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  1. Haha
    DixieDavenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Feedback for Whiskey Runner's Romance   
    Loved it though I have to talk to that cousin of mine!! She knows Luke is mine! LOL
    Cousin -- DixieDavenport
  2. Haha
    DixieDavenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Davenport Famil Reunion Feedback   
    Come on ya'll help us out here. Tell us what you like and give us suggestions as to where you'd like to see it go.
    We've got a whole lot of stuff started so tell us what you like!
    PS. Course I can't stand that cousin of mine being anywhere near Luke! LOL
  3. Haha
    DixieDavenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in The Long Goodbye   
    Thanks! Lost my head there for a second!! LOL Couldn't think!!
  4. Haha
    DixieDavenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in The Long Goodbye   
    Thanks! Lost my head there for a second!! LOL Couldn't think!!
  5. Like
    DixieDavenport got a reaction from mopardan in Cooter's Truck   
    Just an option here: Cooter was a genious!!!!!
    Bo was the driver. Luke a pretty fair mechnic. But COOTER was the mechanical genious!! In Repo man it refers to the wrecker as being suped up! IT was suped up and so wasa the General Lee but like yoou said it was a wreck trucka and heavier. Maybe too when Cooter keeps up with the they aren't running wide open.
  6. Sad
    DixieDavenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Cooter's Last Stand, July 29 and 30, 2017   
    It was great!!! Glad I was able to make it, though I didn't get to do as much as I usually do (due to a hip that wasn't in the game!) 
  7. Haha
    DixieDavenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in New Year's Resolutions   
    HAppy New Year!!!! to all of Hazzard!!!
    Darrell, I'll trade ya. One teenage daughter for one teenage son!!! Actually, he's 18 and trying to follow in Bo and Lukes footsteps!!!!! Just yell and I'll mail him to ya!
  8. Haha
    DixieDavenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Favorite Quotes???   
    This is for Bethie88
    From Limo One is Missing
    Bo: -- Couldn't have been more than a gallon of gas in that can.
    Luke : -- In a gallon can?
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    DixieDavenport got a reaction from CooterNnancylou in Calling ALL Cooters and Duke cousins!   
    First, I have the WORST vehicle luck and have since I was 15 years old. I have a 1991 F-150 pickup that SHOULD be easier to work on. It has ran great for a year. I had surgery in Feb 18 and was off work until June 4th.  June 5th the good ole pickup decided that I should not go to work!!  Well, I took sons car and every since my sons car has been my way to get to work. The truck WAS starting faithfully every evening / afternoon.  We had done process of elimination and found it is NOT a firing, moisture or lack of gas issue by changing the electrical box under the dash just below the steering wheel. Then the Distributor cap, rotary button and fuel relay. We now know it is flooding itself. The front fuel pump has not worked since we have had the vehicle about a year now, but on the rear pump, when you turn the key (as if to roll up a window or listen to music) the fuel pump cuts on and does NOT cut off. IF it starts it is running rich loading up bucking as if trying to flood out you can smell the gas at the exhaust. The shop has had it 2 wks and it has started twice and they "don't have a clue". I have purchased a fuel pressure regulator but don't have it on yet since truck is still at the shop.  Can anyone tell me if I'm on the right track? Give me suggestions of things to try -- I have a 1992 in the yard I can try parts from but really need to figure out a way to get it started or wait until at least Monday to get it towed home.  I've ran through this with all the guys at the fire department and the fuel pressure regulator makes about as much sense as anything. I don't want to take to a Ford place and pay 800 for a 20 part.  All suggestions and ideas welcome!!! I really need my ride running ASAP.  Thanks to all my Hazzard cousins -- DixieDavenport
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    DixieDavenport reacted to HossC in Calling ALL Cooters and Duke cousins!   
    I'm no mechanic, and always turn to Google to find out if a problem is easy enough to fix myself, or if I need to visit my equivalent of Cooter!

