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    Roth Potter reacted to Spike in The last 24 hours   
    Well yesterday was fun  Wife and I were going to the local Farmers Market only to pull into the parking lot and see steam coming from under the hood. Hose clamp broke and upper radiator hose bursted and left a few gallons of coolant under the car. So in the past 7 days we've spent over another $200 in car repairs and towing on the wife's car, last week it was the exhaust flange that broke. Luckily the tow truck driver gave us a ride home yesterday. Figures we just started putting money back into savings after paying down some bills only to empty it all again  .
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    Roth Potter reacted to Meadowmufn in Forum Update Planned   
    Well, I took advantage of the server downtime to update the forum software again. If you find any issues, please let me know about them.
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    Roth Potter got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in The last 24 hours   
    My dad had it once with the oil cap. But I think it stayed there for 100+ miles until we noticed. No problems whatsoever. The 03 Ford Focus we had has a splash screen so no oil went out.
  4. Haha
    Roth Potter got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in The last 24 hours   
    Due too those colours only being associated to Thomas the Tank Engine for me I cant think of anything else right now. This is beside the Harry Potter carriage. 
    Good looking train nonetheless! 
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    Roth Potter reacted to Hobie Hartkins in The last 24 hours   
    I did that once. Oil went everywhere under the hood!
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    Roth Potter reacted to Spike in The last 24 hours   
    Those are some neat cars. You'd think with the Sterling they would have used a different windshield than one that looks like it came from a truck or van. The annual british car show we have here there's usually a few MGB's towing the back half MGB trailers. Haven't been to a car show yet this year, they've either got canceled due to weather or I've been catching up on work due to the weather. 
    I spent the morning finding an oil cap for my dads car since he forgot to put it back on when he topped the oil off this morning. Surprisingly I had to call a few GM dealerships before I found one that had the cap in stock. I just hope he didn't do any major damage to the engine since he drove it till he got back home instead of pulling off somewhere   knowing something was wrong with it since it was acting like it was going to stall and smoke was coming from under the hood. Wife said we need to move to Alaska or Hawaii that way our parents can't keep bugging us with every little thing  . Don't get me wrong we love them but  every time something goes wrong with a car or this or that we're always the ones to drop our plans and come to the rescue. 
    Tallest sunflower finally bloomed, dang thing is 12 feet tall, think I'm going to need to borrow a ladder to get the head off when the seeds are ready. 
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in The last 24 hours   
    I've just completed my vintage weekend with a car show. I think they said there were between 800 and 1000 vehicles in the field. A few of them were really old:

    As far as I know, this is a Nova Sterling, based on a VW chassis. Cathy Bach appeared in a similar car in 'Cannonball Run II'.

    I think one of our new members will like this row of Morris Minors.

    I'll finish with the car which won best in show. The owner was actually looking for a new project car when then found a rear end in a junkyard, and turned it into a camper trailer.

    Other highlights included a row of Jenson Interceptors, an AC Cobra, a few American classics and a mint Lancia Delta Integrale (similar to the one reviewed by Doug DeMuro earlier this week).
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in The last 24 hours   
    I went to see a visiting steam train earlier today. There are quite a few preserved steam lines in the UK, and I went to several when I was younger, but I don't think there are any in Southern Ireland. This one was an excursion from Dublin. The engine was built in 1932.

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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Vectors from a Screen-Used General Lee   
    They used Shelby wheels on some episodes. I've posted this screengrab from 'Repo Men' before:

