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  1. Thanks, sorry I took so long to respond a lots been going on right now...I'm back and forth on a favorite vehicle probably Daisy's '71 Satellite '71/72 Plymouth 2-door B-bodies are my favorite car, though her '74 Roadrunner has grown on me kind of cooler being a real Roadrunner instead of a Satellite with some stripes painted on, and of course there's always the General Lee. I've been a fan for about 11 years I'd say, its been a while, the shows always been an escape for me, I used to have all 7 seasons but they were destroyed...I do have the first 3 again and hopefully I'll have them all again. Kinda hard to pick a favorite character I guess Bo if I had to
  2. I found this site awhile ago and finally signed in a few months ago and well life got in the way...My name is Dan and I've been a Dukes fan for many years. At one point I owned the whole series but they were all destroyed in a fire along with all my other possessions a couple of years ago...I managed to buy the first three seasons at Walmart, but moneys tight I hope to get the rest of the show at some point. Lets see I've been married about ten years, I drive an '85 Plymouth Gran Fury called The Cherry Bomb, I love rock and roll, movies, TV shows, and Mopars from the '70s, '80s and in some cases '90s, I wish I could think of more to say but I'm new here and a little nervous. Well anyways hi from Daytona Beach
  3. I think part of the problem with Daisy first car the 1974 Roadrunner (the seatbelts give it away as a '74) was the stripes: they would've needed a bunch factory tape stripes kits and they may not have been easy to find and even if they did it would've taken a lot of time applying them, since I'm sure trying to find '73/'74 in factory yellow with black stripes would've been so easy. I like her '71 Satellite Sebring Plus best, though they didn't make too many of those-much less then '68/'69 Chargers so I'm sure parts could be hard to find...I never liked her Jeep, I could never believe it'd be able to keep up with the others cars for one thing
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