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  1. It was CSI: Miami and the episode name is Tunnel Vision. Oh yeah, I looked tat puppy up soon as I remembered he was on it.
  2. I can defantly picture a resident evil game with the Dukes. They could call it Resident Evil: Hazzard County.
  3. Nothin much really, just hopein ta do good this year.

  4. Preparation H says on the tube "do not take this orally" Well, unless you'd been under a rock fer all ya life everybody knows ya don't eat it. Whoever did musta had indigestion to the extreme.
  5. Ijit- the southren way ta say idiot, used by Rosco often Jumpin Jehosaphat and Judias Priest on a pony- used to express th oh crap, or that cain't be good feelin
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