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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Word Association   
    (The Penny Black was the World's first adhesive postage stamp)
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Bo's Phone Call Home   
    John Schneider wasn't in 'Baa, Baa White Sheep' because he was filming the TV movie 'Dream House', in which he co-starred with Marilu Henner.
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in The last 24 hours   
    Hmmm, never heard of pharoah ants. I hope they never come around here. Our pumpkins aren't doing very good. The ones that have survived the woodchucks just aren't getting very big. Tomatoes are good though...especially the cherry tomatoes.
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    Roth Potter reacted to Spike in The last 24 hours   
    Well things are starting to return to normal for us here. Turns out the ant infestation we had was Pharoah Ants. Tenacious little suckers, they are relentless until you get an exterminator. There is no spray you can buy at Walmart or Lowe's that will keep them out, trust me we've tried several with 0 luck. Finally complained to the manager enough that they hired an exterminator to come out on Jul 27th. Bad news is the exterminator said it's pretty likely the whole building is infested and the manager didn't want to set it up for the rest of the tenants in our building to be out so the exterminator could have sprayed and fogged the rest of the building. I told that to the manager what the exterminator said and they pretty much didn't give a   . So I'm going to take it upon myself to let every new tenant that moves into our building know that they probably have these little suckers crawling around in their walls. For what good it did the exterminator laid some poisoned bait around the building to try and draw them out and kill the nests but not 5 days later the worst lawn crew to ever have blew most of it away. I even told them twice not to use the leaf blowers where they see the bait piles but I just wasted my breath. Jack neighbor we've been having issues with thought we were moving out and got so giddy he had to tell one of the other neighbors of course we took the wind out of his sails when we cam home to clean and bring the cat stuff back in . We wished we could've moved out but since we blew over a grand in car repairs this year that's not gonna happen for another year.
    Garden is doing good. Brought in 3 of the 4 carrots I planted and since it's still early enough in the season I planted some more carrots. The Swallowtail caterpillar that was on the carrots turned into a butterfly and flew away a few weeks ago. Bees finally pollinated the tomato's, got over 3 dozen waiting to grow and be picked. Got 4 big cucumbers off the plant so far. And got a couple of pumpkins on one vine. Was hoping we'd have more monarch butterfly's on the milkweed I planted at my dads house but it looks like carpenter ants are taking the eggs off the milkweed before they even hatch. Hope a few survive to become a butterfly.
    Scarecrow Festival, that is a good idea, wonder if any place in Ohio does one...
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    Roth Potter got a reaction from JHDuke in First Time Poster   
    Hey Joe! Welcome to the HazzardNet!
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    Roth Potter reacted to Andrew D Charger Chaser in Sheriff Little's patrol car, Chickasaw County   
    Hey there Hobie; I did at first, but I did my research.  The fangs were only on a black-interior car used in three episodes in Season 4.  Can't see the front bumper for the single episode in Season 3 when he was introduced.  I still had to modify the bumper anyway, to fill in the Monaco's signal lights, plus add the "tabs" that were sometimes there on either side of the license plate, and sometimes not.
    All episodes after the first 3 episodes in S4 were tan-interior vehicles without the fangs.  Since I like the tan interior so much more (it's what I vividly remember as a child), I went with that.
    Here's the breakdown:
    –S3 E14 My Son, Bo Hogg – black interior (no clear view of front bumper)
    –S4 E2 Double Dukes – black interior, bumper fangs present
    –S4 E4 Coltrane vs. Duke – black interior, bumper fangs present
    –S4 E8 10 Million Dollar Sheriff Part 1 – black interior, bumper fangs present
    –S4 E12 Cletus Falls in Love – mixed black and tan interiors, NO bumper fangs
    –S4 E16 Shine On Hazzard Moon – tan interior, NO bumper fangs
    –S4 E24 Miss Tri-Counties – tan interior, NO bumper fangs
    –S4 E25 Share and Share Alike – tan interior, NO bumper fangs
    –S5 E12 The Treasure of Soggy Marsh – tan interior, NO bumper fangs
    –S6 E5 The Boar’s Nest Bears – tan interior, NO bumper fangs
    –S6 E14 Dead and Alive – tan interior, NO bumper fangs
    –S7 E11 Sittin’ Dukes -- (didn't get around to checking this one)
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    Roth Potter reacted to JHDuke in Strange Visitor to Hazzard   
    That's quite a resume!
  17. Haha
    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in The photo montages - The Dukes of Hazzard   
    The folks of Hazzard County are much more exciting than me. 
  18. Haha
    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in What are yall's top 5 favorite movies   
    I've seen all six movies and there wasn't a single scene where a car jumped anything. Despite that flaw they are pretty good. 
  19. Thanks
    Roth Potter reacted to Meadowmufn in Forum Update Planned   
    I swear, the company that makes the software that runs the forums must watch to see when I update, because a day or two after, they release ANOTHER update. LOL. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend....
  20. Haha
    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in Forum Update Planned   
    I'll get on fixing that right away MM. 
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    Roth Potter got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Word Association   
    Huey, Dewey & Louie Duck.
    Kwik, Kwek & Kwak Duck in Dutch. All variants of quack. 
  22. Haha
    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in The last 24 hours   
    I got a lot of yard work done today and split some firewood and took a dirt bike ride....and surprised my wife by doing laundry!
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in New DoH Complete TV Series Set   
    Thanks for sharing that Spike. I suspect I will never get the "Enos" spin-off I'm hoping for. I am thankful they put the cartoons out. I still watch them once in a while.
  24. Sad
    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in The last 24 hours   
    Sorry to hear about your two losses Spike. Even if we live to be 100 it is still a blink of an eye compared to eternity. Everybody who is 100 says the same thing. "It went so fast". When someone dies young it is especially tragic so you have my sympathy. *hugs*
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in Word Association   
    I think Roth is talking about James Bond..License to Kill. 
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