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  1. I'd have to agree with you, Hobie. After Waylon, none of balladeers in the movies that followed left any lasting impression on me. The only one I really remember at all is Mac Davis in the 'Hazzard in Hollywood' movie because he appeared on screen a few times. Lots of the things Waylon said are worth quoting, but I can't immediately think of a single quote from any of the others.
  2. Potato (one of the other words pronounced differently in 'Let's Call The Whole Thing Off')
  3. rattlesnake (there was a rattlesnake chili contest in the 'Reunion!' TV movie)
  4. Go raibh maith agat, agus mar an gcéanna leat.
  5. It's from 'Goodbye, General Lee' in season 4. After Rosco tells Boss that he took care of the General, the conversation is: Rosco: Listen, Boss, I want a raise now. I want more than 50% of my 50%. Come back. Boss: I'll give you a raise. I'll give you a 50% raise. I'll give you 50% of 50% of 50%. How about that? Rosco: Well, that's better. I got him just where he wants me.
  6. Welcome to HazzardNet. We hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. I've got a day off tomorrow - shame we can't go anywhere or do anything!
  8. Skipper, any chance that you could include the episode your quotes are from? I know that the mention of Moody in the one above gives it away as 'Double Dukes', but a little context or scene-setting will give them a lot more meaning.
  9. I also tried various combinations of letters in the search, but I got nothing. All the members whose usernames start "jb" are currently on page 93 of the alphabetical list, but there's no JBagwell_01. Even a Google search didn't give any results with that name.
  10. I just clicked on "Forums" in the main navigation bar and then "Members". I typed the random search term "roger" in the "Search Term" box and clicked "Search Again". The results were: rogergrubbs, grogers1970, robrogers1984, chrisrogers731, Chris_Rogers and someone called RogerDuke!
  11. Apparently, it goes back to an old law whereby the ruling monarch's spouse is known as consort. Then we get into gender politics, because a man who marries a queen is known as prince consort, but a lady who marries a king becomes queen consort, which generally gets shortened to queen. Let me know what you're trying/trying to do, and I'll see if I can help.
  12. I'm sure it's posted elsewhere on HNet, but for anyone who hasn't seen it, here's the Family Feud episode featuring a Dukes team including Christopher Hensel. The Dukes part starts just over 18 minutes in:
  13. HossC

    NASCAR news

    He was so much a part of the sport when I started watching it. I read his autobiography about 20 years ago, and I bought it in hardback. The BBC are putting on a tribute show on Tuesday night, so I'll being staying up to watch that. In the meantime, there's a shorter tribute on the F1 site - I hope you take the time to watch it: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.watch-the-voice-of-f1-a-tribute-to-murray-walker.3T4SIVeX26z0vrreUS2X6w.html
  14. As I said in my first post in this thread, back in 2011 he only had three acting credits listed on IMDb. Maybe he figured that Jeb Stuart was the character he was best known for playing when he set up his company. Either that or he's a big fan of General James Ewell Brown Stuart.
  15. While it's great to have Dukes on TV, it looks like Forces TV still only have the rights to the first three seasons. I've just checked next week's listings, and when season 3 finishes, they're starting over with 'One Armed Bandits'.
  16. HossC

    NASCAR news

    I'm hijacking this thread briefly with the sad news that legendary F1 commentator Murray Walker has died at the age of 97. For many, not just in the UK, he was the voice of F1 with a career spanning well over 50 years. Not bad considering that his first career was in advertising. Even in more recent years he'd still make appearances at the British Grand Prix. Here's a short tribute from BBC News: And here's a clip from when he was on Letterman circa 2002 (the Letterman part starts at about 38 seconds in):
  17. There's a coincidence - 'Along Came a Duke' was in the middle of the Dukes triple bill that I watched this morning.
  18. It's great to hear she's doing well. Married life must be busy, because she hasn't been to HNet since 2013 - any chance you could persuade her to drop by?
  19. I'm just watching 'To Catch a Duke'. When Boss fires Rosco: Rosco: "Listen, I want to take this to a higher court." Boss: "Then get yourself a ladder."
  20. Welcome to HNet, Harlow1-11. Holly Roberts played Bonnie in 'The Return of the Mean Green Machine' in season 5. She was Vance's love interest (Coy had Ellie Mae) at the opening picnic where they find the Mean Green Machine's tracks, and we later found out that she worked at Boss' WHOGG radio station. It's the first of only four acting roles listed on IMDb, with the last being the 1984 movie 'Snowballing'. Looking for another Dukes connection, I found that 'Snowballing' also featured Bob Hastings, who appeared in three Dukes episodes as different characters.
  21. Here it is a little larger. I found this at https://twitter.com/emojipedia/status/1257035179488612354.
  22. The article I read just says that six titles will no longer be published. TBH. I've never heard of any of them. The article also says that some libraries in the UK have moved certain Tintin books to the adult section, so they're not banned or removed - just no longer available to children. Compared to some recent changes/bans, this doesn't seem too over the top to me. I wonder what the specific rule is. F1 stopped Lewis Hamilton wearing overtly political messages at races, but BLM T-shirts are fine.
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