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  1. DUNLAP Horse Ranch (from “The Rustlers”)
  2. “JUDAS Priest on a pony!!” Good one, Hoss!
  3. H.E.R.S. (Hazzard Equal Rights Society)
  4. “EAT dust, you turkeys!!!” (Miz Tisdale in “Miz Tisdale on the Lam”)
  5. “Blue FoX, this is RED DOG....” (Rosco to Enos in “Swamp Molly”)
  6. Found one more: Blue, used by Rosco as a "Hazzard County secret surveillance car" in S6 E22 "Cooter's Confession" In fact, since all three were blue, in S6 E14, S6 E22 and S7 E1, all very closely-together-shot episodes, I'd say it was probably the same car in all three.
  7. The night rent-a-cop at SHORTIE’S All-Night Rib SHACK and Pool Hall on SWAMP Road
  8. The old QUARRY (in “A Baby for the Dukes”)
  9. KILLER KANE (Jud Duke’s prizefighting name)