    I found a thread with a similar-sounding problem here. The fuel pressure regulator is mentioned as a possibility.
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    DixieDavenport reacted to RogerDuke in Cooter Challenge   
    That makes me want to dig out his book and read it again. He sure is an interesting man who overcame some obstacles in life and through hard work and determination became a household word. Unless you're really young everybody knows who you're talking about when you say the name Cooter. The same could be said for all the main stars. The Dukes of Hazzard was so popular its mark on television will live on a long time. The best example of that is "Daisy Dukes". Today's teenagers might not recognize Catherine but they know what Daisy Dukes are. 
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    DixieDavenport reacted to RogerDuke in Where is everyone??   
    That confused me too but I think Dixie means that "nothing" has been posted on fanfic
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    DixieDavenport reacted to RogerDuke in Am I the only one   
    If you're the old fart, I'm the older fart. I just turned 50 (a week after John Schneider).
    I think I'm the oldest person here who posts on a daily basis. In fact, I may be the oldest person here period. I'm probably not though. James Best was posting stuff last year and I know he's older than me....Khee Khee!!!
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    DixieDavenport reacted to MaryAnne in Am I the only one   
    Hey RebellWolf,
    I'll have you know I check this site every day. Several times a day actually. Don't always have that extra minute to post but I do keep up with what's going on here.
    You're not the only one old enough to remember the show. You're not the only one who's lived Hazzard style.
    Son...you are in good company. =)
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    DixieDavenport reacted to JadedPhoenixBurning in A Look at my first story written a year ago...   
    Okay obviously I don't own the DOH! This is from Chapter One from the story "My Imaginary Sister". Send me a message if you'd like to read more.
    Daisy had just finished haulin' the old family albums in and put them on the kitchen table. She and Lulu had come up with a great idea for the festival. The older residents, granted, would be better at the game than the younger folks in town. But it'll still be fun all the same. And this time, at least, she shouldn't have to strong arm her two cousins into anything. Not much anyway. Sorting through the books of pictures on the table, Daisy set to findin' just what she'd need. Smiling to herself, Daisy was lost in the reminders of days gone by when Bo and Luke came in for lunch.
    "Hey Daisy girl, what 'cha doin'?" Bo came over and affectionately kissed the top of Daisy's head as he looked over her shoulder at the mounds of photos that were covering the kitchen table. Daisy looked up and gave her best conspiratorial smile that she always saves for when she and Lulu need the fellas help with one charity event or another. "Oh no! What ever it is, NO! Luke and I ain't doin' nothin' that you got in mind. Ain't no way, no how!"
    "Now sugar, I wasn't going to ask nothin'. I'm just lookin' through these here photo albums." Daisy looked down to hide the smirk she knew was making it's way across her face. "Trying to find the best ones to use."
    "Use for WHAT, exactly, Daisy?" Luke walks over to the fridge to get the fixins for some sandwiches since it was obvious that the only way he and Bo were gonna get anything to eat was to get it himself. Daisy could be just like a kid when she got into a new project.
    "Oh, well Lulu and I were tryin' to figure out a contest that could be fun for the Thanksgiving weekend festival. We thought that a "Guess who's Who" game would be fun. Folks'll try to match up each other using only BABY pictures. The person who guesses.."
    "Baby pictures? Is that what your goin' through now?" Luke gave her his famous look that always meant that he had the feeling that some how he wasn't going to like this at all when all was said and done.
    "Hey Luke! Didn't know yous such a cute kid." Bo didn't even bother trying to hide his smirk. "What Happened?"
    Luke walked over bringing the sandwiches with him to look at the picture that Daisy currently was holding.
    "Oh no you don't. Ya' ain't using that one." Luke makes a grab for the picture that showed a young toddlin' age Luke Duke that had clearly just gotten out of the bath and had refuse to allow his mother to dress him so she had grabbed her camera instead. "Why do parents always take pictures that they know can only serve one purpose. To embarrass their kids."
