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  1. Roth Potter

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  2. I saw on Instagram that Serge was considering to sell it. This is in my country. I was about to make a joke that I'd only ever spend that kind of money on Charger parts. But this is a Charger part.
  3. Roth Potter

    Yesterday's movies

    Oh, right. You hear the soundtrack version when they jump that first time. Your right!
  4. Roth Potter

    Yesterday's movies

    I've seen the movie. The General Lee scenes are great, but that's it besides Jessica Simpson looking good. I cant remember Waylon being in it though?
  5. Roth Potter

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  6. Roth Potter

    Word Association

  7. Roth Potter

    Word Association

    That guy looks so much like André van Duin! A Dutch comedian. California
  8. Roth Potter

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    Morning... Tree!
  9. Roth Potter

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  10. Roth Potter

    Dukes of Hazzard references

    Don't let your wife hear that!
  11. Roth Potter

    New Dukes podcast- worth listening to!

    So if your not listening to this yet, this might become interesting for you. They have recently done some interviews with the likes of Byron Cherry, Ben Jones & Christopher Hensel (Who played Jeb Stuart Duke). They have some great background stories to tell about the Dukes. Christopher and Byron both have quite some details to tell which is probably new to everyone here.
  12. Roth Potter

    1,000HP 1968 Dodge Charger

    A flying one at that.
  13. Roth Potter

    1,000HP 1968 Dodge Charger

    So... The General pulled a Michael Jackson..?
  14. Roth Potter

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  15. Roth Potter

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    Navajo Nation A lot of Wild West movies seem to be shot here.