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  1. Has anyone else gotten their copies of the new album yet? I got mine yesterday. I haven't gotten the chance to listen to it yet though. It has been far to hectic at my house lately.
  2. I was just reading through some old threads and I find EnosIsMyHero's list here is still right on the money. All of the pet-peeves listed really knock me out of a story still as well.
  3. I agree that a new show could be successful as long as it wasn't moved to modern day times. Let's face it, we now live in political correctness H:censored:L!! But they could find some unknown actors and put them in those roles, or even expand it. Give us a look at the other characters of the show. Or start one off with JESSE in his prime with his pack of brothers!! :banana:Oh! I can see it now... It could be even wilder than the original show. Why not? Movies have prequels; let's give the Dukes one. I'll even volunteer to help write it.
  4. Does anyone know if Christopher Hensel, AKA: Jebb Stuart Duke, ever goes to any of the Dukes events? I'd love to add his autograph to my collection. I almost never see anything about him on Dukes forums and I was just wondering. Yes, I know he was only in one episode but he was still a Duke Boy. In addition, what about Randy Hamilton who played Luke's brother?
  5. OUAT returns on September 28th. The spin off will start on October tenth I believe. I love that I can't predict what will happen in OUAT and that it allows me to escape reality for a while.
  6. The only show that I really follow right now is "Once Upon a Time". Once you try it you will love it. It is not like anything that you'd expect. A show that keeps you guessing. Love it!
  7. The trophy flying off scared me, but my name being called didn't. It sound like my love calling for me. The only thing it did was make me miss him even more. Be wary of believing that a lost love is calling for you. Demonic spirits have the full ability to mimic those that you care about to lull you into a belief that you are safe. After all, Lucifer was called the Father of all Lies. For an evil spirit to sound like one that you know/knew is very easy for them. I've had my name called out, I've had knives thrown at me, my brother's gun went off, been levitated and seen my brother thrown around like a rag doll, witnessed eery glows without a natural light source, choked, you name it. Always approach any haunting as if it is not from God, first. Because frankly, supernatural experiences ordained by him are extremely few and far between. This is one area that so many do not know how to handle since most organized religions ignore it. That doesn't help folks considering if they don't get answers from their religious leaders then they will go looking for them elsewhere and some places are downright dangerous. That is one reason why I'm doing my best to write a Sunday School lesson type plan for "God's Truths in the Paranormal".
  8. I usually don't allow my emotions free rein in my writing. Mainly because I don't allow them much in my day to day life either; a form of a defense mechanism due to issues of the past. However, my current chapter that I'm writing deals with things that were very close to home and as a result, I could only write a few sentences at a time before not being able to continue for a while. For me, while I can invoke emotions in the readers, I don't permit myself to feel them typically since doing so is too draining to write. For those that write by emotions, this may seem odd but it is how I have learned that I MUST write. If I allow the terror, fear, anxiousness, anger or any of the other emotions that I cause my characters/readers to feel to seep into myself then I'd never finish anything. I know that eventually I’ll have to find a balance between writing/reading the emotions and feeling them on a not so personal level but for now, I know that I’ll either be on one extreme or the other and for my own sake, I choose to be on the side that is easier on my own emotional well-being. I’d hate to end up in therapy just because I couldn’t detach myself from the writing. LOL!!
  9. Writing styles and responses to muses evolve over time. Of course you won't be able to write as you did back in college. You have evolved too even if you haven't noticed. You have to find a way to meld the changes in both you and your muse to be able to hold on to her once you've moved from one stage of your life to another.
  10. You posted that just because I was excited about catching up!! LOL.
  11. The more I write, the more I've become strict 'bout plots, characterizations, adherence to the original show, and so on. And my muse too. I'm the same way. I am VERY selective in what I read. I've noticed that stories that I enjoyed 2 or 3 years ago are stories that I can't make myself read now since I find every single typo and plot-hole that I missed back when I was inexperienced. I then get on writer's nerves when I try to be helpful by pointing out what needs to be corrected. The critical reader in me also makes it where 99% of the stories that I open up are never even read through the first chapters since I can tell very fast that it just isn't for me. Though perhaps that is for the best in some aspect since I was once given the advice to try to read works that are a higher quality of your own in order to improve your own writing since your writing will be influenced by what you read. Garbage in = Garbage out. So as your own writing improves so will your inner reader's ability at appreciating greater qualities of work.
  12. Thanks i1976. I only wish that the ones that sent Pm's about her would leave reviews on the story. LOL!! Too shy for the review boards I guess. Kira is their "Guilty Pleasure" and they don't want others to know that they've gotten wrapped up in her and Jebb's story. Of course this story will be underway for a few chapters before a small glimpse of Jebb will be added. Speaking of Kira, though, she has made her first appearance in a SEPARATE story altogether. I've loaned her out to DixieDavenport. I typed up scenes for her based on what she wanted and then she tweaked them to fit her story better and has just posted a chapter with Kira.
  13. They actually changed their clothes lol Apparently, Daisy was the only one allowed to have multiple outfits in her closet. The boys were stuck wearing the same outfit for years at a time. Though they did get some new duds for Christmas but they never wore them again. Maybe they found a good deal on yellow shirts and blue flannel?
  14. That's similar to the phrase that I have up on my Facebook page. History is the road map of where we've been. Without looking to where we've come from and how we got there, it is impossible to appreciate where we are. Without knowing where we are, how can we plan where we want to go tomorrow? Anyway, I have started writing a new story based on the requests that I've received from readers to learn more about my OC Kira before she met the Dukes so I am writing on that story since Coy isn't talking to me lately. I'll be posting the second chapter of A Life of Hazards over on FFN in about an hour or so.
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