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  1. HELLO FRIEND, I HOPE YOU ARE VERY GOOD. Several years passed and we could not travel to the United States to see our idols. can you tell me how is this hazzarnet? or you do not have time to be there ?.
    I always keep you in mind since you live in a beautiful country and had the same goals as me, attend a DUKESFEST.
    I am 44 years old and I do not work anymore, the government that ended in 2015 suffocated me in my work and stopped working, now I saved my tools to work the land and rented the field to a third party. It is a very quiet life but limited to a low salary per month.
    Tell me how are you and your work, I hope response.
    a big hug from ARGENTINA.

    1. HossC


      Hola Carlos.

      Es bueno saber de ti otra vez. Estoy bien, y aún visito HazzardNet todos los días.

      He estado trabajando en un trabajo de bajo salario durante dos años y medio, pero eso termina en Febrero.

      Los mejores deseos


    2. RogerDuke


      Is it so good to hear from you again Carlos. I am so sorry to hear that things are not going well in Argentina. I have heard stories on the news and understand that life has been difficult there. The Dukes of Hazzard has managed to put a smile on my face for nearly 40 years  in good times and bad. I hope they can help you out too. Please keep posting here on the HazzardNet.

  2. hello friends, which presents good opportunity for all fans of dukes, worldwide, a year in advance is possible to pay for the trip, hopefully everything goes well, hugs.
  3. Welcome Ktulu, this is a great place to compratir our dreams about dukes, your luck is very large, you could drive a Charger 69 posed for one photo in a charger 68, here in my country are very few and hard to see, they do not expose their high economic value. you live in USA ?? a big hug from Argentina, yyyyeeeehaaaaa !!!!
  4. sadness clouds covered the sky today, another idol of my childhood leave us alone with the memories, thank you very much JAMES, were a great actor but above all a great person all your life. tube provided the illusion of meeting you but the geographical distance and other impediments avoided it. your soul will always be in all seasons of the dukes, my condolences to the family and a big hug in the soul.
  5. feel I have to make it public, I was pleasantly surprised my friend today when I open my inbox, there was the translation to complete SPANISH that beautiful video filming set of DUKE, 1979. I am very grateful to HossC is a great person you do not know personally but thanks to the great family of hazzardnet these things happen. TOTALLY GRATEFUL, A BIG HUG FROM ARGENTINA.
  6. that good stuff, had never seen one that I look any more because they do not understand the language. Is it possible to translate the you tube videos to Spanih?
  7. not rogerduke worry, they are epochs and eras, all forums happens, maybe this is a time when members are busy more than normal and can not connect often to hazzardnet, but the passion for our IDOLS EVER PRESENT , Thank you. GREETINGS.
  8. As I explained this dodge charger is NOT my property. If it were mine I would die with him, is what most anelo in life. greetings.
  9. Hello friends, i regret to say that i am not the owner of this general lee, just put the pictures to inform you already in argentina and is beautiful. Thank you to communicate by previous owners. Currently no more info in my country because the dodge charger are very few, traded over u $ s 200000 and risk of theft. Hugs to all.
  10. is not unimportant work your friend, that depends an excellent piece engine operating your general lee, and do not consume you in fuel. luck. hug.
  11. Today I saw the commercial, I was pleasantly surprised to a ran tear on my cheek to see the cousins ​​duke grown and together in the beloved general lee, I looked at more than 10 times but I did not realize the details appreciated hoosc friend, fine eye friend, I congratulate you. saw it when I can just think being in a fest with my idols?? I was very happy today, thanks DUKES OF HAZZARD.
  12. Hello, I really like this drawing HoosC friend, it is a pity that even the company owns chrysler Italian origin has not launched the new dodge charger 2 door with a big hemi 392. the hallmark of a good general lee VECTOR remains the tires, it is installed as wallpaper on my pc, I owe some money for the right to self Hoosc??, a hug from Argentina.
  13. hello, welcome. I liked your words, your story is very interesting. HAZZARNET enjoys. big hug from ARGENTINA.
  14. good, few deals GENERAL LEE There are wheels. It is very good for those who want to have a replica of the genral ever in life. ask replicas of today are really brand AMERICAN RACING? and are of good quality?
  15. HELLO, excuse my absence the past few months, I want to WELCOME to hazzard net, a forum DUKES OF HAZZARD fans worldwide.

    Thanks for being followed between us, hug from Argentina.

  16. jaak hello , welcome to HazzardNet , this is a great group of friends with no boundaries, at least that's how I felt when I introduced a few years ago. for a period not to forum entrè personal problems , and now I find his great project , tube curious to know where you were ? , because with some effort managed to dodge charger and 2 in your life. Here in Argentina there are unfortunately no luck finding same chargers , March 68 only entered the country and they are saved as great treasures they really are . there are currently for sale a beautiful 1978 plymouth fury with 318cid and TorqueFlite U $ s 4500, to patrol car rosco p coltrane , but I have not the money. Reading your presentation and know that Alabama is , I noticed that in your country if you have some money you can have your own dodge charger . I've read all of your post as transforms into a magnificent charger 68 charger 1969 , and follow him closely. I accompany their effort and sacrifice from here in my country so far from home, all will be rewarded in the near future and highly enjoyed by you and your 5 years old. Do you have any general lee model especially to follow in its restoration ? , I mean as lee1 , or episodes of series , or film of 2005 ? thank you very much for sharing your story with us, big hug from Argentina .
  17. Happy Birthday Rick, thanks for the joy you gave us in our childhood, a big hug from ARGENTINA,
  18. happy new year to all fans of our DUKES, though I'm far from hazzard enjoy this passion for the series of my childhood and my dream car "the general lee" someday I will, albeit replica replication, ie clone clone charger and genral lee, I have high hopes for this 2014 that starts with good high energy, happiness for all, peace and prosperity!!
  19. I know it's late to congratulate friend but just VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sorry not to HazzardNet entrè for time and I miss good things how are you, hope're right, clear a little old and ugly??, ajajajajajajaajajajajajajajajajaa, do not angry friend, just kidding. GOD bless your life and your family. hug from Argentina.
  21. hello friends, my computer works fine, my big problem was memory in my brain, I lost the password and could not re-enter HazzardNet, 2 long months i was out of this great group of friends and could only follow by facebook, now I'm here , I closed my facebook because of problems with my wife, nothing serious but it's better that way. I was impressed with the post-behind the scenes, photos, is something hard to describe the mixture of emosion and sadness at the same time. BIG HUG TO ALL. WANT THE LOT.
  22. Happy birthday dear MARYANNE, enjoy it to the fullest. hug from Argentina.
  23. sorry buddy, that means updating the forum? hug.
  24. Feliz cumpleaños hermosa daisy, te amo desde niño. Besos.
  25. Hi friend, thanks for asking how I am. Thank God I'm very well, almost every day I hazzardnet out, just do not participate because there are issues that do not understand them, ha ha ha.

    The weather is great here and my harvest is good, with my wife we have many hopes and projects, ofcourse the most important project is known hazzard or somewhere about our idols the dukes.

    I wonder how are you, thanks. HUG FROM ARGENTINA.

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