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Why Do You Love Bo Duke?

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I keep trying to find a Bo Duke of my own but the guys always seem to fall short. I've had Mr. Married and living with another woman to the Bragger and got me to get him a credit card and he charged it up. But the last laugh was on him because the company made him pay the balance of what he charged.

Oh Mr. Boring that bring his parents over on a date as well he has two adorable little girls thow. I'm still looking for the perfect guy for me right now, I haven't given up.

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Because I think Bo is the guy that every girl wants to have for herself. Although he's a skirt chaser and changes women like he changes his...okay cant say clothes because his clothes never seemed to change in the show...urm...gonna have to be socks, he's dynamic and exciting and when he really cares about someone, you couldn't tear him away from them for all the money in the world. He's happy with what he's got, the farm and his family, and that's all he wants in life. He'll make someone happy by giving them love and support and just making them feel worthwhile...not to mention he has a brilliant car, fantastic personality, beautiful eyes, a make-you-melt smile, and a butt to die for lol.

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