem to be lil old me." She tried to stall Enos as much as possible but her feeling about the jailhouse was coming back as Enos said with a frown on his face, "Aww geese Lori im awfully sorry but i gotta arrest ya on account of you're wanted here in Hazzard on account of you running whiskey and you're on the run." "EHHHH, clap em on me Enos," Lori said with a big heavy sigh. As soon as they were walking in the jailhouse, the General Lee came barreling around the corner and pulled in nice and easy right by the jailhouse.


hope ya'll aint to busy and will join in and make this story interestin.!!:)

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(Lets make this more interestin'...hehe...count on Bo to do that...)

Bo watched the scene from the bars of the jailhouse that gave him a good view of the Hazzard County square. He grinned in surprise as Lori stepped out the black Dodge Charger, almost the brother to General Lee, but frowned as he saw Enos move to arrest Lori. It wasn't too long after that Luke pulled up in the General, having recieved Bo's CB call that he had been pulled over in the loner Cooter had given him that morning. Rosco hadn't said what the charge was, as usual, Bo figured he would just make it up once he was writing out the forms.

Shaking his head as he thought about it, he rolled his eyes and knew both him and Luke had to come up with something fast. He couldn't tell what Luke was going to do, but if he could distract Enos, then Luke had a better shot at getting Lori away...in fact is this worked out right...he could free himself too.

Biting his lip, he thought up an excuse quick before taking a deep breath and with a grin to himself he let rip with a blood curdling, and what he hoped sounded like a pained scream. He saw Luke look up quick and waved his arm out the bars with an 'I'm ok' and a 'GO!' signal which he assumed Luke saw an Enos didn't.

He watched as Enos near jumped ten feet at the scream and in the worry, ran inside without a second thought to Lori. Without looking to see what Luke and Lori had done, he jumped off the cot he had been standing on and sat on the floor, holding his ankle and acting like he was badly hurt. This was going to be one of the best performances of his life.

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Enos ran up the stairs with anything except grace, toppling down them as he tripped over his own feet in a hurry to get to the jail. After several failed attemps, he slowly, one step at a time, made it up the stairs and over to the cell, seeing Bo grabbing his ankle.

"Possum on a gumbush, Bo! Are you alright?!" He quickly fumbled the key into the lock and opened the door.

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"Possum on a gumbush," says Enos again, his hands flustered. He dropped the keys and closes his eyes repeating the words "broken ankle, broken ankle" as if trying to remember his first aid training and what to do. He took the pillow off the cot and puts it on the floor, gently laying Bo's ankle on it. "I should call Doc..."

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Bo watched him go and quickly got to his feet, unlocking his cell door and shutting it again, leaving the key hanging on the hook by the desk before running out the jail and sliding into the General as it drove past at high speed, landing in the passenger seat and looking back to Lori who Luke had succefully gotten into the back seat. He smiled to her.

"Hey there Lori...dont mind me, just another day in Hazzard."

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Doc looked at Enos and with a shake of his head said:Enos, when theres a real emergency lemme know ok?", "Well, i will doc im awfully sorry though." Enos said in confusion and disappointment. He just knew Roscoe would yell at him fer sure now. Meanwhile, the General went streaking off towards Cooter's garage to let him know Lori was back in town. Lori looked at Bo and said with a smile,"Yea, I', soo glad to be back in Hazzard, more excitment." She said with a little giggle. Luke looked at her through the mirror and smiled at her as he asked her,"Soooo Lori just how long do ya plan on bein in Hazzard?" Lori looked at him and said,"Well, you'll be pleased to know that its permanent, i gotta go and and ask ole cuzin coot, if he'll lemme stay at his place until i cam find a place of my own 'round here,""I decided to come back when my dad was better and my sister kinda through a fit of hers like she usually does, ya know Bo, i coulda swore that with her temper and yours just alike you two'd be perfect together." Bo just looked at Lori and said with a a small grunt,"Cute Lori, real cute." Luke just laughed at em both.

(cue anyone)

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Bo rolled his eyes and looked back to the front as Luke sped the General towards the Davenport Farm. The garage had been closed today so Cooter could take a break as the boys had managed to convince him to do.

He soon however looked back to Lori with a puzzled frown.

"So...how are ya gonna stay in Hazzard if the law's lookin' fer ya...there's only so many times me an' Luke can bail ya out ya know..."

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Lori had never thought of anything, just to run and get away as fast as she could.Lori looked at them both thinking of how they shouldve just let her stay in jail to keep them outta trouble.

