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  1. It appears to be called Zombie House Flipping. There's an article about it here.
  2. Roger reviewed all the cartoon episodes and we had a discussion about them at the end of last year - you can read about them in the Saturday Morning Dukes Cartoon thread.
  3. Did your chiropractor say "I'm glad to see your back!"
  4. Imagination The song below was released on February 19th, 1982 - the same day that US viewers were getting their first chance to see 'New Deputy in Town' towards the end of season 4 of Dukes. It was a hit across Europe, but not so popular in the US.
  5. You make it sound so easy. This would be an impressive build if it was all shiny, but the weathering and dirt take it to another level. I can't believe that you even used different guitar strings for the aerials - that's attention to detail!
  6. Here you go, Roger: https://cootersplace.com/hazzard-run-2021/ It's the Hazzard Run 2021, October 1st-3rd at Luray, Virginia.
  7. You never know, with no one else prepared to air episodes, they may get it cheap!
  8. The two shows that are not available are for very different reasons. One was hosted by an actor who has since been convicted and jailed for certain material he downloaded, while the other is because of music rights issues. Apparently, one of the "offensive" issues we need to be warned about is Johnny Cash singing in front of a Confederate flag. The version of the story I read was on the BBC News site.
  9. Thanks, Andrew. I had fun doing them, but haven't had the time to add much to those threads lately. However, with your model of Cooter's truck, just like with Mark's model of Cooter's Garage, it's a whole new experience seeing these creations come to life in 3D. It's a completely different skill set which I'd love to have at least a little of. As your model progresses, it'll be interesting to see how close to each other we were with our visions of the truck.
  10. Click on your username - it's to the right of the banner on a computer or you'll have to click the three horizontal lines next to the banner on a phone. Then click "Account Settings" and you should see "Signature" at the bottom of the list. The signature box is pretty much the same as the one you use for posting on the forum. You can include pictures, but I'd keep it simple as it will appear every time you post.
  11. Great start, Andrew. I went through some of the same processes when I drew my Fan Art version of Cooter's GMC truck nearly 10 years ago. I probably even used some of the same words when my computer wouldn't let me reopen the file as you did when you found you had to lengthen the chassis.
  12. Less than five minutes into 'Carnival of Thrillls' and the announcer of the big jump says "Some of you lady folks out there are too scared to watch. Better hide your eyes on your boyfriend's shoulder till it's all over." They may have a point with the disclaimer!
  13. After more than 10 years on HNet, I decided to change my signature last week - it's another Waylon quote. Just curious if any of y'all noticed?
  14. By May, Texas might have restored their power grid and Ted Cruz will probably be back from Mexico, so they'll be able to join the celebrations.
  15. I'm not far behind you, Hobie. It's Saturday morning and 'Southern Comfurts' followed by 'Carnival of Thrills' are on TV in half an hour. I not only have tomorrow off, but also Monday and Tuesday this week (annual leave that had to be taken). I'm not a big drinker, but where you have your European beer, I'm currently half way into a bottle of American whiskey (I know Ireland has many good whiskeys, but I thought I'd try something different), so I may have a sip of that tonight. That only leaves the food element. I had a tasty Chinese takeout last night, but haven't decided what I'll be having
  16. HossC

    NASCAR news

    F1 has also stopped all tobacco sponsorship (Ferrari still appear to be getting money from Philip Morris for its Mission Winnow initiative), but they seem to have found new revenue streams from other industries. Having said that, there are quite a few of the newer sponsors that I've never heard of.
  17. No, Boss was born on April 6th, 1926 (as per Abraham Lincoln Hogg's driver's license) and Sorrell was born on January 4th, 1930.
  18. Well, April 6th would be Boss' 95th birthday - he was nearly four years older than Sorrell!
  19. Don't forget that Sadie Hogg Day is a little under six weeks away (April 1st).
  20. The problem's been around for at least the last 50 years. And if it snows that stretch down south Won't ever stand the strain
  21. I watched 'Logan Lucky' last night and it was fun. I'm not quite sure why they cast an American as the main British character and Daniel Craig as an American, but I'll view the next James Bond film in a new light (if they ever release it)! I checked IMDb after watching the movie and then had to skip through it again to spot all the cameos by NASCAR drivers. There's Ryan Blaney, Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano, Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch and Kyle Larson, and Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip and Jeff Gordon all appear as themselves at the race.
  22. I thought you'd have become your wife's crush from General Hospital to return the favor.
  23. As L.B. Davenport said to Gaylord Duke. "Well, we all can't be perfect."
  24. I'm afraid I had to Google her name, Roger. It looks like she's been in a lot of things I've heard of, but very few that I've seen. One thing in her bio caught my eye - she's from a place in Mississippi called Purvis, which is nearly our favorite sheriff's middle name.
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