    Daisy tucks the picture protectively close to herself to keep Luke from getting a hold on it. "Well I'll use this one if'n you don't help me find one that you DO want me to use." Daisy couldn't help the giggle fit that swept over her. She couldn't understand why so many, MEN mostly, got so bent out of shape when it came to pictures. She dared to glance up at the two men, one with a face of true annoyance, the other still smirking like the show before him was the funniest thing he'd seen in sometime. That smirk, though, also told her that at least BO was game.
    "Come on Luke you know we're gonna have to do it anyway. We'll look while we eat. It can't be THAT hard to find one picture that won't embarrass the livin' daylights out of us." Bo was already grabbing his sandwich from Luke and his own baby book as he spoke. After all, he had to admit, he was curious. Uncle Jesse never let him see his own book. He remembered once in school, he needed pictures for a project and how Uncle Jesse seemed to act so strange about him not seeing the pictures in this book. When Bo asked about the brown envelope in the back of the book, that he saw as Jesse picked a few choice pictures out, Jesse said he'd tell him about it when he got older. The Brown Envelope! Bo flipped to the back of the book. There it is. Sealed the same as it was all those years ago. Bo began to carefully open the envelope as he reasoned with himself 'I'm older now. Ain't no reason not to look at my own danged pictures.' Vaguely, he heard Daisy and Luke debating various pictures and their appropriateness for the whole town to see. As Bo opened the envelope, he was mildly surprised to reach in and find not pictures, but what appeared to be newspaper clippings. He randomly pulled one out and started to read it.
    "Aw come on Luke! I know it ain't because you're modest. I think these here pictures are down right cute. Look at this one. I bet 'cha some of the gals in town wouldn't mind you modelin' for them like ya are in this here picture." Daisy giggles as she spys a picture of infant Luke layin' on a bedspread wearing nothing but the smile God gave him. Luke looks horrified at the picture and proceeds to try to grab yet another offending photo out of his female cousin's hand.
    "Hey Bo a little help?" Luke knows that the only way he's going to get that blasted picture away from Daisy is if he gets Bo to help and they tag team her. Course that's if he don't go all turn coat on him. After all, just a moment ago he was standing there like a grinning idiot thinking that this was all so dang funny. When Bo doesn't respond, Luke looks up just in time to see Bo storming out the kitchen door holding some sort of envelope. "Hey Bo!" Luke hollers after him as he heads toward the door. Bo, however was already jumping into The General by the time Luke reached the door to the yard. Putting the stock car into gear, Bo sent up a cloud of dust so thick that the two remaining cousins had to fight back the mild choking fit that overtook them both. "Daisy, can I borrow Dixie?" Luke was already heading towards the jeep as he spoke.
    "Sure sugar. But it won't be no use goin' after him. Not the way he tore outta here. And in The General. The Dixie's good but ain't no General. Bo was drivin' like a mad hornet when he left. Best to just let him go." Daisy stood there watching the dissipating cloud of dust, even as she fought her own urge to to chase after her baby cousin. "I wonder what got him so riled."
    "Who knows. Well,since we ain't goin' to go running Bo down, let's go finish lunch. If anything'll bring Bo back in a hurry, it's his stomach. He only took one bite of his sandwich and the only thing I've heard for the last hour was how starved he was." Luke gave Daisy a smile to reassure her despite his own worry for Bo. Placing his arm around Daisy, he steered her back to the house as Uncle Jesse pulled up in his old white pick-up.
    "What in the Sam Hill! Luke, that cousin of yourn just about ran me off the road coming down Turner's stretch. You two have words again?" Jesse reached across the seat to grab the mail that he went to town for before heading toward the house with his niece and nephew.
    "No sir, I don't rightly know what got into Bo. We's all was around the table for lunch, lookin' at old pictures and suddenly Bo just ran out the door lookin' madder than a rattler that just got stepped on."
