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Cooter's famous CB line

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What was it? It seems to me it was "Breaker Breaker, I might be crazy but I ain't dumb, Crazy Cooter comin at ya on the Hazzard Net..." but it seems to me that there was something in between "Breaker Breaker" and "I might be...". I'd swear that there was somethin more between there and I just can't think of it. Anyone?

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That's it!!! It was the "Ones" I was forgetting about. I knew that Cooter's little catchline rhymed at one point, and when I was thinkin about it(in my original post), it didn't rhyme. Turns out I was leavin out the "Ones" that were rhymin with "dumb". Thanks! It was drivin me nuts.

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"Breaker one! Breaker one! I might be crazy but I ain't dumb! CRRRAZZZZYYY COOTER comin' atcha! Any a ya'll Dukes out there on the Hazzardnet?" or "Any a ya'll Dukes gots yer ears on?" or " Lost sheep are ya out there? Come back?"

I love it!! But the trick is if ya do it ya gotta say it as fast as you can without messing it up! It's like a toungue twister!

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