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  1. Electric Vehicle Unlike 12v car batteries, electric car batteries produce 400v!
  2. I think one of the problems you have here beside probably having to import on from the USA, simply is space. There is like no houses with a garage, let alone one large enough.
  3. Daisy Duke Did we ever see her on the show without heels?
  4. Road Trip I'm having one soon in the States.
  5. Las Vegas London is a casino which had started construction in Las Vegas.
  6. My limited vocabulary does not allow me to probably say the right thing. But I will say this. I hope you have a good recovery and get as close to your former self as is possible. I've got family who had cancer as well. It is very tough for them 5 years.
  7. Lyrics arent entirely clear and I dont know kwich is correct. But most seem to say the or two. I prefer two myself.
  8. Kingsday Tommorow everyone here will wear orange. No, this is not for national Dukes day. Kingsday is tommorow and part of their surname is 'of orange'.
  9. Exactly @HossC. Most/all of this colour interior were made by Warner Bros and had the sidemarkers/reverse light spaces filled in. Also you can see this car has wide sill moldings (The chrome strips under the doors) which in the early seasons (Valuzets era) were painted over when they were on the car and removed by Warner Bros in the later seasons. But the biggest giveaways in that regard that its not a TV car is that it has an antenna, no vinyl top trim and clearly visible Charger badges. I heard TV cars have some kind of number or code carved into the rear window, but I have never seen a picture of this myself.