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Found 4 results

  1. Title: Beneath a Hazzard Moon Rating: Teen Status: COMPLETE Tags: Mystery/Crime/Hurt-Comfort/Drama/Post-series Summary: When a serial killer begins targeting the women of rural Georgia, LAPD Detective Enos Strate must make a choice - stay in Los Angeles or face the painful past that drove him away from his beloved Hazzard County. Permanent Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6786021/1/Beneath-a-Hazzard-Moon Author's Note: This story starts four years after the Dukes of Hazzard series ended, so the year would be 1989. I've kept most of the time-line that we learned from the first Reunion movie intact up to that point, but you can just pretend that the movies never happened. Chapter 1: Far From Home Detective Enos Strate watched the rain as it fell, beating against the window of his office. It was dark now, another night spent up too late and working too hard, and the lights of passing traffic shone far below him. He raised his hand to the glass, tracing the patterns of their taillights – a endless, mindless stream of red in the vast ocean of dark Los Angeles. Once again the reality of how small and inconsequential his world was struck him, a feeling that had never ceased to fully disappear even in the nearly four years he'd been here since returning from Hazzard. In truth, he knew it never would, but little of that bore thinking of now. The past was a memory as dark, deep, and murky as the storm that raged outside. He turned back to his desk and the solitary folder that still lay open. A simple domestic violence case which had ferreted out a small drug ring on the outskirts of the city, hardly large enough to make a dent in LA's major drug runners, but one contact had led to another before. Hand-written notes in his characteristic block script lay neatly to the side, and he placed them back into the folder before closing it and filing it away in his desk drawer. The clock on the wall read 2:10 am, and he knew he'd regret the late night in the morning. Enos took his coat from its hook and shrugged it on, making his way through the outer office and out the door, turning left into the corner stairwell instead of continuing to the elevators. He'd always believed that a little extra exercise never hurt, and besides that the idea of hurtling down eight stories in a metal box made him slightly claustrophobic. The rain had subsided to a steady drizzle by the time he made it to the subway station. He stepped into one of the partially filled front cars instead of the abandoned rear ones, too tired to have to fight off any punks who were too drunk or too stupid to see the LAPD insignia on his jacket. He took a seat, resting his head against the window and dozed off as the vibration of the subway car lulled him into sleep. The conductor announcing his stop woke him and he counted himself lucky he hadn't missed it. His apartment wasn't far and five minutes later he slid his key into the lock and bolted it behind him as he entered the meager dwelling. The job at the LAPD paid enough money for something larger and the good Lord knew he didn't have anything else to spend it on, but it was better this way he figured, and one didn't notice the loneliness so much when they lived in a walk-in closet. Most of his money he sent home to his mother, who he had a sneaking suspicion wasn't spending it either though he'd told her to pay off the mortgage that his father had left behind when he'd died. Thankfully Rosco wasn't as eager to foreclose on the good people of Hazzard county as Boss had been. He dressed for bed, turned out the light, and raised the blinds on the window. The rain reminded him of another day - three years, seven months, and four days ago to be precise, in a little town half a world away from where he sat now. It had been raining the night he'd left Hazzard, and it had followed him like a dark cloud to sunny California. His eyes came to rest on the drawer of the nightstand in which a single picture lay, but he made no move to open it. Instead he turned down the covers and crawled into bed, trying to remember what it felt like to be happy, only to dissolve into a dream where a girl with long brown hair and a radiant smile had stolen the sun from his sky. Continued in Chapter 2: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6786021/2/Beneath-a-Hazzard-Moon
  2. Title: Halls of Stone and Iron Status: COMPLETE Summary: When a prominent Hazzard County resident is found dead, the evidence points to an unlikely suspect. Rating: Teen Tags: Crime/Suspense/Psychological Trauma/Angst/Drama/Adventure/Hurt, Comfort/Romance (sort of) Permanent link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8392830/1/Halls-of-Stone-and-Iron Chapter 1: Bad Moon Rising Freedom is a pillow of dreams to those who rest in chains. -the author Thursday, July 25, 1985 It had seemed ridiculous at first – a wild goose chase up to the middle of nowhere in a little county called Hazzard based on an anonymous tip. The District Attorney's office had insisted, however, and so a group of people who stuck out like a sore thumb against the rural landscape had gathered together off a dusty back-road in the sweltering heat of summer. Lined up beside the road, near a bluff known locally as Hickory Ridge on the edge of Stillson Canyon, were four Georgia State Patrol cruisers and a jet black '82 Plymouth Fury. The cars were empty, the officers having been dispatched to search the bush and crevices in the ravine below and the surrounding woods. Special Agent Robert Wilburn was no stranger to rural Georgia, having grown up in Waynesville, but the heat seemed more oppressive here in the foothills of the Appalachians than it did near the coast. He