"Ya'll shouldve really lemme stay, look i love ya'll to death and i dotn want ya'll to go to jail jus fer lil ole' me, i aint worth it, yea i never really thought of stopping and thinkin bout were to stay really, alls i know was i had to leave atlanta and fast. the first place, yes, they would check is at ole cuzin cooter's, ya'll I'll have to go back and get midnight rider, and head on out again cuz i dotn want ya'll to get into trouble thinkin up of a way to get me outta trouble all the time. ill have to cut my hair and change my name without a doubt, my mamma would be soo disappointed with me, why dont ya'll just stop and lemme out I'll wait around fer Enos or Roscoe to come on by and take me on to the jailhouse, maybe if i had a court hearing they'd give me 2 yr or so probation if i sound convincing enough, but i doubt im awfuly sorry ya'll ive doen and got ya into trouble, just tell cooter and uncle jesse and daisy i said hi and i miss em," Lori looked at Bo and Luke and hung her head remembering all the fun times they had, remembering now how she wished shed told Luke how she felt before she left to go take care of her father. Her eyes were red and puffy as she started to cry, the General sped on to cooter's farm. Lori was sad that she had gotten the boys into trouble and she never liked it when she hurt sum1 especially Luke, she could remember one time when she was about 6 or 7 years old, she was playing with Bo and Luke out on the farm, she had a BIG crush on Luke and she tripped on a rock and fell and broke Luke's favorite bo and arrow, they both ran to help her up but afterwards Luke was mad and wouldn't speak to her fer about a week, she'd remembered she'd cried soo much and cooter couldn't understand why. she'd always feel bad if she got Luke into trouble or hurt his feelings and gotten him mad at her.

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Luke continued driving towards Cooter's deep in thought. Turning onto Jessup Road, he looked back in the mirror, looking at Lori. Without warning, he turned off on an old hunting trail and stopped.

"Lori, why don't you stay at our place for a spell...least 'til this all blows over an' we clear your name? You know Uncle Jesse wouldn't hear of ya stayin' anywhere else...an' Daisy...Daisy'd love to have another girl around...." he added in his most wheedlesome tone.

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Lori looked at Luke with the sweetest of eyes, resting her hand on his shoulder and said," Well Luke that sounds like a really great idea but what about Roscoe and Enos?" "they're lookin fer me too, and were we broke outta jail their gonna come runnin towards the farm,""Now just how am i gonna get the Midnight Rider outta town to ya'lls farm without the two lugnuts of a sheriff and deputy finding out?" Lori was thinkin of how to stay with the dukes but not get them into trouble fer harborin fugitive.

Luke:Crazy C, this heres Lost sheep got ya ears on?

Cooter:Breaker one, breaker one, i might be crazy but i aint dmb, CRAZZZZZY Cooter comin at'cha, wa ya'll needin?

Luke:Well we have a bit of a surprise for ya Cooter, Lets see, shes medium height, brunette, brown eyes and she drives a car thats almost the brother to the general lee, calls it Midnight Rider?

Cooter:Ya'll kiddin me, Lori, my lil cuzin Lori back fer a visit?

Lori:Well Cooter i dont think you'd call it a visit, more as a getaway really.

Cooter:Ohh yea Lori i heard bout that ya pa already called and said you'd be headin this way.

Lori:Yea, that figures considerin it was probably sis who turned me in, she always was jealous of me even though pa never loved me when i was a kid, well anyways im gonna be stayin with the Dukes til all of it blows over and they can help me clear my name.

Cooter: Figured they would, you can count on them. Hey did u ever talk to luk.......

Lori:COOTER!!!!! no i didnt, i dont plan on it either til i feel its the right time, O K?!!

(at this point Bo was settin there listenin in on the conversation and looked at Luke when Lori said that, he smirked a little and started to say something but he didnt.)

Cooter:Geeze i almost forgot how hard headed and stubborn you could be at times.

Luke:Hey Cooter, I need ya to do us a favor would ya, go and get the Midnight Rider for Lori and bring it back to the farm, but watch Roscoe and Enos though they're on the move too.

Cooter:10-4 Lukas Dukas, im out and gone.

Lori was in the back redder than an apple lookin at Luke as he turned to look back at her and gave her a sweet little smile and a little sumwhat confused look as well, raising his eyebrow at her.

It kinda intimidated her alittle bit, but she knew he was thinking about somethin and she wondered what.

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Bo grinned, staying facing the front as he heard the conversation between Lori and Cooter...he knew this thing Lori had about Luke, Cooter had told him about it and Lori had confided in him a couple of times too...it was the one secret Bo had promised to keep from his older cousin and to everyone's surprise Luke hadn't managed to dig it outta him...yet...

Once the conversation had finished he turned round and smiled to Lori.

"So that's that...your comin' to stay at the farm where we can hide ya so ya can be with Daisy an' do all them things girls do when they's together and boys can only speculate on...meantime, me an' Luke are gonna do the guy thing and figure out how to get you outta this mess..."

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Bo looked to him with a sarcastic half smirk, half scowl.

"Well thanks to Luke here I haven't anyway...."

Bo looked back to Lori

"You know I got inta less trouble when he was away at camp or in the Marines when I was a kid than when he was here. It is all him an' I stick by that no matter no one says,.."

He said with a grin and a wink.

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