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  1. WOW! That is looking fantastic! I love the figures of Bo and Luke climbing in (or out) of the windows of the General. And Daisy by her car and Boss by his. Great details! Khee!
  2. I know. Damn shame too. Thanks for the reminder tho'.
  3. Nice poem. So you really did trespass in Hazzard County... LOL
  4. Howdy! Welcome to HazzardNet! Great photos! I love the last one with the guy bowing to the cars. LOL
  5. Welcome back CD! You were missed.
  6. You're not really missing much, Roger, by not being on Facebook. LOL It really is two different worlds between Facebook and the forums here and I agree we should recognize fans on both platforms. If we do it as a "Facebook Fan of the Month" and "HNet Forum Fan of the Month" or whatever that's fine. The important thing is it acknowledges our audience, regardless of how they're finding us. I'm partial to the forum myself. Facebook is fun when you post a pic with a funny caption and you get 20 likes in less than five minutes. But the forums here are more indepth with great information and trivia and stories and whatnot that just can't be replicated in the FB environment.
  7. I have the "Last Rites" episode on a VHS tape somewhere. I've seen "The Grave" too, can't remember if I taped that one or not. I was gonna do a spoof fanfic once using the plot from "Last Rites" and applying it to Rosco. Never got around to writing it tho'. LOL The Andy Griffith eps are hoot. "Yessirree, maybe get to be some kind of celebrity, have people runnin' around after ya, wantin' your autograph!" "Yeah?" "Yeah! Be worth learnin' how to write just for that!"
  8. Howdy Dimples! Welcome to HNet!
  9. Howdy Steve! Welcome to HNet! Glad you joined us! Looking forward to seeing the pics of your General!
  10. Now Brian, you know that would be considered a form of fraud and--- Wait. Did you say a free donut with a large coffee purchase? Well sonofagun... Let me think on that one. Meantime, you and I both have turned 21 multiple times there Mr. Kettle.
  11. So Brian, since your pretty well versed in the mechanics of fake IDs, you gonna get yourself a fake AARP card so you can get the senior citizen's discount at Denny's?
  12. MaryAnne

    Tower of Song

    Ok, Hoss, I listened the two Tower of Song versions. I've never heard this particular song before. I'm partial to Tom Jones, so I listened to Cohen's version first. I like both verions, but Jones nails it. I mean, just nails it. Damn, that man can sing! I'll check out the "Lineman" versions later this weekend. This song I do know and I'm biased on Mr. Campbell for that one tho'.
  13. Howdy General Jackson, welcome to HNet!
  14. Well ya see, the Mayans didn't have the internet to waste their time away with so what better way to waste time? Contemplate time. I doubt the world will end in December. But there are folks out there who really buy into this stuff and are stocking up now on beer and shotgun shells. Or whatever it is they think they need to get through the End of the World as We Know it.... ...but I feel fine.
  15. Little hot, Hoss? LOL Fire - Jimi Hendrix
  16. I'm willing to carry on with the "song" theme LOL Song of the Volga Boatmen - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra Snappy instrumental of a Russian traditional from 1941.
  17. Song for Guy - Elton John Lovely instrumental from Elton's 1978 "Single Man" album.
  18. Welcome to HNet Zrad! If you're a serious Dukes fan, you've come to the right place!
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