    "Pictures?" Jesse suddenly paled. Luke notices and imediately was at his uncle's side.
    "Uncle Jesse?"
    "Let's just get inside." They walk into the kitchen, Luke so close behind his uncle that Jesse bumped him as he pulled out his chair. Reaching over across the table, he grabs Bo's baby book. Flipping to the back, just as he suspected, he finds the brown envelope missing. Jesse releases a long hard breath before looking at the two youngsters standing at the table eyeing him, waiting to see what he might say about Bo's taking off and what the book had to do with it. "Well, sit down, I guess I'd better explain what Bo found."
    Luke and Daisy sat down, both clearly worried now, and Luke noticed that his uncle suddenly looked years older. All of this because of those dang-blasted pictures.
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    DixieDavenport reacted to B.L. Davenport in Snow Day- Dukes Style   
    Prince Charming rode into the yard of Snow White and the seven dwarfs on his white steed with Sleeping Beauty riding behind. The seven dwarfs marched across the hill in the distance their voices ringing in the surrounding quietness singing "hi ho hi ho.....". "Whoa boy" Prince Charming commanded the horse pulling back on the reins holding onto Sleeping Beauty's hand he helped her safely to the ground.
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    DixieDavenport reacted to LoriDavenport in Snow Day- Dukes Style   
    Out in the plains of East Africa, astride a powerful fast moving steed, rode a man known to all, and loved by many: Michael Jackson. It was rumored that a grand ball was to be held down by the Nile River, a ball so grand that not even Harry Potter could afford to miss it!
    "T'heck with Lord Voldemort!" said Harry to a very dazzling, well endowed Princess Diana whom seemed to be heeding more attention to the great and almighty Buddha that floated a couple of feet away from them.
    Meanwhile, in another corner of the ball room, Mohammad Ali was occupying himself with a small, amethyst butterfly that passed by.
    Averting his eyes to the spot where the small, dainty cough came from, Ali's eyes grew in size as he gazed upon the heavenly features of Cinderella and her seven dwarfs.
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    DixieDavenport reacted to Cowboy in Snow Day- Dukes Style   
    "Throw me a show Sam, I thirsty, gotta have something to drink my guts outta this place!" The chickens sqawked in amusement.
    Romeo rode in on his moped called fred and swept the pink spotted elephant off its feet and escaped to the outbacks of Austrailia.
    Next came the mighty thunder chicken, with a beard as long as a fire hose. But it was no match for the scrawny milk man, he bought it a nice hot root beer and sent it afloat with the Titanic.
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    DixieDavenport reacted to BoJamesDuke in Hazzard County Exemplum   
    (OK so here's the deal. I can't round robin, not at all, i've tried but I just can't stand it but I am very intrigued by Daney Duke's Idea. So i've copied his and my first post from the round robin section and am going to continue the idea as a story. If anyone would like to colaberate with me, please message me before you post. Thanks and also Mega Thanks to Daney Duke for the idea )
    A guest goes missing from a Hazzard County motel…
    “Sheriff, I think we got everything.†Enos said.
    “Careful with that,†Rosco answered. His attention on the deputy fidgeting with the camera strap on the department equipment in his hands. The dawn of a new day had barely begun when the motel manager had phoned the Sheriff’s Office. Another patron checking out had noticed a room door wide open. They had mentioned it to the clerk on duty. The clerk found the room just as the officers had, tidy.
    The only thing missing was the customer who had checked in the afternoon before. The only indication there might be trouble was the trail of cards that led from the sidewalk to the parking lot. The cards were in the opposite direction of the hill behind the motel.
    Enos had walked the hill, took a few pictures. There had been no phone calls to the room. The possibly missing person hadn't made arrangements for someone to pick them up? And it turned out they had simply forgotten to close the door all the way.
    A travel case with money and identification sat on the chair next to the window.
