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  1. As for NASCAR, I have been following it but haven't been able to watch many races. Did watch Sunday's race...and let's just say, I'm not a Kevin Harvick fan. (In fact...am pretty upset at what he seems to consider to be racing.) Go Chase Elliott!
  2. Thank you Roger for refreshing my Cubbies. My season starts and ends with the Cubs. So I haven't paid too close attention. But with that said, I hope Kris Bryant will have great success in the post season as well as Joc Pedersen who plays for your Braves. My Cubs will be forever bad too if they keep getting rid of their key players... I am very happy with the Bears...hopefully they can keep it up.
  3. This topic has been silent too long. Baseball is first love. So I'll awaken it by saying... I'm looking forward to the start of the 2022 MLB season. It's gonna be a looooonnnnnngggggg off season. Go Cubs Go! Next year will be their year. That is if they don't get rid of the rest of the team...
  4. Yes you did! Congratulations!
  5. I am upset. Nothing has gone his way this year. Nothing. Still pulling g for Chase though!
  6. I might have to look at it...LOL. I can't remember writing this, but it has to be good. LOL
  7. Sounds like an excuse to me...LOL
  8. I have to give you a hard time. I'm just happy when the Cubs are playing well and winning. It's a bonus if its against the Cardinals. Yeah sadly it doesn't look too good. Several teams are being affected right now. Cubs will be playing the Cardinals next weekend and theybh as ve several players out with it. Hope the Cubs will stay healthy.
  9. That's alright. I just pretty much was asking how much you like Javier Baez. Sorry...its a shirt season. My Cubbies aren't messing around this season. Your Pirates can start winning now.
  10. Thank you for the updates. I haven't been able to watch the races due to no cable. But do keep track on my phone. Guess its better than nothing. Though I did get to watch the first three games of the Chicago Cubs season last Friday thru Sunday since I was dog sitting. What about them Cubbies?!
  11. I didn't get to watch the All Star race last night...but Chase Elliott won! Woo hoo! Now only if he'd share some of that $1 million to his most loyal fan. Me! LOL!
  12. LOL Roger. As much as I like Chase...I really do...JJ will come back ready and prepared to win. Hmmm maybe there should be a scene with the Duke boys chasing Rosco...;)
  13. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/nascars-jimmie-johnson-negative-covid-19-tests Happy news! Jimmie Johnson has been cleared to race this weekend at Kentucky after two negative Covid tests this week.
  14. Sounds like Roger is talking in his sleep again. He's doing to be disappointed when he wakes up and has to face the reality of him losing to me and my amazing and powerful fantasy baseball team .
  15. http://Jimmie Johnson reports positive COVID-19 test - NASCAR MOBILE https://www.nascar.com/wp-content/themes/ndms-2016/native/article.php?post_id=272232 Jimmie Johnson has tested positive for Covid after his wife got it. He isn't showing symptoms, but will be sitting out his first race since his career started 20 years ago. Justin Allgaier will be in the 48 car on Sunday. Tho Johnson won't be getting any points for it. Ugh. This 48 fan is just heart broken. Am glad he isn't showing any symptoms and is following the guidelines, but still... I'm just done. Hopefully Elliott will win. That's all I will say...
  16. On my way right now...oooo the fun I will have.
  17. I am so excited for baseball season to start! This has been killing me! I was just looking at one of my fantasy teams...I'm ready to best you!
  18. Yeah I know he was supposed to or wanted to. He drove for Dale Jr in Nationwide Series...
  19. I don't know...but this Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Hendrick Motorsports fan really hopes not. I'm not too big of a Keselowski fan...tho do have more patience for him the last couple of years. Though I do find it ironic that if it does, then the guy who he wrecked and got into a fight with a few years ago, would own a majority of his car. Just my two cents on the topic...
  20. Thank you. I guess you do learn something new every day! I always thought it was all Rchatd Petty.
  21. NASCAR has only one number which was in modified. They retired #61 after Tichie Evens death in 1985. So it doesn't look like NASCAR retires numbers as they do in other sports. Though I do believe they should retire the #24 and #48 after Johnson retires. Because 24 will always be Jeff Gordon (sorry William Byron...he can drive #25!) #48 will always be Jimmie Johnson. Just saying... Whose Dad has no contact info? Bubba's? Who else owns Petty Motorsports?
  22. Nope. His real name is Darrell Wallace Jr.. His nickname is Bubba. I assume to distinguish between him and his Dad.
  23. https://sports.yahoo.com/us-attorney-noose-found-in-bubba-wallaces-garage-stall-was-there-in-fall-of-2019-no-federal-charges-will-be-filed-213051854.html An update...
  24. It's been done before? In NASCAR? Found this article this morning. I love how the drivers and teams support one another in times like this. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-23/nascar-champions-stand-with-bubba-wallace/12383798
  25. I agree. Life would be perfect if it were like Hazzard County. I so hope they find this person and can press charges. Its horrible...I just can't understand why anyone would even think of doing this, not alone to do it. It saddens me. As I said, I would think they could charge whoever with a hate crime for this. Or something like that. There has to be something. There's no reason anyone should get away with this in my opinion.
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