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  1. “It’s got QUICKSAND at the bottom and it goes all the way to China.” (Jesse referring to Black Hollow in “Swamp Molly”)
  2. “Grandma DUKE was a DENTON....” (Jesse in “Treasure of Hazzard”)
  3. ...yeah, but does it HAVE to be THERE???
  4. HaZZard GaZZette
  5. “Ain’t no ordinary VARMINT....” (Jesse with his shotgun in “The Legacy”)
  6. SHUCK ‘n’ jive
  7. “Rosco, you NUMBSKULL!!”
  8. There's a lot of truth to that, yes. I was a kid when the show came out; I am a New England native (born Vermont, grew up in NE Massachusetts) and at that time I had never heard southern accents, or words/terms like "ain't" and "y'all." Naturally I started to glamorize the South in my mind with Hazzard as the basis (kid thing, we've all been there). Since then I've lived in 6 states including 7 years in Louisiana where I married into the culture. Although I would enjoy visiting Covington (had no idea until WELL into adulthood about the place) Hazzard is, more than anything, a place inside us, a place of extreme decency despite the best efforts of the "Law" and local "Leader."
  9. “Now, what do you think about folks who mix up KISSING and KILLING?” (Waylonism, from “The Meeting”)
  10. Ernie HUDSON (of Ghostbusters fame, appeared as Avery in “Dear Diary”)
  11. “And here comes law enforcement’s answer to DOPEY and the Seven DWARVES: Rosco P. Coltrane.” (Waylonism)
  12. Many Happy Returns to Don, also known as Sheriff Little! He and Ben/Cooter share the same birthday.
  13. Many Happy Returns! To both you and Don Pedro Colley (Sheriff Little), who has the same birthday!
  14. AMOS Petersdorf (retired Fire Chief) Hobie, that'll work fine. Same with DiXie Jeep for X.
  15. TeX Tompkins (out to get Jud Duke)