    Rosco looked at the tan and brown paisley printed travel case. He was deciding between taking a picture of the person’s id and making a flyer that way. Or taking the case back to the office. If the person wasn’t really missing, they could report his department. He really wasn’t quite sure what had happened. Sometimes a police officer immediately knew what they were getting into at a scene, but not this time.
    The person could have made arrangements before they checked into the motel to be picked up. Were they a person on the run and that was why the items had been left behind? That could explain it. But then a criminal normally wouldn’t have the stuff that was in the travel case. And he had no proof at this moment, the person was a criminal.
    “Alright, let’s get back to the department,†he paused. “I’ll run the name through the system,†Rosco said quietly.
    “Develop the pictures while you do that?†Enos asked eagerly.
    “Yeah,†Rosco replied. “Stop at the office and tell the clerk I’m waiting for them to lock this room up.â€
    “Sure, Sheriff.†Enos stepped toward the door that had been left open. Rosco pondered over the possible crime scene evidence, the tip tap of the deputy’s boots on the sidewalk outside grew faint.
    Due to the fact it was an unusual start to the morning for the Hazzard County Sheriff's department, it also meant an unusal start to the day for the Duke Boys too. They'd been driving down the dusty back roads of the backwater town, testing out the General as they made their way in to see if they needed to stop at Cooter's while they got the daily grocery shopping done. The sun was warming up the land, the birds were singing, the dust was being kicked up by the powerful orange stock car as the sun gleamed off its paintwork...it was a lovely, quiet day and both boys were enjoying relaxing in it...
    "Luke....does it seem odd t'you...that we ain't heard nor seen hide nor hair of any flashin lights on Rosco or Enos' patrol cars the whole time we's been drivin'? Heck, we musta driven past at least 3 speed traps an' they ain't there..."
    Bo couldn't help but break the silence to comment on this unusual non-activity. Of course he wasn't really asking Luke if he'd noticed, his cousin's razor sharp mind never missed even the tinest hint something was amiss, let alone something as huge as this indication. Taking his eyes off the road for a second, he spared a glance at the dark-haired Duke, only to be met with the oh so familiar Must you point out the obvious all the time look.
    "Course I noticed it Bo, puts me dang near on the edge of my seat more than jumpin the General does when they ain't around...what seems odder t'me is how many times you used the word nor in one sentence..."
    "Cute..." Bo replied sarcastically, narrowing his eyes at his older cousin before turning his attention back to the road.
    "Ain't nothin we can do about it though Bo, Uncle Jesse needs these groceries so we can't afford t'be thrown in jail till after we got them to him...its better we ain't seen them two around yet for that reason."
    Luke explained, he never liked to leave things on an insult between them. Bo might be blonde sometimes, liked to point out the bleeding obvious a lot too but that didn't mean he wasn't as smart...or that he didn't get hurt like everyone else by things that were said. He didn't mind explaining things, he knew his mind worked about ten times quicker than everyone else's, even in the Marines he was forever the one to explain how something needed to be done. He liked it that way, it was something to keep his mind occupied in this sleepy town. If it weren't for Boss and Rosco coming up with new plans for him to think a way out of near every day, he would be downright bored. Besides, Bo was nodding in agreement with him anyway and continuing on his way to the lion's den itself.
    If the boys weren't in trouble yet, after a trip into town they pretty much were guarenteed to be. That was when the day would become like usual again.
    In the meantime, the mysterious disappearing motel lodger wasn't as far away as people might have thought. They might have needed to run but they were smart enough to know that running around a place you had no knowledge of - at night no less - was a stupid thing to do. So, slipping out into the cool night air after sleeping most of the afternoon, they had absconded onto the roof of the motel to watch the tiny town square come to life in the morning...or more importantly, looking for someone to help in their plan to run as far away as possible from those that were looking.
