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Liquor What a coincidence - I only read that story after my previous post. The owner apparently drove off with the tiger in his SUV, which would suggest it's not completely wild. I remember "Pu

Black  (The Penny Black was the World's first adhesive postage stamp)

cry ( some of them bring tears to your eyes!)

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34 minutes ago, Hobie Hartkins said:

I was big on ALF when he was on TV. I had a crush on  the girl....can't remember her name.....

You're probably thinking of Andrea Elson who played Lynn Tanner in the show. She also played Alice Tyler in the short-lived series 'Whiz Kids' a couple of years earlier.

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On 6/26/2021 at 1:07 PM, RogerDuke said:


(Alf was also a cartoon....watched it with my daughter every Saturday) 

come on Roger....we're all friends here in Hazzard......you can level with us...YOU watched it and laid it on your little girl!  Ha! Ha!  :)  

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Jelly (or jam as we call it!)

On 6/25/2021 at 10:38 PM, Hobie Hartkins said:

I was big on ALF when he was on TV.

By coincidence, I'm watching my way through my 'Cheers' boxset at the moment, and thought I recognized one of the guest stars towards the end of season 4. Turns out it was Max Wright, aka. Willie Tanner in ALF.

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