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Out of the Georgia episodes, which is your favourite?  

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  1. 1. Out of the Georgia episodes, which is your favourite?

    • One-Armed Bandits
    • Daisy's Song
    • Mary Kaye's Baby
    • Repo Men
    • High Octane
    • None
    • All

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Oh, she was definitely a babe! But her character was lame... She's supposed to be a Federal Revenue Agent and she acted like she had the brains of Rosco sometimes! Like her in that fishing outfit... Or her sticking her head in to get a whiff of the shine... Not once, but twice. I don't know, maybe just being a bit critical here. I just thought the character was lame, though she sure was a cutie!

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Whatever happened to her? Both the actress and the character?

I asked a question about Carlene Watkins in the Trivia thread about three years ago. Here are screengrabs from the two 'Cheers' spin-offs she appeared in - 'The Tortellis' in 1987 (left) and 'Frasier' in 1997 (right).



After three roles in 1997, there's a 13 year gap in Carlene's acting history. Her last credit was for a part in a 2010 TV movie, 'Women Without Men'.

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I've been a "Repo Men" fan for about 3 1/2 decades for two reasons. One, the Assault Vehicle near the ending is an absolutely original mix of excitement and hilarity! Second, as a lover of Dodge Chargers, in any condition, I loved the wrecked look and the proposed use of the now-known-to-be Lee 1. 

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