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  1. Enos: Howdy, Oh Bo boss wants you and luke in jail for stealing his moonshine money.
  2. Shannon: Bo, I know you've dated other girls but why choose me?
  3. Jesse: so what we are saying do you waant us here or not?
  4. Angelena: Oh yeah and where are you going?
  5. Enos: Hey , no problem, Who is this bo?
  6. Angelena: think you can give me the directions back to the farm?
  7. Jesse: Hey bo, uncle Jesse and everyone else is here. Bo: Julie, te doc says she about ready to develier that baby, you sure you want me and Jesse here?
  8. Shannon: yep. Look here's comes Doc Cassidy. Doc: Howdy, y'all how are you doin' Shannon. Shannon: Fine, ready to have this baby. Doc: That's great. Do you want your husband in here? Shannon: Yes I do. Bo, Can you give me one reason why you didn't marry any other girl.
  9. Elaine: Hey that's me Jerry, Im gonna find " The three stooges." ok. Jerry: Ok see ya, so Julie do you know any exiciting places?
  10. Shannon: Well what can we do while we wait? Look there's Enos.
  11. Bo: Great. what kinda baby rare you hoping for, Julie?
  12. Angelena: Really, I'll bet she is like you uncle bo.
  13. Shannon: I love you too. Hey Bo, I want you in the hosptial room with me when that baby comes out. Bo, do you remember when we went Skinny dipping?
  14. Shannon: BO, do we really have to walk? CAn't we wait to see if luke's gonna pick us up?
  15. Jesse: Look, do you need any body in the room with you, Julie?
  16. Shannon: Bo, quit worrying. Just keep to the hospital in one piece, you know I love you.
  17. Jerry: Hey, love happens. Elaine: How lond did they keep fighting?
  18. Rosco: well if youre thinking on getting a lift , youre wrong. Shannon: Listen, Sherieff, you just can't leave us here. Rosco: I can, and I will. Goodbye Bo and Shannon: Rosco!
  19. Jerry: Why did you blame Luke after all it was just a girl.
  20. Shannon: Bo, quit with the worrying remember you did fine at the wedding . We're just having a baby that's all. cue Julieduke
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