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  1. Roth Potter

    Forum Software Update

    I think I've found the problem. It works fine if I don't use the Phone Emoji's. Which is kind of strange as other forums with this software accept it just fine. I guess this might be a different version or just a checkbox somewhere? I'll use the forums own emoji's from now on.
  2. I've not been actively posting in this thread but there are a some ones I have not posted yet. Which will be posted eventually. That was the good news over. The website where I have been hosting all these pictures will be limiting my account to 1000 picture and beginning of Februari will be removing the oldest ones till I am at 1000 pictures. I have 3200 pictures on there and 1900 Dukes behind the scenes pictures, so thats quite a big chunk. I will be posting a lot of them again when I have access to the new host, not just to get the thread kickstarted but to conserve them on here again. If there's any pictures you specifically wanna see, tag me and I'll look what i can do once its up and running.
  3. Roth Potter

    Life long fan, first time poster.

    Hey there, welcome to HazzardNet! Find all nooks and crannies you need to get the conversation started.
  4. Roth Potter

    Double Zero Mustang

    If this is the case. I am very glad they didn't use these wheels and tyres on the Mustang!
  5. Roth Potter

    Word Association

  6. Roth Potter

    The last 24 hours

    Some Mini's we're/are made in the Netherlands. They once had a special orange edition with a Dutch flag on the roof. I guess their campaign didnt pay off as I've never seen one of those drive around.
  7. Roth Potter

    Word Association

    War is Europe? Must be using stun guns. Never noticed the war. Band
  8. Roth Potter

    The last 24 hours

    It must've snowed very hard. How else can your orange car turn white?
  9. Roth Potter

    The last 24 hours

    Not possible to start it with lucifers? Almost all houses here have a cealed central heater, cant even check nowadays if there is a flame. Well, at least the outhouse was hot and made sure it fidnt freeze the magazines.
  10. Roth Potter

    The last 24 hours

    that either means 'I dont have to go outside so I wont get stuck' or 'Snow, nothing planned, lets have some fun!'. Knowing you it is the latter.
  11. Roth Potter

    The last 24 hours

    You wished so hard that it is gonna snow here soon too I heard!
  12. Roth Potter

    Cooter's Book

    Im not much of a reader. I dont have many books. I read Donald Duck magazine every week a new one comes out though!
  13. Roth Potter

    Word Association

  14. Roth Potter

    Word Association

  15. Roth Potter

    Word Association