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  1. It was CSI: Miami and the episode name is Tunnel Vision. Oh yeah, I looked tat puppy up soon as I remembered he was on it.
  2. I can defantly picture a resident evil game with the Dukes. They could call it Resident Evil: Hazzard County.
  3. Nothin much really, just hopein ta do good this year.

  4. Preparation H says on the tube "do not take this orally" Well, unless you'd been under a rock fer all ya life everybody knows ya don't eat it. Whoever did musta had indigestion to the extreme.
  5. Ijit- the southren way ta say idiot, used by Rosco often Jumpin Jehosaphat and Judias Priest on a pony- used to express th oh crap, or that cain't be good feelin
  6. Bo: I ain't th one what's closest to th ground, lose some weight and then we'll talk. Luke: Me? I ain't th one what eats 3 ton-a taters at supper.
  7. (imma reply to my own post ta bump it up) Musta runned everybody away from here
  8. Most definitely, better keep General in good shape in case I gotta make a break fer it. XD
  9. Probably gonna study and then go out with friends tonite

  10. "One too many and look what happens."-Luke "I knowed the General would be off balance but this's nuts!"-Bo
  11. XD I keep 'at in mind *buckles up fer safety*
  12. Morris is a widely accepted term fer moorish dance, and yes, it's a english folk dance that differs by regions and areas. It's ok ta be curious Roger, you never know untill ye ast.
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