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Lizzy and BL are both 4 years out, so I guess 1/2 a point each - the answer was 6 years as can be seen below:


Today is also the 1st anniversary of me joining HazzardNet :).

Roger, I'm sorry, I've been getting screengrabs from 'Hazzard in Hollywood' for the last week (see the latest post in the Hazzard Square thread), so there's a couple of questions from that movie before I return to the series.

Q. What was the name of Rosco's stuffed dog in 'Hazzard in Hollywood'?.

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Thanks Roger.

To answer the last question, I'll give the whole quote, because there's no context for it:

"Rosco always takes Albert Einstein, his champion-stud basset hound wherever he goes. You might notice that Albert ain't moving. The reason is, he's dead. Albert passed two years ago, but Rosco was so brokenhearted he had a dog doll made and named him Albert."

I'm getting the hint that y'all don't like questions about the reunion movies, so I'm going back to the shows.

Q. Which episode is this newpaper from?:


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A good spread of answers there, and on this occasion it's GLG who takes the point - the episode was 'Enos's Last Chance'. I think it was the scene when Scanlon is checking he's got the right man.

Q. In 'Nothing but the Truth', Uncle Jesse sends Bo and Luke into town to buy some groceries (including brown sugar). With Rhuebottom's shut where do they go?:

A) Mark's Emporium

B) Maxwell's Emporium

C) Martin's Emporium

D) Mason's Emporium

E) Michael's Emporium

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Wow, you got me on that one Hoss.

I could check my notebook but that wouldn't be a challenge.

Huh, gosh, hmmmm, let me think, I'm going to guess....no wait.....hmmm....I need a little more time here...I got it!....no, that's not it. Shucks, I really don't know.

Seriousely, Lizzy sounds pretty confident but poodles aren't ringing any bells at all. For some reason I thought "Caged Birds" when I first heard the question. I'm sure there's no chance of it being right but that's the only thing that rang a bell when I gave it a little thought.

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There's a reason that Lizzy was confident about poodles:


Does anyone remember anybody in Hazzard owning a poodle?. A later episode adds the name 'Pauline's Poodle Parlor'.

PS. Happy Birthday Lizzy - I hope you got something more than a point in the trivia contest :).

Q. Name the prison that appears in 'Opening Night at the Boar's Nest'.

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Great job Lizzy. I'm impressed.

I'm going to kick myself when I hear the next answer because I should know it. I can picture the prison but can't think of the name. I believe the only time they show it is at the beginning and it's a view of it at night time.

My first reaction was Summerville Prison but my final answer is Springville Prison. It's probably neither of them.

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MaryAnne has the right answer - does she know all the answers, or answer all the ones she knows?. ;)

Q. In the same episode, Turk not only steals Cooter's race car, he also steals his racing coveralls. What color are they?:

A) Yellow

B) Green

C) Red

D) Blue

E) Pink

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