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  1. Oh, many.... Last of the Summer Wine, Only Fools And Horses, Black Adder, The Thin Blue Line, Dad's Army, Porridge (original series), Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister, 'Allo 'Allo, Waiting For God, The Good Life, Mind Your Language, Dad's Army....
  2. Sorry been away so long folks, been more than overwhelmed with school this year. Hoss, I grew up outside Boston in the '70's and '80's, and at that time the local PBS station WGBH was the master station for most of what came into North America from the UK. They had a MASSIVE amount of British programming, compared to many other PBS stations at the time, or so I've heard. Despite being staunchly patriotic, I also grew up enjoying more British programming than American, the Dukes being a huge exception. I have a collection of Britcoms (25 complete or near-complete series). Funny, for a guy who grew up right where the American Revolution started (Lexington/Concord, Bunker Hill, Boston Tea Party all local stuff for me) I sure prefer the TV programming of the enemy our British cousins!
  3. “You’re a QUACK!! QUACK, QUACK!!” (Rosco to phony doctor in Coltrane vs Duke)
  4. “Here comes the LAW...cLeverLy disguised as a tree!” (one of my favorite Waylonisms)
  5. COOP “the Scoop” Whitman
  6. Nedra VolZ (MiZ Tisdale)
  7. Nedra VOLZ (Miz Tisdale)
  8. “Say, I know you from the old days! You were always flipping a QUARTER...just like that.” (Boss in “The Meeting”)
  9. Hazzard LITTLE Theater
  10. IRA Murchison (over in Clairborne)
  11. Sheriff EMMITT “Spike” Loomis
  12. HaZZard Garage
  13. I've had to turn off autocorrect completely. When I'm writing in Spanish it throws a tantrum that would be the envy of the most spoiled and indulged 2-yr old!!
  14. Jude Emery, TeXas Ranger!
  15. “That there was the president of these here U. S. of A states!” (Jesse, getting off the phone)