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  1. there ya are yer gone again :p hi back at ya! :)

  2. wanna come in chat? :( please?

  3. cool i like little house on the prarrie ^_^

  4. (im gonna try and make this a story instead of online ) Jami looked over to Jeremy. "finished honey?" She said as she cleared the other dishes. Jeremy looked up from her empty plate and smiled and nodded. "done momma!" he said cheerfully. Jami turned around. "lets get you cleaned up eh?" she said as she scooped up the toddler and carried her upstairs. She carried him to the bathroom and drew him a bath. "no bath!" the toddler protested but Jami let out a soft chuckle and picked the littl boy up and started giving him his bath. Jeremy splashed and laughed. "Hey cut that out." Jami said as she finished up and carried him to his room, dried him up thun put on a dark green tee shirt and a pair of overalls. "we're gonna go see "auntie Lulu today." Jami said as she put him in his playpen. "mommas gonna go get ready." She said as she put on Sesame Street for the child. She took a quick shower and put on a white shirt and a pair of jeans. "lets go honey." she said as she picked Jeremy up and headed out to Boss and Lulus house.
  5. I read that website and now i want KFC xD
  6. hey you got my message right?

  7. nothing I was just playing :)

  8. Im not harassing or being mean or trying to stir up trouble, but 4 people are ganging up agaist 2 just ain't fair IMHO. I know they do oneline but thats their style, and i know they didn't stick to the storyline but its fiction, they can do it if they want. im going to stop with the comments and let them continue
  9. Garrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeettttt!!!!!!!!!

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