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  1. I was ROTFL when I heard that! I started watching Secret Life just because John was in it, but I ended up loving the show as a whole
  2. Thanks for the detailed report Daisy! I'm sure it was an amazing experience!
  3. According to John's latest message on his official website, he's going to be on 5 episodes of 'Nip Tuck'. That should be interesting!
  4. No problem! As far the answers go, Jesse drove the Black Tillie, and Boss drove the Grey Ghost. Loved those flashbacks at the beginning of the episode!
  5. It's a tough choice between the two boys, but I have to say Bo... You can't help but love him!
  6. Whew! I'm finally caught up with this story! Love the bonding between Troy and Bo... It's a fantastic story, keep up the great work!
  7. According to the IMDB, John was on three episodes of Diagnosis Murder: "X Marks The Murder: Part 1", Season 4, episode 4; "Out Of The Past: Part 1"; Season 7, episode 23; "Out Of The Past: Part 2"; Season 7, episode 24. I'm not a Diagnosis Murder fan, so I don't know the Italian titles, sorry
  8. That was a wonderful story! I'd love it if you were to write a sequel
  9. As you know, BJD, I love the way you write and I love this story You and DMD are doing a great job. Keep it up!
  10. Oh, I'd LOVE that! I'll send you a PM
  11. One of my favorite Rosco/Boss exchanges is from "Swamp Molly": Boss: You get the FBI out of Hazzard County, or I'll divorce your fat sister and send her back to live with you. Rosco: Boss, you wouldn't do that. Look, Lulu keeps a good home for you. Boss: I'll hire a housekeeper. She'd eat less, scrub more and sleep downstairs.
  12. i1976, I really like all of your videos, but my absolute favorite is "Building up a mystery". It's truly beautiful!
  13. Thanks for sharing! John's new project sounds great!
  14. This one is from "Money To Burn", Season 1
  15. Wow, thanks for sharing! If you want to save a video off YouTube, go to www.keepvid.com. It's pretty simple to use
  16. Morgan, in Italy "Diagnosis Murder" is called "Un detective in corsia" I definitely have to look for that episode
  17. I've discovered only recently that John is a very talented singer... Back in the day, I had no idea; in Italy in the 80s we didn't know much about our favorite guys I've been able to find bits and pieces of John's songs, and what I heard already made me a fan of his work. I'd love to hear more from him, but I'm not into file sharing programs (they tend to mess up my computer), so I was wondering if anyone knew of any places where I could find some of John's songs. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!
  18. I agree, John Schneider is the one that changed the most throughout the whole series. And it doesn't surprise me, since he was so young when "Dukes" started. And in "Welcome back Bo 'n Luke" he's absolutely delicious!! I haven't seen season 7 yet, but I've seen some screen captures (especially of the episode you mentioned, "Cool Hands Luke and Bo"), and I have to say that the John we see in season 6 and 7 is definitely my fav!
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