had been stationed with the Bureau in Conyers for eighteen years, but he still missed the salty breeze that rolled in from the Atlantic Ocean. He breathed deeply, appreciating the clean air which smelled strongly of vegetation baking in the sun, and of the hard clay that rose in small puffs of dust beneath his feet, but feeling far from home. "Sir!" An officer called, bringing him back to the present. "Sir, I think we've got something!" Wilburn made his way to the left of the overhang, joined by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's young Coroner and his partner, Special Agent Tim Stewart. As they neared, the officer moved out of the way and gestured to a small clearing where a scattering of bones lay, white against the dirt. He let the Coroner look first, and glanced over at his partner. "Best call your wife. We ain't gonna make it home for supper." "If that's him, he's right where the girl said he'd be," answered Stewart. "Can't be much left after two years, though. I'm surprised the coyotes didn't drag him off." An officer with a camera began taking pictures and they backed up for a moment so that she could get a clear shot of the crime scene. There wasn't much to photograph, and the Coroner quickly knelt back down beside the remains. "This guy's a mess," he said, disgusted. "He's got more broken bones than not. It'll take a month to piece him back together." "You want me to call it in?" Stewart asked Wilburn. The older man shook his head. "No, I'll do it. I need to talk to the DA anyway. There's already a warrant out, but he'll want to know we found the corroborating evidence." He left the crime scene and walked back to the Plymouth and got into the passenger seat, sighing as he picked up the phone in the center console and dialed the number of the Georgia District Attorney's office. ******************** Ten miles to the northwest of Hazzard, an orange Dodge Charger tore down a lonesome back-road, the dust of the hard-pack churning up like a billowing cloud behind it. The driver and its two passengers were tired and nearly as dirty as the car, owing to the fact that the air conditioner in the General Lee hadn't worked properly since Luke had decided to tear into it the year before. In fact, they wouldn't have ventured out at all into the heat had it not been for a sale on peaches at the Parker Peach Orchard in the tiny town of Jackson up on the border of Hatchape County. Daisy pulled her sweat-soaked hair back from her face, flipping it up behind her to cool her neck, and wished she'd had the good sense to put it up in a ponytail before they'd left. It was bad enough to be this hot, but being the smallest, she always drew the short straw of sitting in the middle, away from the breeze of the windows and between two smelly, sweaty guys. She took a swig of cool water from the Mason jar she was holding before passing it over to Luke who accepted it gratefully. "We get home, we're gonna have to water them tomato plants again," she reminded them. "I reckon it don't matter none," griped Bo, "We ain't doin' any good. The water just dries up as soon as it hits the ground. Why, them plants won't have a dozen tomatoes between the lot of them." Bo was right, she knew it, but she'd not been ready to admit defeat just yet. "A dozen off the vine's a dozen we ain't gotta buy at the store, Bo Duke," she scolded. The guys might think groceries grew on trees, but she did the shopping. He took his eyes off the road long enough to scowl at her. "Well, I don't like my tomatoes all dried and shriveled up." "You get out and water them more, they wouldn't be dried up!" Luke groaned. This kind of heat always put him in a sour mood. "You two stop your fussin'. It' too hot t-" His words died on his lips as the General Lee rounded the corner at Hickory Ridge at the northern end of Stillson Canyon. To the side of the road were four Georgia State Patrol cars and a jet black Plymouth Fury with tinted windows and government plates. "What the heck's goin' on?" wondered Bo, aloud. Luke shook his head. "I don't know. Pull over, Bo, let's see if they need any help." "I'm right on it, cuz." Continued in Chapter 2: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8392830/2/Halls-of-Stone-and-Iron
  3. I can't find the original post for this story with its synopsis (and I'm not sure it ever was posted in this part of the forum), so forgive me for reposting. Halls of Stone and Iron - by wenn9366 (Fanfiction.net), EnosIsMyHero (Hazzardnet) Rating: High T (teen) for violence/psychological trama Tags: Crime/Suspense/Psychological Trauma/Adventure *no sexual assault. Chapters: 73/70, 220,000+ words. Currently 'In Progress' with about 6 chapters left. Characters: Enos centric, but involves all characters. Enos/Daisy pairing, but a very slow burn. Summary: When Enos is arrested for a murder he didn't commit, his life will never be the same. Remanded to the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta to await trial, how long can he hold on to his sanity in a world where the only good cop is a dead one? So...It's been a long time, readers! Sorry, life grabbed me and sucked me in. But..I'm back and so is Halls of Stone and Iron!! This is almost finished, and remaining chapters will follow ASAP. This has been on my plate to finish for a long time, and I am so grateful to everyone who has continued to read and leaves reviews! Love you guys!!! Link is to the whole story, since it's been so long... Halls of Stone and Iron
  4. Please check out my latest fanfic: Halls of Stone and Iron Summary: When a prominent Hazzard County resident is found dead, the evidence points to an unlikely suspect. Rating: T Genres: Crime/Suspense/Psychological Trauma/Angst/Drama
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