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  1. No such thing Roger. She has quite a lot of promotional pictures it seems. This one was so different I just had to post it.
  2. Its about the same here but with some split screen commercials when it was on free-to-air. Although there's no highlights of F1 on free-to-air anymore. Just 15-30 seconds maybe on the news. When they aired the Dukes here on TV half of the commercial block things weren't used here either I think. But I think we should go back to NASCAR now.
  3. Haha, yeah. I tried following it but as someone for who the commercials weren't for on the other side of the globe, and half the time not knowing what they were even about with my English at the time. It just wasn't enjoyable to watch. Over here there is a rule saying you can not show commercials when you have scheduled to show a sporting event. Either we have split picture with no sounds on the sport event for a short time or the commercials go by only before and after the event. The latter is nowadays more common except for events like the 24hrs of Le Mans.
  4. It has been a rotten year here as well. I won't go into details but I hope for a good string of news from your side soon Meadowmufn!
  5. Now you mention it... I was thinking of a photo which you see everywhere on the net without even looking. Which was in turn used for the cover of a movie no-one can verify if parts of it is her. No. Not that I know. She was in that according to IMDB though. There was a TV pilot of Matt Helm where she is nude in a pool. I camera across some stuff when looking for some behind the scenes pictures years ago. You cant see much though as she's in the water and the camera is filming the bubble pool from the side if those miniature pictures are screengrabs from that actual pilot. It apparently only aired once so good luck finding that.
  6. There doesn't seem to be a definitive reason but they discussed this on the Kibbe and Friends show where they if I remember correctly believe the reasoning was because the 73/74 cars had some sort of 'floating' K-frame. A sort of rubber mount instead of the solid mounted frames of the earlier cars. The K-frame if you don't know is a sub-frame on Chryslers which connect the engine and lower control arm of the front wheels to the front framerails of the car. I don't remember why that was bad, you'd have to listen to the episode itself but I believe it was either that stunt drivers didn't like how they drove for stunt driving or something to do with these mounts breaking or getting damaged during stunt driving. Could be something totally different though. You better listen to the episode itself. It was on The Kibbe & Friends Show #82- Corndog’s Deep Dive of Trivia on the Daisy's Vehicles. You can find it here:
  7. I know its not news... But I finally was able to watch the Watkins Glen race on TV this year since NASCAR is now live on air in the Netherlands. It is very odd when all you folks are watching commercials in the USA all we see here is onboard camera's of people just swerving all over the track for like 10 minutes with our commentator having to fill in the time. You can easily see that the broadcast was made for the USA specifically with the audio fade in/out when you guys come back/go to commercials. Last year NASCAR was live on TV here for the first time in years if not ever. I missed last years Watkins Glen race as I didn't know when it was until after it happened... Watched the Roval race last year though and mega enjoyed that! I've never been interested in Oval racing. I tried watching it but the only one I enjoy is the Indy 500 and some of the flatter ovals of NASCAR. Which I haven't figured out which they are yet to tune into those. Already have been following IndyCar on roadcourses for quite a few years now beside the Formula One, 24 hours of Le Mans and some IMSA races. Will definitely be tuning into the Bank of America Roval 400 this weekend again!
  8. Wait. Did you record them when they were aired or...?
  9. Story There's this John Candy movie where he is the writer of a hit tv show. Won't lay down the whole story here but he basically becomes unconscious and is in the world of that show. He writes himself into the show with lots of hilarity. The town parts are recorded on Hazzard Square and the other areas look mostly like they've been recorded at the same places as the Dukes. It's apparently not well liked but its my favorite movie at the moment together with my favorite actor.
  10. Yes, I have them all backed up including a few I've never posted. I didn't know some were hosted on tinypic though, nor do I know which ones. I'm actually surprised all the others hosted on Flickr are still there are they we're supposedly gonna limit the amount of pictures to 1000 and I had like triple that at one point. If you can describe a few I'd be happy to post them again with maybe a few new ones.
  11. My dad had it once with the oil cap. But I think it stayed there for 100+ miles until we noticed. No problems whatsoever. The 03 Ford Focus we had has a splash screen so no oil went out.