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What is your favorite episode(s)

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On top of my list is Carnaval of thrills.

Runner up would be Luke's love story or In this corner Luke Duke

After that comes most of season 1 especially:

Repo men

One armed Bandits

Limo one is missing

Swamp Molly

High Octane

Route 7-11

I remeber when I saw Big Brother's Duke I thought it was really great and it always stayed in my head as one of the best episodes, but thats a really long time a go now and I'm not that sure how it went exactly.

Well just have to wait until season 5 will be out around here to see that one again. And that will take awhile 'cause we're only up 'til season 3. :(

Well that's the list, kind of long, but what else is new right? O yeah I forgot about Farewell Hazzard and Goodbye General Lee.

Now I'm really going to stop. haha


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That is a really hard question to answer.

I guess I will have to say the first five episodes shot in Conyers GA. (My 9 yr old daughter told me last night after watching a Dukes episode, "That's were I want to live when I grow up." Shes a big Dukes fan)

Then I love the Carnival of Thrills,

The Ghost of the General Lee (my 9 yr old daughters favorite)

My Son Bo Hogg ( "What's happening to my Family!?")

and Happy Birthday General Lee (my 11 yr old son's favorite)

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Favorite DOH episode....hmmmm so many to choose from! Some of the more memorable ones Ive enjoyed, One Armed Bandits, The Ghost of General Lee....The one I was really looking forward to seeing on DVD was My Son, Bo Hogg. But again it is hard to chose, but I will tell you for sure one I wasnt fond of (besides Strange Visitor to Hazzard, someone had a little too much shine when they wrote that one). Honestly, Id have to say its Luke's Love Story. Despite the fact that Bo wrestling in oil is the highlight of that episode, just the way Luke came off in it really didnt set well with me. Of course that is just my opinion... LOL


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Season one

One-Armed Bandits

Repo Man

Swamp Molly

Luke's Love Story

The Big Heist

Limo One is Missing

Deputy Dukes

Money to Burn

Route 7-11

Season 2

Days of Shine and Roses

Gold Fever

The Rusters

The Meeting

Road Pirates

The Ghost of General Lee

Duke of Duke

The Runaway

Follow the Stilll

Officer Daisy Duke

Find Loretta Lynn

Witness to the Persecution

Season 3

Carnival of Thrills

Enos Strate to the top

The Hazzardville Horror

And in this corrner, Luke Duke

Duke vs. Duke

My Son, Bo Hogg

To Catch a Duke

The Late J.D. Hogg

Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane

The Great Santa Claus Chase

By-Line, Dasiy Duke

The Great Hazzard Hijack

The Hack of Hazzard

Season 4

Double Dukes

Diamonds in the Rough

Coltrane Vs. Duke

The Fugitive

The Great Bank Robbery

Sadie Hogg Day

10 Million Dollar Sheriff part one

10 Million Dollar Sheriff part two

Goodbye, General Lee

Dukescam Scam

The Sound of music- Hazzard Style

Shine on Hazzard Moon

Pin the tail on the Dukes

Miz Tisdale on the Lam

Nothin' but the Truth

Dear Diary

New Deputy in Town

Share and Share Alike

The Law and Uncle Jesse

Bad day in Hazzard

Miss Tri-Counties

Dukes in Danger

Season 5

Welcome back, Bo 'n' Luke

Big Brothers, Duke

Farewell, Hazzard

Daisy's shotgun Wedding

Season 6

Lulu's gone away

A baby for the Dukes

Too man Rosco's

The Boar nest bears

A boy's best friend

Season 7

Happy Birthday, General Lee

Robot P. Coltrane

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Hmmm even though I love them all my absolute favorite episodes are.

1.Swamp Molly

2.Carnival of Thrills 1&2

3.Repo Men

4. Mary Kaye's Baby

5.Ten Million Dollar Sheriff 1&2

6.A Baby for the Dukes

7.Dukes Under Cover

8.Cooter's Girl

9Welcome Home Bo & Luke

10.(Cant remember the title) the one where Luke's brother comes to hazzard

That's 10 of my most fravorites but in no way even close to the end of my list.


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well, umm.. my favorite episodes so many oh great...

season 1

1.one armed bandits

2.swamp molly

3.limo one is missing

season 2

1.road pirates

2.the meeting

3.the ghost of general lee

4.the runaway

5.find loretta lynn

season 3.

1.enos strate to the top

2.the hazzardville horror

3.baa, baa white sheep

4.mrs. rosco p. coltrane

5.the great santa clause chase

season 4

1.diamonds in the rough

2.the fugitive

3.sadie hogg day

4.the 10 million dollar sheriff

5.hughie hogg strikes again

6.miz tisdale on the lam

7.dear diary

season 5

1.lawman of the year

2.welcome back, bo and luke

season 6.

1.lulu' s gone away

2.too many roscos

3.a boy's best friend

4.target: daisy and lulu

5.twin trouble

6.enos's last chance

7.cooter's girl

8.the fortune tellers

season 7.

1.happy birthday lee

2.robot p. coltrane

3.strange visitor to hazzard

4.enos and daisy's wedding

5.opening night at the boar's nest



go to hollywood

that all I like see as on Season 5 I don't like it because of Coy and Vance are in this season 5... it was little boring myself.. thanks. :wink::)

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I don't know if Flash ever does have puppies, but there is an episode where Boss is trying to make a deal with some one and Rosco says, "And you can have one of Flash's puppies." I think he was just trying to get the deal for Boss and Flash wasn't even expecting. In the reunion he has Tootles, but I don't remember if they said if Tootles was a descendant of Flash or not.

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Take note, I love the entire series but I have a number of favorites, all with reasons

Season 1

1. Repo Men (just good fun)

2. High Octane (a brilliant display of moonshining and moonshiners)

Season 2

1. Follow That Still! (hehehe)

2. The Ghost of General Lee

Season 3

1. Carnival of Thrills (more serious story)

2. The Great Santa Clause Chase (Hohoho everyone! Also a beautiful glimpse into the Duke family at holiday time. The end with the soft "it came upon a midnight clear" without words while Boss reads a Christmas Carol grabs me)

Season 4

1. The 10 Million Dollar Sheriff (great Rosco story, and very personal and serious for the Duke kids)

Season 5

1. Ding Dong the Boss is Dead (this is one of the singlemost hilarious episodes of all time to me)

2. Witness Jesse Duke (can you tell I like serious ones yet? The scene in the DVD where Daisy prayed for Uncle Jesse put me in tears)

3. Big Brothers Duke (particularly the scenes about Bo and Luke arguing over an incident with a watermelon and the horse chase which is brilliant in a stop-motion frame-by-frame on the dvd)

4. Farewell Hazzard (another good family story)

Season 6

1. A Baby for the Dukes (the family scenes win me every time)

2. Brotherly Love (probably my second favorite episode of all time)

3. Play it Again, Luke (this is Luke at his lovin' best)

4. Undercover Dukes (this IS my favorite episode of all time)

Season 7

1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke (another good Luke story)

2. Cool Hands Luke and Bo (one day I will write a story on this one)

3. Go West Young Dukes (loving to get cowboyed up myself, this is a perfect little cowboy rp story)

4. Danger on the Hazzard Express (Bo loves his car)

5. The Haunting of J. D. Hogg (masterfully haunted <evil cackle>)

6. Opening Night at the Boar's Nest (Duke Family Singers to Boss in a fluffy tutu to a giant of a man with a giant of a gun!)

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