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Great Waylon Lines

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Ok here's a few from a load of episodes lol

If Sheriff Rosco runs Hazzard County, Boss Hogg runs Rosco.

When Daisy found out about her car, well, she took it in her stride (as Daisy chases Bo and Luke with a frying pan.)

Well would you look at that. Bo and Luke spend so much time in a car I wasn’t sure they could even walk much less run.

See, them sissies need a helicopter to fly.

And there’s ol' Rosco...cleverly disguised as a tree.

Just in case y'all are wonderin' what's goin' on, so am I

"One thing bout a family, though they may get in the way sometimes, when you really need 'em nothing else works as good."

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This one is from "Go West Young Dukes" when they went back to 1872. Daisy (actually her ancestor Dixie) was in a carriage that was dangerousely runnning wild with nobody at the reins.

"Ya know friends and neighbors, there's something about Hazzard County that makes anything with wheels get out of control."

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