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  1. I've started to think that owning a gun is a smart thing here in the US. That's only because we have a couple under our roof. There should be a little better rules about getting guns but since the beginning, we've had the right to bare arms. It just seems to in this time and place, more mental disorders are around. In my opinion, i feel that they are the reasons for the shootings we have. Many people who own guns are smart about them but there are some that are mentally incapable to own one. Some are also too careless to own one. So yes, maybe we need a little stricter percussion when getting a gun. The the own flag thing, it just bugs me how people can't let go of the past. We dealt with it when it was big. We need to be dealing with what is happening now.
  2. I'm pretty sure most, if not all of us have seen to issues involving the confederate flag. Well if you're like me, it's angered you. Not too long ago, Ben Jones made a post that expresses how I and many other fans feel about this issue. Bellow is what he posted. I debated on sharing it but I did and I'm proud of it. This is exactly how I feel. Those people against the flag may try to bring us down but we won't give up. (Small note. Sorry the picture is so small. If you guys want, I can do a reply with this quoted in it.)
  3. I agree with you so much. I wish I had TV Land and CMT to watch Dukes but I will hopefully have all the seasons on DVD soon. At least we have Cooter's Place to get some merchandise if we want them. And I honestly don't see why we should be punished for this. So many emotions are spurred in me because of this. Anger being the biggest.
  4. Just wanting to say hi. I haven't been on here forever. How's everything goin' for you? Your Pirates having a decent season so far?

  5. Family
  6. This whole thing just irritates me so much. People can't keep the past in the past. Why are we bringing up something bad that happened long ago and trying to make it something again today? Why don't we just focus of the problems we have now?
  7. How 'bout we get some Wopat going? "Hey Little Sister" ~ Tom Wopat
  8. Got my things today. It's nice having a physical copy of it. If you look at the picture closely, the backdrop behind the cd in the sweatshirt I got along with it. (sorry it's sideways. It wanted to be like that I guess)
  9. If any of you listen to Spotify (a music listening website) then the album is on there. I've listened to it and I love it. It has some jazz sounds to it and a lot of the songs have a smooth sound to them. There are also a couple tracks that are about 30 seconds of John and Tom talking and making comments to each other.
  10. I would have ordered it off of Amazon but it was cheaper on Cooter's Place. I also bought a sweatshirt off of there to which made ordering it better.
  11. Will do. I should hopefully get it Wednesday or Thursday.
  12. Who all has pre-ordered or will order Tom and John's Christmas album. I pre-ordered my copy from Cooter's Place just a couple hours ago. I'm so excited for it.
  13. I completely forgot about giving an update. It was awesome. I want to go again. We got free posters which I will put a picture on in a little bit. My dad and I also got a picture with Darth Vader which I will also post. We got me a certificate saying that it was my first game and we also got free tickets to see the hall of fame they got which was really cool. We won 4 to 3 I think in the 9th inning. I got a tad burned but the view was perfect. It wasn't my dad's first game though since a year or two ago, he did the fireworks for a game and was on the very top of the stadium. All in all, it was a great time and I think I've become a baseball fan. (We also made it onto the big screen about 3-4 times)
  14. I should have posted this a couple days ago when I got the tickets but I'm going to my first baseball game tomorrow. I got two free tickets for having straight As in school. The Reds are playing the Brewers and it's also Star Wars weekend which makes it cooler. Likely it will be warm and won't rain.
  15. Alrighty, here we go again. I'm back with some more pictures. Trust me when I say that the card is like this in real life. For some reason the coloring is off on the actual card. We all know this photo shot. But you just gotta love seeing a picture of John (or Tom when it comes up ) Tom and Cathy. I know someone on here knows when and where this was taken. Lovable Cletus. "Carnival Of Thrills" after the big jump happened I think.