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  1. Thank you all for the very kind comments and encouragement! Spike, I haven't entered a model show in a long time, last time was Nationals in 2010 and I did place in a couple categories....that was before I started the Hazzard stuff though.
  2. Finished in record time, considering the extreme nature of the build Only major regret is the wheel spacing....wide tires were definitely used, but I really am drawing the line at redoing the suspension to tuck them in more. I've just had enough.... Hazzard collection is now 7 vehicles strong.
  3. Very nicely done! Now need to make Rosco's car with the back half blown off by the bazooka
  4. Thanks for giving me a place to, Rog, I am very grateful! Also grateful to have finished this beast in record time... Re-chromed the bent bumpers and other parts with Alclad, and was lucky to have located the proper wheel hubs. Also broke the right door handle to match the real thing. Wide tires from the MPC Sheriff's Dodge Monaco. Windows tinted with Future floor polish and food coloring. Sheet metal for the front and back from a disposable roasting pan from the Dollar Tree. Airbrushing dust and dirt all over the chassis and bottom of the body.
  5. Final bodywork touchups and priming, and ready for paint. Tough to match the exact color, since in the episode (the way I'm making it) it was disguised/obscured with gray scratchwork all over it, and the recovered wreck was apparently quite weathered and faded. Did the best I could. Finally settled on a mix of 5 different blues and greens. It's actually darker than the photos show.... I settled on: 2 parts Testors Gloss Dark Blue (#1111); 2 parts Testors Dark Beret Green; 1 part Model Master Dark Sea Blue; 1 part Testors Gloss Green; 1 part Gloss Light Blue.
  6. FRONT BUMPER Need the front bumper to look like bent metal, and not a bent plastic model part. Made an aluminum foil cast of the central section; removed that plastic, attached the ends to the foil cast. Very carefully bent and dented it to match the photos. Filled with CA glue with wire reinforements for the structure. Primed, will be coated with Alclad chrome tomorrow or Thursday.
  7. I could've lied and either said no, it was really me in the General ...or, that faint image is really the Ghost of General Lee
  8. LOL yep...I'm still too low-tech to be able to do screen-grabs from the TV. I'm sure the capability is there in what I've got, but just need to be shown how to use it. More importantly, I need to care enough to upgrade....but I just do what works for what I need.
  9. Here's how the scratchbuilding went, using 1/16" rod for the frame and tubing fitted over the rod for the padded sections around the driver's side:
  10. ROLL CAGE Tip: Do NOT use the roll cage from the MPC "General Lee" for this project. Wrong style, wrong design, wrong size. I also found some drawings online which purport to be the actual design sketches for the original. They do match what I see in all the photos.
  11. I've never taken as much trouble as this for the accurate steering wheel, but here's what I finally accomplished:
  12. Roger, I am very moved and humbled by your words....speechless, even. I can only offer my sincerest thanks and appreciation!
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