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    DixieDavenport reacted to dukesrule2000 in Duke and Long   
    Luke said Hay Daisy can I have a Beer in a chilled glass, Bo said Me Too. Daisy smiled and said coming right up. As Daisy was walking back to the Bar. A Man with A beautiful Woman on his Arm walked in. The Man was dressed in a suit and the woman was waring a Blue Dress that hugged every curve she had. and the dress can to her knees. she Had Dark brown Hair long. and Blue Eyes. She stood about 5"7.
    Luke smiled and said Kath.
    But the woman looked at him and Just looked away.
    Bo said Luke isn't that Kathy Long?
    Luke said I don't know. She sure looks Like Kath, But she not acting Like Her. Luke said I will talk to her later when she's alone.
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    DixieDavenport reacted to dukefan in Bootleg run.   
    {This story is about the duke family making and delivering shine, just go with it and make sure Boss or any other law don't catch them. Bo and luke are not on probation, yet, and please stick with The dukes and characters originally from the tv series.
    No new dukes, except for those from the tv show, please do not use your own name as part of the casting, thank you}
    A cloud of smoke was all you could see as you heard the roar of a powerful engine taring up the road, suddenly, you see the general is air born as it pierced the cloud of dust, which scatters all over Rosco's car as the dukes jump over him.
    The landing was perfect except for the fact that they busted 4 bottle of shine they were delivering , but could not stop because Rosco was hot on their tail....
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    DixieDavenport reacted to i1976 in Bootleg run.   
    Unfortunately for the Dukes, Sheriff Little was very good at shooting, and he had a great aim.
    Suddenly the left back tire burst, but Bo managed to control the car, stopping it.
    The boys in the car held their breath.
    Sheriff Little smiled satisfied.
    Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane gloated.
    Cletus laughed happily.
    Enos sighed.
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    DixieDavenport reacted to LizzyJackson-Davenport in God Is Great, Beer Is Good, And People Are Crazy   
    "Your faith gives me hope." Lizzy says smiling.
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    DixieDavenport reacted to daisydukeXenosstrait in God Is Great, Beer Is Good, And People Are Crazy   
    Bo nodds smiling back.
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    DixieDavenport got a reaction from julieszenger in Going Home 3   
    In case any of you were looking for this story as I was, Mary Anne explained that being a Coultrane, she has a tendenancy to to blow things up. I am going to repost this, which may take awhile. It is the sequel to Going Home and Going Home Again. You don't have to start there, but may have time to back track as I try to get this posted again. It is a story written between Bethie88 and myself and I would break it up and tell you where she posted but the first part I have no idea. When I get to the posts she wrote I will note it, but we write so closely alike I don't know who posted what unless I color coded it on the memory stick, but rest assured it wouldn't have been the same without her! Hope this give you a chance to re-read and enjoy again.
    Going Home-pt. 3
    It had been 3 months since Dixie and Luke got married. Luke was working on the house with a little help from Bo, and Jeb, who'd decided he'd stay in Hazzard a little while longer.
    Beth was now 6 months pregnant, and the fact that she was showing alot only served to make her husband more protective. Bo kept doing things for her, which drove her insane, though she loved him for it.
    Bo Jr. was on spring break this week, and he was glad to be home. He was hanging out with his friend, and cousin, Jake Miller, alot. Not to mention Jessica Hansen, his girlfriend.
    This particular day was a little different than most. Everyone was eating at Bo and Beth's, and Dixie Duke had some big news.
    Dixie said to Beth as they were finishing the last touches on the big Saturday evening meal, "Debbie got off at 4. She should be here any time now."
    As Beth was adding sugar to the tea she looked out the kitchen window. "Yeah, I can tell its about time for her to show up. Just look at Jeb. You'd think he has had fire ants down his shirt for the past few hours now, the way he's acting." Both friends and cousin-in-laws laughed.
    Dixie heard Debbie's car first. "Well, there she is." She called to Bo's daughter's, "Girls, you can start putting supper on the table now."
