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    I have loved the dukes ever sence it was first on the air. I was 9 years old when it was organily on
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    Palmyra Maine
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    Tom Wopat & dUKES OF Hazard
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    housewife & mother of 3

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  1. Hi! Thank you dukesrule2000. :)

  2. Hi Try E-bay. They have his Learning to Love CD there now. when you get there Just Type in Tom Wopat and it should take you to the listings. e-bay.com
  3. dukesrule2000


    This is Tom during Dukes
  4. This is My favorite scean in the movie.
  5. Here are some more pictures with Family Fude.
  6. The last picture is when he was on Family fude. Cathy, Mr.Pyle, Mr.Brooke and Mr. Best was on it with him. and they won. the big money. I think they were playing for the Spicail Olimpics. If I spelled it wrong Sorry.
  7. Here are some more pictures of Mr. Wopat. Hope you all like them. Let me know what you think.
  8. Thanks, The one with him wairing the cowboy hat and sunglasses is from a movie he was in last year called taking Chance... and that is one of my favorite pictures. that I have of Tom.
  9. My favorite non-Duke is Cooter and Enos.
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