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  1. Final bodywork touchups and priming, and ready for paint. Tough to match the exact color, since in the episode (the way I'm making it) it was disguised/obscured with gray scratchwork all over it, and the recovered wreck was apparently quite weathered and faded. Did the best I could. Finally settled on a mix of 5 different blues and greens. It's actually darker than the photos show.... I settled on: 2 parts Testors Gloss Dark Blue (#1111); 2 parts Testors Dark Beret Green; 1 part Model Master Dark Sea Blue; 1 part Testors Gloss Green; 1 part Gloss Light Blue.
  2. FRONT BUMPER Need the front bumper to look like bent metal, and not a bent plastic model part. Made an aluminum foil cast of the central section; removed that plastic, attached the ends to the foil cast. Very carefully bent and dented it to match the photos. Filled with CA glue with wire reinforements for the structure. Primed, will be coated with Alclad chrome tomorrow or Thursday.
  3. I could've lied and either said no, it was really me in the General ...or, that faint image is really the Ghost of General Lee
  4. LOL yep...I'm still too low-tech to be able to do screen-grabs from the TV. I'm sure the capability is there in what I've got, but just need to be shown how to use it. More importantly, I need to care enough to upgrade....but I just do what works for what I need.
  5. Here's how the scratchbuilding went, using 1/16" rod for the frame and tubing fitted over the rod for the padded sections around the driver's side:
  6. ROLL CAGE Tip: Do NOT use the roll cage from the MPC "General Lee" for this project. Wrong style, wrong design, wrong size. I also found some drawings online which purport to be the actual design sketches for the original. They do match what I see in all the photos.
  7. I've never taken as much trouble as this for the accurate steering wheel, but here's what I finally accomplished:
  8. Roger, I am very moved and humbled by your words....speechless, even. I can only offer my sincerest thanks and appreciation!
  9. The interior needs special work. From what I can see in the episode, the interior panels under the rear windows were removed along with the back seat, although I've read that only the seat was removed to install the full roll cage. So, I had to remove the rear panel and totally rebuild it as the interior structure that the panel would normally cover. Was a 2 full day scratchbuilding job, daunting at first but well worth it in the end. The carpet will be well worn and stained soon.
  10. Once damaged to taste, the foil is filled from behind with tons of gap-filling superglue and plastic strip reinforcements. Then to the body itself, the same treatment but MUCH bigger. LOTS of superglue to fill it all from behind. Then priming and sanding in appropriate areas.
  11. If I can't replicate the body damage, the entire project is pointless. If I only heat up and bend the plastic body it will look toylike, as the body thickness when scaled up would be akin to a couple inches thick. Not convincing at all. THE SOLUTION: Make aluminum foil copies of the body sections to be damaged. Let's try it on the hood first:
  12. For those who didn't know, the Charger wreck used in Episode 4 "Repo Men" was the same car that made the jump at the very end of the show's opening credits. LOVED this car the first time I saw it as a kid, did not know how important it was until decades later. Replicating this wreck in 1/25 will be a VERY ambitious project.
  13. I appreciate the kind comments! If you like these 6 so far, you're in for a treat when I post in-progress pics hopefully soon of the one I'm working on now.....definitely the most ambitious one to date, if you don't count the engine bay in the General....
  14. Thanks for that! Ended up liking it much more than I thought, too....
  15. LOL Probably both boys, but she let 'em off the hook more easily since this time they didn't ruin a wax job by driving it off a cliff Seriously though, thank you for the kind words as always! And thanks for all you do in here
  16. I can definitely say the one that took longest of the 6 so far is my General Lee; that one took several years. You can find both a build thread and a completion thread here in this same forum, a few spaces down.
  17. Thank you! Not sure how long exactly, but several long months for sure. Wish I'd been starting with one good-conditioned kit instead of a junker with some spare parts added, I wouldn't have had half as many setbacks.
  18. Oh, yes, below the windscreen....those white plugs are sheet styrene. I cut pieces that would fit the hole, then welded it in with clear liquid cement. Then, sanding to shape, and the final blemishes are touched up with superglue sanded to shape, or Tamiya white putty also sanded to fill. Then once primed and painted, you can't tell there was ever a problem, if I did it right. Scroll down further and you'll see a similar repair to the rear left taillight fin, as well as making a replacement for the top of the windscreen frame.
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