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    married ten years, six dogs, two cats, and one turtle
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    on the florida georgia line
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    drawing, painting, photography, singing, hunting
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  1. artykidd


    Mr. Best, I was wondering what your favorite role has been for you, other than the dukes. I did enjoy watching you on an episode of Bonanza though I teared up a bit when your character died. I remember meeting you when I was younger and was so excited about it that I couldn't shut up. I think I drove my family nuts with it. All the best to you Artykidd
  2. Apparently Daisy and Flash are popular names. I have a dog and a turtle (among other pets) with those names.
  3. After extensive research going through the soundboards, I have come to the conclusion that both Rosco and Boss should sue the pants of Homer Simpson and the Fox network for copyright infringement on the "Doh" soundbite.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that Jessi. Things are bad all around. I know that doesn't make your situation any better but keep looking for a job. Some companies are still hiring while others are downsizing.
  5. Yep, I love the fine arts. I used to sing alot but not so much anymore. Most of what I do is painting/photography and sculpture. I teach it because I'm passionate about it. Also, I love working with students who share the same interest. I started before I could walk. My dad would put a pen, pencil or whatever in my hand and I was thrilled that I could just make marks. I draw because of my father and I teach because of my mother.
  6. On University BLVD in Jacksonville, they were putting up a Dunkin' Donuts and overnight someone put up a plywood sign........ "Future home of Jacksonville Sheriff's Office." It was taken down before I could ever get a picture.
  7. Any updates on Al? I hope his condition is improving.
  8. If there is anyone that hasn't figured it out yet, I teach art at a public high school. It is the best job in the world and you couldn't pay me enough to quit. It may sound corny to some when I say it but the Good Lord called me to be a teacher and I love every minute of it.
  9. Thanks for all the comments ya'll. I did sell another one. Someone actually bought it while I was at the gallery on a field trip with my advanced students. It was pretty cool. http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b254/Artykidd/my%20artwork/?action=organize Here's the link to my album with most of my work. I marked the one's that I've sold during this gallery showing.
  10. Merry Christmas artykidd

  11. I spewed my coffee on the Rudolph and Hermie one. I love Jeff Foxworthy and Jeff Dunham. I bought one of his DVD's for my husband for Christmas. I do have to admit though...... Growing up, the whole town would tour the local trailer park on Christmas Eve to view the Christmas lights.
  12. Those are some pretty cool traditions, though I did laugh at the thought of 'wrapping' kids. I'm afraid my family traditions are a bit redneckish of not bordering on slightly hillbilly. Ever since I was a little kid, Christmas eve was celebrated with a candlelit ceremony at church where the Christmas story was read, the Lord's supper was taken and then a prayer was said. Nothing to elaborate and over in about 15-20 minutes. Then, here's the redneck part, we would all pile into the old 40 chevy and drive to the local trailer park to look at Christmas light. Yep, trailer park. The local pol
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