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  1. It could be Delta but who knows. Local news said Omicron variant might have been around here as early as Thanksgiving due to the diverse population around here. Hope your Aunt pulls through.
  2. Omicron Covid variant is not to be taken lightly. Neighbor was taken in an ambulance to a hospital yesterday. She never got the vaccine. She's been fighting it for the past few weeks but apparently took a turn for the worse yesterday. Do your research and get the vaccine you think is right for you. We're praying she pulls through and comes back home.
  3. Another wet muddy one here. Hopefully not an all day rain/sprinkle though. Local forecasters are saying this could possibly be the first December on record without measurable snowfall. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year y'all
  4. Turns out the right lens was defective. Yesterday while putting my glasses back on while watching the local morning news I noticed something. The news ticker at the bottom of the screen in the right lens was going in a 45 degree angle to the upper right instead of straight across. I grabbed my old pair of glasses for comparison and the right lens in that one the ticker was going straight across like it's supposed to. So it's like my right eye was looking through a funhouse mirror for a few days. That explains the eye pain and headache's I've had all weekend. I took a picture with my phone and it showed the same thing I was seeing so I showed the lady at the eyeglass store yesterday and have to wait another 2 weeks for new and hopefully correct glasses. Yesterday I finally finished rewiring the vintage ceramic pot belly stove lamp we bought at a garage sale last month. I started the project Monday but had to stop because I had to glue up some broken ceramic chips that broke off around the wiring holes when I was disassembling it. I'm glad I never plugged it in to see if it works because whoever wired it before used 3 different wires. I went to Menards to grab some more parts and rubber washers to protect the ceramic from the brass nuts and threaded rod. I did a little research on it after I found a name on the inside but came up empty aside from a dead link to an eBay listing. I assume from the brittleness of the ceramic and the previous wiring that it's got to be over 30 years old at least. It looks great with the new shade.
  5. Spike

    NASCAR news

    After Charlotte tests Nascar has decided to go with the 670hp and 4 inch spoiler package for the 2022 season https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/12/21/nascar-670-horsepower-4-inch-spoiler-cup-series-next-gen-rules-engine/ Mar's/M&M's is dropping Sponsorship of Kyle Busch and Joe Gibbs Racing after the end of their current contract in 2022 https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/12/20/mms-leaving-kyle-busch-nascar-joe-gibbs-racing-sponsor/. I'm shocked they stuck with him this long after all his outbursts over the years.
  6. Read the craziest review of the Polar Express movie on Amazon. Somebody was actually traumatized watching it . I swear these snowflakes these days... I was checking if there was a 4k bluray version available but there isn't. Got a new pair of glasses Friday though I think they messed up the right lens, it's blurry instead of clear. They said give it a week for my eyes to adjust but I don't see that working. The left lens is great I can see clear out of that better than my old pair.
  7. Pie..... Although now it's called Edy's Pie
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/4K_resolution
  9. Technology is amazing. I popped in the Hazzardville Horror episode in our new 4k bluray player and wow is that thing great at upconverting dvds to 4k video. The only way the General would look better is in real life. I could even count the buttons holes on Roscoe's and Cletus's shirts. There was only one scene with a bit of judder but I think that was due to the contrast of Daisy's Jeep against the dark background. I think I'm going to have to watch the whole series again just to enjoy it in 4k.
  10. Spike

    NASCAR news

    AJ Allmendinger, Daniel Hemric and Noah Gragson splitting the Kaulig #16 Cup Chevrolet for 2022 https://www.jayski.com/2021/12/14/aj-allmendinger-daniel-hemric-noah-gragson-splitting-time-in-second-kaulig-racing-cup-car/ Kaulig also said Justin Haley will be driving the #31. Here's a rumor way out of left field... Apparently that YouTube star turned ""pro"" boxer Jake Paul wants to take a crack at Cup racing. Seen a blurb about it on Twitter but I don't think it's legit enough to post a link to the tweet. Jimmie Johnson is going to do a full season of Indycar in 2022 https://www.jayski.com/2021/12/15/jimmie-johnson-running-full-2022-indycar-schedule/
  11. Ghosts is great. Sad that the Viking ghost is gone already they could have done a lot of funny gags with him. It's hilarious when that hippy lady walks through people. I agree about LaBrea, started out great but the last few episodes were great to fall asleep too and to be honest I don't care to stream those episodes to see what I missed when I fell asleep. We've also been watching a comedy called Wellington Paranormal on CW.
  12. I really dislike the 16.9 ratio they do when they do a HD 'remaster' of a 4.3 ratio show. You miss out on so much background detail especially in Cooters garage or Boss's office. Fox/Disney learned the hard way when they did a 16.9 remaster of the first 19 Simpson's seasons and cut off a bunch of visual jokes and subsequently went back and remastered them in 4.3 again after fan backlash.
  13. Wife and I finally got the Christmas tree up with a twist...We bought a potted live one instead of dragging the artificial one out and moving furniture to find a place to put it. Got the tallest live Alberta Spruce at the nearby Lowe's, it's about a 3 footer. Saturday we took a tour of the Stranahan mansion all decorated. I shot video and a few pics will edit it together and post it on my YouTube channel within a week or two. Only two rooms were underwhelming, one looks like the person who won the lottery to design that room either didn't have the time or was just lazy as all they did was put up a pre lighted tree and didn't even put ornaments on it. The master bath was the best, it was decorated like Halloween.
  14. Spike

    NASCAR news

    What a stunner of a F1 2021 season finale https://motorsports.nbcsports.com/2021/12/12/max-verstappen-f1-champion-lewis-hamilton-abu-dhabi/ Did not see that happening. Thought for sure Lewis would have won. Maybe it's different in F1 but I always thought once you pit during Cautions/Safety car you give up race positions if nobody else pits. Then again maybe the stewards wanted to give the two going for the title the best restart.
  15. I thought 'this looks familiar' then I searched my post history lol
  16. Had a 'cousin Alice' in middle school, nobody bullied her, not even the boys because she was stood eye to eye or taller than most of the boys in school. She could spike a volleyball that you didn't want to be on the receiving end of it.
  17. It looks a lot better on smartphones now.
  18. Hey Roger have you seen that Comet that's passing by this week in the night sky. Local news meteorologist mentioned if we didn't have cloudy nights every night this week we would've been able to see it.
  19. Spike

    NASCAR news

    The new team will be Petty GMS Motorsports https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/12/07/erik-jones-ty-dillon-richard-petty-maury-gallagher-petty-gms-motorsports-to-field-two-cars-in-2022/. Ty Dillon was going to drive the 94 but that has changed since the #42 was available. Richard Petty will be Chairman of the team. Old Petty Enterprise's crew chief Mike Beam will serve as President and oversee day to day operations. Son in Law Brian Moffit will be exec vp of sales. Chase Elliott had fun in his Nitro Rallycross debut. Won in the head to head race against Tanner Foust. Finished 2nd in the semi final And unfortunately 8th in the final
  20. That's funny because I thought of that episode on the drive home .
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