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  1. Nedra VolZ (MiZ Tisdale)
  2. Nedra VOLZ (Miz Tisdale)
  3. “Say, I know you from the old days! You were always flipping a QUARTER...just like that.” (Boss in “The Meeting”)
  4. Hazzard LITTLE Theater
  5. IRA Murchison (over in Clairborne)
  6. Sheriff EMMITT “Spike” Loomis
  7. HaZZard Garage
  8. I've had to turn off autocorrect completely. When I'm writing in Spanish it throws a tantrum that would be the envy of the most spoiled and indulged 2-yr old!!
  9. Jude Emery, TeXas Ranger!
  10. “That there was the president of these here U. S. of A states!” (Jesse, getting off the phone)
  11. I'd forgotten the harvest! Legendary! Every April 1st I tell people it's my Feast Day.
  12. “These SKIP loaders has only got two SPEEDS: SLOW and SLOWER.” (Jesse in “Money to Burn”)
  13. People with musical ears often pick up accents quickly. At the risk of talking about myself too much, I'm a professional musician, and depending on what word or phrase I'm saying, I may at any time sound 1) Midwestern (my parents), 2) Bostonian (my upbringing), 3) Southern (7 yrs in Louisiana and married into the culture) or 4) Latino (I speak Spanish). When it all comes together in the same conversation I can truly sound schizophrenic!
  14. Well, as Yogi Berra used to say, "Sometimes you never know!"
  15. QUARTER of a million dollars.... (“Southern Comfurts”)