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Cathy's Measurements!

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I figured I better put this here. The Swamp is probably the only safe place! ;)  I was just thinking about this, because I've noticed in some episodes she seems more.....uh...….voluptous and in some a lot less. I have no idea why. I know she had children but still....THAT big of a difference?? Well anyway, she is......36 23 35!  ( Her chest looked bigger than that in some and in others not as big!) 

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23 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

Don't ask me why but I'm following you right into the swamp. I don't really care about Daisy. I want to hear what Miz Tisdale's measurements are. She "sets my motor on fast idle."

I looked her up...no chest measurement or butt but.....she was 4'8", 286 pounds!! Wow! ( A female Boss Hogg! )  She didn't look THAT fat when she was on the show!   




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6 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

There was an old country song where a guy went around grading women and a woman turned the table on him and starting grading him. It was hilarious!

I remember a guy called Red Neckerson on the radio and he went off on rating women and  I just remember him saying, " These guys are like oh, I'll give her a 4 or wow, I'd probably give her a 9 and all....but let me tell you something ….the next time you go to rating women...stop and ask yourself a question....HOW WOULD YOU LIKE SOMEBODY TO RATE YO MAMA???  ;) 

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