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NASCAR season 2005.....

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Hey ya''ll ...Cup season is here now....Tonight ,Sat 2/12, is the Budweiser Shootout from Daytona. Primetime TV on Fox , then qualifying for the pole for the Daytona 500 tomorrow afternoon. It has been too long without racing for me. I just can't wait for the action to start.....

So who ya'll pulling for this year?????

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Jeff Gordon ??? Oh Lord please help Garrett Duke through this and show him the way...

I like Dale Jr. and Dale Sr. will always be my favorite driver in NASCAR, may his soul rest in peace. I am also ABG! Anybody but Gordan.

bethie88 ......I have to agree 100% with that....Just add Jimmie Johnson to list with Gordon and Busch.

Dale Jr

Kevin Harvick

Tony Stewart

Elliot Sadler

Robby Gordon

Kyle Petty

Amen! lol! Yeah... I can't stand anybody from Hendrick racing! I do feel bad for them, tho, in the loss of Ricky and others in the plane crash.

And, Kitty, I loved Dale, Sr. He was the best. I think he was 1/2 Duke. =D I think Jr.'s OK now, tho.

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I tpo am glad the race season is here though I worked Sundays and can't keep like I'd like. I'll have to settle going to a local dirt track soon on Sat. nights!

I agreed Mary Ann that my favorites are retired. I'm Not really up on the new drivers.


PS: When ya'lls driver's win 201 call me......Yep, I'm a PETTY fan! Would love to see his cars do SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!

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Y'all think I am the one that needs help? I think y'all are confused because there is NOTHING wrong with anyone in Hendricks Racing or anything wrong going for them.

Granted we all have our drivers and we are all entitled to go for them and against others...that doesn't mean I am the one in need of help. Because it's not me...Gordon has four championships under his belt and had a great season last year. If it wasn't for the new point system, he would have won last year.

I'll give you all some credit, because Jr is a good driver ...otherwise he wouldn't be where he is now. And for Tony Stewart...you don't want me to get started there either.

Gordon will always be the man I root for...him and Jimmie Johnson.

-Garrett Duke-

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Go ahead about Tony Stewart. The ONLY driver to win an open wheel (IRL) and a NASCAR championship. One the few drivers who actually wants to race and race anything , midgets, sprints, Indycars. A championship car owner in both USAC and The World Of Outlaws. One of only a select few to win the USAC midget, sprint and Silver Crown championships in the same year. The only thing he really hasn't accomplished is winning the Indy 500...

I will give you Gordon's 4 championships, but will take Tony Stewart's accomplishments over that anytime....


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OK...I realize I came off as kinda harsh on my last post; I didn't mean to. I am sorry if I offended you or anyone.

I'll say the same as I did about Jr...Tony is a good driver...he won the championship only a couple of years ago. He is a good driver, but a very aggressive one at that. I respect you and everyone elses choice of driver. If Stewart is the guy for you, then that is great. I didn't know all that about him...thank-you for pointing that out to me. Those are some pretty good accomplishments he has.

As I tell a friend of mine...who is a big JR fan...I don't have anything against JR or any of the other drivers out on the circuit. They are all pretty good to one extent or the other. I just go for Gordon. :wink:

-Garrett Duke-

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I have no problem with you, there, Garrett... If you've read Hazzard in Trouble lately, I'm trying to talk your twin into being nice to you. lol. But anyway...

I agree with you... NASCAR is all about everyone having their favorite, and that favorite not being the same with everybody. If everybody liked Jr., it wouldn't be so much fun. And therefore, although I do NOT like Jeff or Jimmie, and do not pull for any of Hendrick's drivers, I respect them, and their accomplishments speak for them... It's a good team.

My favorite driver was Earnhardt, Sr. for many years, and alot of people talked trash about him. But they had to respect him and his accomplishments. I do not like Jeff personally, but I do give him that much. And you have every right to pull for him. I simply choose not to!

So, let's all just get along... Or is it a long neck. :wink:


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:D I understand what y'all are saying! I am the same way...most people I know are Jr fans -still don't know why - (LOL!) but we all get along other than teasing back and forth about eachother's drivers. I don't have a problem with JR or SR...they are great drivers...in fact Sr is one of the two drivers who has more championships than Gordon....Sr and Richard Petty both have seven. Gordon has four...for now at least. LOL! :wink:

Bethie...thank-you for your input on "Hazzard in Trouble" hopefully you can talk some sense into my twin. LOL.

Hopefully all our drivers will have good seasons and that we all shall enjoy the season while it lasts...five more days until Daytona! :D

-Garrett Duke-

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