    In very short order the now large extended family was seated at several large picnic tables in the yard enjoying a feast fit for a King. Along with Luke and Dixie, and Bo and Beth were Jeb and Debbie. Debbie and Dixie had worked together until Dixie transfered closer to Hazzard. The young adults and teens filled up the second table:Ruth Ann, Caroline, Jake and Laura, and Bo, Jr. and Jessica. Finally, seated at a smaller table were Jesse and Michaela who were none too happy about being seated at the 'kids' table!
    Seeing her chance and acting as Dixie's accomplice Debbie asked, "I haven't been able to come up for a while. How goes the house?"
    Dixie smiled impishly at Luke and said, "Well, .... that's part of why I wanted all of us together tonight. See, ........"
    It was at that exact moment in time that Luke's pager he now carried on his side started beeping. Luke got up from the table as the adrenaline hit him, not realizing he was cutting Dixie off. "Let me go see what's up." He headed to the phone in the kitchen to call Base Camp.
    BALLADEER: "Well, folks, see that there pager on Luke's side is most likely signaling him that he has to go to work. See Luke works for the Foresty Service as the Senior Smokejumper and it's the peak of fire season."
    Luke exited the house in a few minutes walking quickly towards his new wife. "Honey, we've got a hot one! I've already called Randolph, he's getting the Hazzard Volunteers (Fire Dept.) heading toward the football field to set up a Landing Zone for the 'bird' they are sending for me." He looked to Jake and Bo, Jr. who were as game for action as Bo and Luke were at their ages. "I've got my gear in the pick up. You guys want to bring the truck back?"
    Both young men were up from the table and as ready to leave their girlfriends and head toward action as Luke was.
    Luke kissed Dixie and said, "This is a big one. They are calling in Smokejumpers and Hotshots from everywhere. Our Base Camp for this will be Missoula....."
    Dixie, who had gotten sorta of used to Luke being gone some to all parts of the State, now looked in disbelief as she asked, "Montana?"
    Luke smiled briefly, "Yeah! I haven't been there since training. I have NO idea when I'll be home."
    Taking his hand before he could head to the truck, Dixie said, "Well, in that case hear me out before you leave." She put a finger to her husbands lips before he could protest. "I was about to tell Debbie how the house is coming." she said quickly and loud enough to talk over the excited young men who were wanting to see the helicopter land, "It seems you have about seven months to get us in it OR Bo's house is going to get awfully crowded." She let it start to sink in past the adrenaline rush, and the million things going through his mind about the fire. Then, said to Beth who was following her line of thinking, "I figure about the time you are done with these ..." Dixie said tugging on Beth's maternity top, "I, ..... might, ..... just, need to borrow them!"
    The once peaceful dinner now broke in to pandamonium with all the women's excitement. Finally hitting Luke what Dixie was telling him. He grabbed her to take her into his arms, then stopped short not wanting to hurt her in his joy. "Your sure?" he said with a grin a mile wide on his face.
    Dixie just shook her head yes. Luke took Dixie into his arms in a passionate kiss.
    Bo let out one of his trade mark 'Rebel yells'! As everyone gathered to wish the couple Congradulations.
    From the truck Bo, Jr. who was a bit tired of these 'adults' acting like teenagers called, "Luke. What about the fire?"
    Luke looked from the truck then back to Dixie.
    She said, "Go on." She insisted. "But, I think I'll ride out with you all."
    Luke smiled, picking his wife up to carry her to the truck, he said to Bo, Jr. and Jake. "Ok, guys. In the back."
    Getting in the back Bo, Jr. said loud enough for only Jake to hear, "Can you believe those four? Yuck! They are acting like, ....."
    Jake interupted him, "Like I never saw Mr. and Mrs. Miller act. That's for sure! I think its kinda nice to SEE that your parents care for each other."
    Bo, Jr. was at a lose for words. He had almost taken for granted one of the things that made this family so special. They cared for each other AND they showed it!
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