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Hewey, Dewey and Jamie Lee Hogg


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I know that this is a very old thread, but it seemed silly to start a new one.

I was watching the 1965 movie "The Loved One" earlier, and spotted a familiar face playing the lead. Here's Robert Morse, aka. Dewey Hogg, as Dennis Barlow.


The movie's a rather strange yet enjoyable satire on the funeral business in Los Angeles. It dates from two years before "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying", the Robert Morse movie which had its title parodied in his Dukes episode, "How to Succeed in Hazzard".

In "The Loved One", Robert pulls off a quite convincing English accent throughout, although a brief attempt at what I took to be Scots isn't as good. There's quite a list of well-known co-stars, including Rod Steiger, Milton Berle, James Coburn, Sir John Gielgud, Roddy McDowall and a cameo for Liberace as a casket salesman. Additionally, Lionel "When they met...it was moider" Stander plays a newspaper staff writer masquerading as an advice guru, and Paul Williams (Little Enos in SATB) gets his first acting role as a boy genius rocket maker, despite being in his mid-20s at the time.

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DuckTales is also being revamped here in the Netherlands, but as a magazine, I got the first edition for free with my Donald Duck Magazine subscription. It's kind of strange since we already have DD Magazine itself, which is basically the same but with the whole cast of people living in Duckburg (It's called Duckstad in the Netherlands) and surrounding areas. Both don't seem to exists in the USA.

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